Saturday, August 10, 2019

Of Presidents and Popes...

How many flavors does time have...
What provokes them?


I've been looking through the Hubble; 
so, I'll make this terse account. 
I've wandered distant galaxies
traveled time ... I've been about. 
I've been going where we all can go; 
the kingdom's here at hand
too, it just may be we breath upon concrescence!  

It's larger than we could have thought 
—expanding as we speak— 
its edge beyond the limits 
of the places we can seek. 
It just goes on and on 
in this ...glorious... expanse... 
swirling frozen fire 
kissing prepossessing chance.

It doesn't stop with rainbows, friend 
but descends to infra-red; 
its paint then ultra-violet
on to x-rays (yes!), instead! 
Its pressures are incredible
and then pressure's less than mist!  
You'd be shredded to your neutrons
yes, or say you'd just been kissed...

In that space and time and distance? 
There are persons being born. 
Why, with just one race per galaxy, 
there are thousands, billions—more! 
See? Thus contrives the multi-verse
...We're what it, then, makes up: 
To provide for insight on itself!  
...Drink deeply from that cup!

It is good... and passing bad
or indifferent, then, as hell! 
It wallows in the foulest slimes; 
or, it's ringing sterile bells. 
Sometimes it is a blessing
Sometimes it is a curse... 
it could be said it's much like us. 
That's for better. 
That's for worse.

We have a million neighbors, then; 
we've never been alone. 
Some wait outside the *front doors
of our squalid little homes. 
Some wait with plates of *brownies*, 
and some others wait, *without*. 
Some wonder when we'll open doors... 
and bravely walk on out!

They wonder why we linger 
when the truth ... it must be plain
We must come out! Like whitewash runs 
from fences in the rain.

...And we'll all feel so damned foolish, 
and we'll hang our heads in sorrow... 
that we wasted all this precious time 
denying our tomorrows.


I've been looking through the Hubble...
 and it's hard to get excited 
by the struggle and travail of human beings. 
I've just come back from timelessness... 
all spaciousness...
—vast distances—
no "common sense" conceives it in its dreams.

I've wandered where the black holes 
and the hypernovas are, 
so I can't "arouse" for ignorant delay. 
That comes across so petty 
so unworthy of reflection, 
we're a race bereft of what would save our day.

...And remember fellow humans, 
when the *others* do appear, 
how we spent our time and effort, here on Earth. 
Did we short-sheet trusting brothers; 
did we denigrate our sisters, 
just to keep a spot we covet near some "hearth."

We thought we had our "reasons": 
they weren't the proper faith ... 
their color was... objectionable 
( we have this thing with "race"). 
...The other side lacks "proper towns... 
they didn't speak "our" language... 
the "sex" is too disturbing ... 
they were on a different bandwidth? 
They "didn't have no schoolin' "... 
they "weren't as blessed as me" 
...they were from another country, 
and, "by rights," were "bad"... you see?

Well—all that's pretty laughable 
when you're woke to extant truth... 
All those "pretty" little bigotries 
just dissolve 
and fall from view. 
See, at last, ...reality... 
that we never were alone
Embarrassment shades cheeks bright red, 
but shame will touch the bone.

"Wherever you go; well, there you are."
  • Meanwhile... Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura... et egregious al...or...what can happen to you when too many people hear you on the radio or TV... 

  • Power corrupts, absolute power... absolutely!  How does one keep their head?  To start: you don't believe the good reports about you, only be thankful for them.  If you're sincere you have to pay some attention to the negative criticism...
  • Oh... add those deplorable if "well-meaning" tea-baggers, freedom bangers, and "Never Trumpie" psycho-Saviors? ...These seemingly contrive for a complete discredit of Christianity's institution, a trifecta for a religion's invalidation. Burn their life boats!

  • Christianity... it's an institution forever "advantaged" by busy sociopaths and misogynists, anyway... ...but the aforementioned "trumpled" (sic) tea-baggers... ...make the discredit complete and worse, actually... ...Worse than your garden variety fundamentalist suicide-bombing Islam! That's true!
  • See, government-controlled by religion—Theocracy—is what you court with these Trumpian tea-baggers, their legislated morality: an authoritarian theocracy of the most turgid and smothering dogma-worship imaginable.  Real ...bug-in-the-ass up-tightsmanship... of that heavy, come-right-in-your-bedroom, caliber.  How's all that working out for the Arabs, anyway... ...proof of the cognitive infidelity of a "tea-bagged Pal-beckian" initiative because we all have a clear audit trail of the consequences of that wing-nut initiative, overseas!
  • Yes, then Christianity would be worse, you see, because their boosters have a ready example of a theocracy to appreciate in the news—such as it is—every day. Islam remains the child of Christianity, and the child the father to the man...
  • Consider the potentials of Presidents and Popes. The former is a spiritless-sock-puppet for inhuman and corrosively applied corporate interests unethically imposed as "fair and square, conservative, and of God." ...But no, his interests unabashedly and disingenuously use religion, shamelessly, on a wide, diligently uninformed, and trusting base... ...Use religion as a manipulative and unethical control mechanism, reader, so as to relieve that "base" of, not just their cash, but their birthrights, their civil rights and their rights to satisfaction and self-respect!  ...But. ...I. ...Sugarcoat.
  • I'll know a tree by the fruit it produces, Sir and Madam.
  • The latter? He is much of the preceding. Plus... traditionally? Why, He protects the interests of pederasts and pedophiles in an unnaturally if allegedly celibate priesthood...reader... ...from that "trusting" base.
  • Outrage?
  • Yea and verily, and I say unto ye, my ufological brethren! [g]. Hey, keep one hand on your wallet and the other over your posterior pore! Be sensitive to unwarranted activity in either of those two locales...

  • Restore John Ford.