Saturday, February 22, 2020

Secrets Keeping Secrets


There are secrets keeping secrets
wrapped in jealous secret lies. 
Oh, these secrets disrespect you; 
too, they're secrets you'd despise.

These are secrets way detestable, 
They are calumny in rot; 
you're taught to think them necessary, 
but they "grift you," so they're not.

See, they're not the same as "confidence," 
as that measurement is off. 
This "secret" profits keepers... 
a "confidence" does not.  
See, "keepers" hold a higher ground 
and having held, keep holding; 
their confidence is with themselves
to you? They're not beholding.

They keep "it" to be special, 
and to have their catbird seat
They keep "it" and degrade our lives, 
inflating their conceits. 
They keep it as they've no respect... 
for what you might hold dear, 
then appropriate YOUR dreams and such— 
manipulate your fear.

It's that secret at the flash-point, see? 
It is coveted, held dear
if they share "it" they're not special, dig? 
So? They manufacture fear!

Keep "secrets" then, for profit,
but then rot in well-earned hell!
Slowly simmer in corruption 'till you die!

I blithely sprint your un-trod path
To YOUR feared edge—I reach that lip...
...I spread my arms and leap! 
I soar!  I FLY!

...Then it's from your edge I'm sailing
and I show we need not fear! 
What's "scared" us is a blessing
It is that I would make clear! 
Mere lies have framed too neatly
what's hidden, well, from us. 
That bravery is rewarded, friend... 
even more than once was thought.

We leap these wrongful hurdles 
knowing courage and élan
we tread new paths of tolerance, 
best practice, and beyond!

...Beyond?  ...There are new starfields— 
glowing meadows, liquid light... 
where the struggle for creation
blooms strange flowers every night! 
The night is day, or day is night— 
it's up to you to choose! 
What you watch, quite simply, changes
Pay attention; slip your noose!

...Turn to see Earth’s *blueness* 
that we'd sicken toxic brown. 
See labored breathing's air and sea...
ocean currents slowing down. 
Feel clouds like poisonous pillows; 
acrid lightening splits dark sky; 
taste a bitter truth, perchance, 
where birds refuse to fly!

...Hear the rumble of cetaceans
as they make their conversations... 
to the "winsome wraith-like watchers 
from beyond the farthest reaches." 
These are, perhaps, connected to the "dreams" 
that we're discounting, 
ideals we have chosen to betray, 
like they were nothing!

No!  I cleave Monk Bruno's heavens! 
Right this moment? ...Breathing free! 
I scoff at all rejection. 
E'en opposed... ...I'm off my knees!

See?  I keep my eyes wide open, 
see bastards as they are— 
just motes of sentient carbon
born of massive blue-white stars. 
Though, still, they’d keep their secrets
like the "manner lords" of old. 
Their position is not justice
so it's why I warn and scold!

As a person is their way is; 
if you're mated to the dark? 
Your *secrets* are crass disrespect; 
it's you keeps humans "parked"!

Keep your faith untested,
Let tradition keep you shackled,
Let the future be a reason for your fear.

I open up my mind and heart,
Then quickly find my second start!
My way becomes a better kind of clear.