Saturday, July 20, 2019


Is there reading between 
the abstruse lines of the *other*? 
Can we guess at the secrets 
with which they are blessed? 
Or's it curses encountered 
they'd sooner be shed of—
of existence they're tired 
and "living" detest?

Could the tree of their empire 
be rooted in tyranny? 
Is it terror they seek to instill 
sowing infamy?

What is their purpose
Why do they haunt
What are their reasons
What do they want?

What do they take
How do they live
What is their work
What can they give?

...What do they do
It's all such a tangle. 
How are they recompensed
what is their angle?!

Perhaps they're a mirror 
held back at ourselves! 
We see in them us and 
it's us we dispel! 
Dispelled by abduction—
it's what we'd expect
Why, we'd do it to them!  
...It is that they detect!

You'd have to admit 
that they're nicer than we'd be. 
We'd treat 'em like bugs, 
or at best, a prized queen bee. 

We've done it before, 
our history's filled 
with examples of cruelty, 
to those we then kill
persons made subject to 
"short sighted" judgments; 
those deemed unworthy 
of compassioned abutment? 
We've sliced them and diced them 
for simple percentage
"exploited, used up"
we've raped their incentives!

...No, they're giving better than they'd get
—taking any odds, that bet— 
any "disrespect" could be a kind of justice. 
I mean, consider all our crimes; 
...we let our children starve and die
We should pray we don't serve time 
for our injustice!!

If the ET comes to you...
...were you learning? Are you clued? 
Don't waste your time in horror... 
...or disgust! 
Is there method in their "madness," 
or are you crippled by your sadness... 
because exploded, friend... 
is that which held your trust?

Don't bemoan their nameless tactics 
or mysterious detachment, 
it's your culture! 
That’s the one to keep you down! 
The ET's are a shadow 
from the whole of what's unknown... 
too, might likely usurp culture... 
by putting smiles over frowns!

See, it's your culture making tears, 
it's your culture breeding fear! 
It's your culture at the root of mocking laughter. 
It sets the tone for your derision... 
and it's culture's lack of vision 
that is truly your tormentor and detractor.

Like, define for me "success," 
and an easy, spot on, guess 
would be space flight 
for a species or a race. 
Live in structures WE enjoin 
between the stars that WE employ
and have humankind extant 
across an awesome... "timeless" space!

Note our lack of this "success," 
and further note profound distress, 
as we poison our environs; I'll be frank... 
...we are hanging by a thread; 
a bug or rock could strike us dead
we are by no means successful
you might take that to the bank...

If we want ET respect?  
We should deserve it, I suspect! 
We could clean up, first, our act, 
right here on Earth! 
We should end our petty tyrannies, 
be empowered individually! 
Be a synergy much greater... than we were!

See, the individual's now disdained
a manipulated brain 
programmed by 'the man' 
to do his bidding
Though the day will come, and soon, 
then we'll find we've got more room... 
as the multi-verse unfolds will be fitting!

...Tick ... tick ...tick ... Who are you? Tick ...tick ...tick ...What do you want? Tick ...tick ...tick ...Why don't you have it? Tick ... tick ... tick ... ... Read on.  Tick ... tick ... ti...