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Friday, April 03, 2020

Object lesson

We're at Mother Nature's mercy  
only thinking we have "clues." 
Still, we humans strut and preen 
like we wear crowns. 
We're at ease and rape the planet 
for our squalid little pleasures. 
We're the local space/time's version 
of unfunny, tragic clowns...
Appearances deceive us 
while we show just what we are: 
psychopathic institutions 
sans all balance. 
All our "spin" bereft of substance 
we're adrift beneath hard stars; 
procrastinating evil
without conscience...
Ever wonder why there're *homeless* 
folks from "emptied institutions" 
of psychotics onto streets... 
to spit and grin? 
We see them on the news, 
forlorn, the focus of our pity ... scorn, 
but still they number, hapless, without end.
We could rescue them, you see; 
we could help them off their knees, 
but they serve a "useful purpose," 
not admitted. 
I'll tell you why they're there, 
but in turn, I must declare: 
Their rescue is just not to be permitted.
See? They're there as object lessons
they're "displayed" for you and me. 
They're "what happens" 
when you cannot toe "the line." 
They're what happens for critiquing 
institutions as your "right," 
while appalled by any tyranny we'd find.
They are there to keep you doting 
on the dictates of the 'man'! 
They distract us from those "lights"
 in troubled skies. 
They are there to keep us focused 
from some crooked profit margins. 
They are there, a veiled threat 
These obscure the UFO's 
in the fear that you might see them! 
Those who sharpen your confusion? 
They are PREGNANT with their sin! 
They're to keep us to that "party line," 
apart from real thinking. 
They preclude our just salvation... 
...they're to keep things as they've been.
It's never been the "real world" 
you see on your TV. 
The "safety of your home" is an illusion. 
It's what you think's "observed." 
It is THAT that has occurred! 
Don't shoot ME down... 
...that's Heisenberg's conclusion.
See, the universe can but cough, 
and you're scattered on the winds. 
Ask folks—in Puerto Rico—if that's true. 
It is these who have their fear served up, 
forget "relief," it's all corrupt, 
then fate contrives to beat you 
black and blue.
And, what might this be like, 
this unkindly twist of fate. 
I wonder how "unkindly fate" 
shakes down. 
Understanding is obscured; 
it's denatured and deterred... 
bread and circuses sans all truth... 
these come to town.
"The "Martian Face" is punched ... ," 
says your *bunky*, out to lunch, 
Plait stamps his clownish feet
all joy is he. 
Imagine his relief, 
he who swallows NASA's brief, 
they have put off his "comeuppance..." 
...he so shallowly believes.
These can go back to futility, 
call abductees "useless kooks."  
They can salve their wounded egos, 
and pretend to own the truth. 
They can build their shaky castles 
and pretend they have a clue. 
These continue down a road that's very bad... 
for me and you.
"The face on Mars: a rock pile"? 
Plait's beliefs are reinforced! 
The belief that he's *alone* returns, renewed! 
He's no longer compelled to find... 
it's him who pays truth's freight, in time
He'll discover what far thinkers 
always knew!
See I can't believe in NASA 
as their interests are conflicted, 
and their data is in fragments 
all as was as they predicted! 
The government's a liar! 
...Can't believe a thing they say; 
their interests mirror shadows! 
I want the truth, per se!
As the girl said in "Titanic" 
while her vessel slid from view, 
"I'd really rather be a 'whore' 
than spend my life with you...
My sentiment exactly, 
as the "rich man" shows his colors... 
and compelled a stunning disrespect 
from those persons he makes suffer.
We're at Mother Nature's mercy 
and her parasitic bugs. 
You can charge the ones who "lead" us 
as the smarmiest of thugs. 
They're the ones who keep us shaded 
(...you'd raise some hell you only knew!) 
from where their secrets have been buried... 
in their disrespect for... you!

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