Saturday, April 25, 2020

We're Not Alone?


They flit and they skip 
and they drop behind mesas! 
They dodge behind roofs 
of a neighbor's dark home! 
They cross the night skies 
like a star that "detaches," 
their flying is soundless... 
...and we're not alone!

We're not alone 
as we covet *possessions*; 
we're not alone 
as we squander our trust. 
We're not alone 
as we punish the innocence; 
thinking that we have to, 
convinced, somehow, we must!

We're not alone 
while the rainforest's burning. 
We're not alone 
as we falter and cry. 
We're not alone; 
we have seen them all flying 
in disparate countries...
festooning those skies!

We're not alone 
as we torment ourselves
We're not alone; 
we are fragile ... unborn! 
We're not alone, 
and affixed with the blinders 
I'd tear from our faces 
with pleasure and scorn!

We're not alone
They're in all geographics! 
They hover for shuttles, 
we've seen them in space
They've neutered our nukes 
at the drop of their *hat*...  
somebody knows; 
we're put in our place!


Somebody knows 
what the ancients were "knowing" 
and shared in their tablets of clay! 
Somebody knows 
where the secrets are buried 
that elevates humankind... 
precluding the slave!

Somebody knows 
why we suffer and die 
when the best of all times 
could be had! 
Somebody knows 
why we hate to look up; 
why we're shamed
why we're cowards
why... at best we're so sad...

Somebody knows 
what it is we'd be knowing. 
Somebody knows 
if the ET's are here. 
Somebody knows 
surely more than we're getting 
when circumstance is passing strange 
with stuff so god-damned queer!


They land and they leave 
all the strangest of traces! 
They clutter and clog 
at the sweep of the sky! 
We find them in ads 
to insult our cognition 
for all of the stuff 
that we "lust" for and "buy."

...Why, we find them selling candy; 
we find them shilling cars 
machines to do our washing, 
from the toy box to the stars. 
They gloat in all our magazines; 
they sell us toxic food? 
They're all around; 
they're surely here; 
they exist; we must construe!

It's us confuses consciousness! 
It's us well left alone! 
It's us inflicts agendas! 
It's us with hearts of stone!

They intrude where 
"we won't have them
in our sullen white-bread world. 
They intrude into our clueless-ness 
and they prove they shall not yield.

They intrude in sullen closets 
where we think we keep our secrets,
and they make their strange notations 
in their *book*.
Knowing *bodies* we've been hiding, 
they can dig up *moldy bones*,
and they know just where you'd, 
likely, never look.

As days go by... 
they're closer still; 
they shall not be denied! 
They'll solve our crass *indifference*; 
they'll expose what's been contrived.

...And you better have your "center." 
You best expand your mind. 
You better open up the box 
in which you keep your soul confined!

The future is a freight train, 
and we're tied on humming tracks; 
the bonds we feel we've tied ourselves! 
C'mon! You know it's Fact!