Thursday, June 13, 2019

...One Finger Salute...

We gaze upon the vastnesses 
of a starry, starry night... 
see washed out points of light-polluted
... symbols... of our fright. 
Then, sensing but a fraction 
of the vastness truly there, 
we pray its existential-ness 
won't put us to its dare!

Though, proceed into that "darker" space! 
Why, your fraction's even smaller, 
despite (because!) you're seeing more? 
...Enigma growing taller!* 
That "space" is huge, immense, unknown. 
Its girth is ever larger. 
Its length and breadth accelerate
and it's not a disobliger.

Space, plus time and surface area! 
A wealth of all potential! 
A wealth of what's required 
for the human existential. 
The lesson is: no limits... 
...for the perspicacious mind! 
The individual's paramount, 

It's there are found perspectives 
...of a billion trillion ids! 
If you've thought it? 
It has happened, friend, 
and has happened, as it did
...And much, much more WILL happen 
than is thought of in those minds 
who'd inhabit our shared multi-verse... 
quickened hugeness—hoary time!

There is darkness which transcends Heer TЯUMP... 
or Hitler—even Stalin! 
There are miseries undreamed of 
in the foulness of the fallen. 
Despair so thick it runs in veins 
of toxic waste it dreams 
...reflecting all the misery 
of shrieks and moaning screams...

...But balance is equality 
so "the inverse" also happens! 
There is truth and light 
and sun washed right 
to complement its lesson. 
There's the loving scent 
of leaves of grass 
on a million peaceful worlds, 
a touch of silk
—so cobweb sheer— 
on healthy frames unfurls. 
Unclouded and so unafraid...  
never "screwing for percentage," 
they are living, laughing, loving
and they know their sweet advantage.

Like it's fiction in a "Star Trek," 
or a "Star Wars"? Love abides. 
This means: feeling good is honored 
when it's felt with humble pride. 
This means looking out to see new works 
as lasting... without sin! 
This means achieving all their dreams 
AND satisfactions found therein!

See, here's breathing free with honor 
in a world they help build
There's completeness 
for that *spot* within... 
you love it when it's filled! 
They respect the individual
the key to their success
So, they live in lucent Edens 
they'd construct, but I digress...

You're Garibaldi, something like him, living lives of looming failure; you're his "Captain" taking sacrifice to task... ...Anything can happen on a million billion worlds! Dr. Drake can only tell you 'cause he'd ask.
...And Drake's more than just a WAG, my friend; 
he's conservative as hell; 
he is science très myopic... 
...but he's got a tale to tell. 
See, he qualifies veracity 
that *others* do exist, 
could watch us span potential ... 
watch as some of us resist... 
...Could be looking from the shadows 
some avoid in abject fear... 
... go beyond that jealous envelope 
one maintains and labels: "queer."

We profit from our darknesses? 
We hasten from the light? 
We live our short depressing lives 
in disrespecting spite?  
Earth is but a point in space... 
and cursed with infestation? 
A cancer rages in her flesh; 
it's humankind's gestation? 
Those self-aware must wonder... 
"...will we meet our test"? 
Will we wallow in our toxic filth 
or rise to be our best?

Will we screw for best percentage,  
though, like Ms. Ripley once observed, 
and grind ourselves beneath our heel 
unrepentant... undeterred? 
Or will we work to meet these *others*, 
grok a history "handed down," 
though it crumble proud foundations 
of old systems non-profound?

I'd like to think we're brave enough 
to face our craven monsters, 
though these monsters be ourselves, 
any chance... we must not squander.  
We are poets, not pretenders, 
we are languages of paint, 
we are writers and we're song-smiths... 
we'd aspire to the saints!

It does little good and much bad to maintain that these are not ...precipitous... times. Restore John Ford.
*The bigger the "fire" is built, the more the "darkness" is revealed. This writer suspects that's a good thing.