Monday, July 06, 2020

Dirt Road Disasters

"On the road, redux..."
Dirt Road Disasters
...A Real Hershey Highway
Of Political Ineptitude and
Philosophical Incontinence

by Alfred Lehmberg

Who is Donald John TЯUMP? Who has he been, who is he now, and who will he be? Astonishingly and ironically, we were well aware of who he had been, and well before the fact! Who he is now is obvious to casual observation. Consequently, who he’s going to be will get no odds from any bookie. Certitude is such as that.

The President* is anointed by all God’s blessing and chosen of the Prosperity Christ and his host of GOP acolytes (those glad grinners wallowing oceans of NRA money and the largess of billionaires as psychotic as they are psychopathic) to be the, [...wait for it...] "President."* That's the Party line.

TЯUMP’s path to political insentience, though, is paved with explicable and factual stones of disconsolate, disastrous, and deconstructive tediousness! Evil especially banal. 

Mendacious hypocrisies trifle the grout around these stones to provide a dangerous and sickening shifting of them around one's unsteady feet… turned ankles are ever a threat and locomotion is impeded … but that their path is decidedly "downward" is crystal clear. It paints, verily, a road to an avoidable ruin. 

Inexplicably, we knew this snake. ...And yet pick him up we did, still. 

We had 2020 foresight... and blew it! That could not be an accident... Consider Jimmy Comey's last-ditch offering of BUPKIS, reader, but addressing Hilly's f'n E-mails, one more time, just days before the election... (Thanks for that, Jimmy m'lad! You may have destroyed America!)

Still, Let’s try to provide for more 2020 foresight, perhaps, and examine a few of these road stones, in turn. Re-warned can be forearmed! Beware! One is as disappointing and inopportune as the next. Watch your footing! We can scrape the footwear with sticks, later on.

Here’s one [the writer picks up a stone oozing something viscous and yet still a'crumble]: TЯUMP... A self-proclaimed super-patriot and a ready espouser that a supposed threat of venereal disease from super-models was his personal stand-in for the conflict in Viet Nam... TЯUMP faked a disqualifying disability 5 times to avoid a war he did not even oppose

Substituted were five (poor) young men to fight and perhaps even die in his place. That has to be, sloughing the mortal coil, worth some hard time in Purgatory, anyway, right there... even from a hyper-Religulous point of view.

Here’s another path-stone. Remember those boys going off to fight in Donald’s place? Well, when they returned shell-shocked, suicidal, and fighting depression (but still not quite adding to the growing statistic of suicide), it was to join the ranks of the hapless homeless... which TЯUMP cruelly tried to have removed from 5th Avenue in New York, as “unsightly.”

When TЯUMP wasn’t increasing the suffering of homeless veterans squeezing blood from their stones, he was stealing from them via his fraudulent online “University.” Injury on top of insult, he lied about donating $1 million to veterans' nonprofits and initiatives. Later on, even in 2016 (!), he’d lie about donating $6 million to other veterans groups. What a prince!

How does he observe himself in the mirror, and how can we look at him? I know I have a problem with it. Mucous on a glass doorknob, it's always a clutch of breathtaking revulsion to hold him in regard.

Not finished with the military, reader, he said he’d make “his” troops actually commit war crimes, and they did! Later on, he would pardon one of those psychopathic monsters committing egregious war crimes, in actuality, and against all the advice of those first-persons testifying against and then convicting him in the first place! 

These would come to be called “The Cursed Platoon”; look it up. It’s TЯUMP in spades. After the review of the preceding link, the reader is instructed to remember that TЯUMP thought this monster was good to go. A roll-model. One to whom all soldiery should aspire…

This writer was a career soldier with a Bronze Star and four Meritorious Service Medals upon retirement. The aforementioned monster is no roll-model to which the soldier aspires. He is to soldiery what the anti-Christ is purported to be to the actual Christ! This writer says true.

Speaking of crimes, TЯUMP was also fined for purloining funds from a 2016 Vets fundraiser, and then, always the willing projector, he erroneously accused innocent US service members of stealing funds meant for Iraqi reconstruction. All this was, of course, wild blueberry road-apples. There was zero theft. It was just a distraction, a diffraction... a ham-handed deflection. It's what he does. A real lover of "his" troops!

The “Commander In Chief,”* TЯUMP generally and publicly called out “his” General grade officers, officers of decades experience and efficacy, for “dopes and babies,” advising any listener how much “more knowledgeable about military subjects” he is than they are. He has personally insulted, if not to their faces, Generals Allen, Mattis, Kelly, Powell, and McChrystal, and then for good measure, Purple Heart awardees Mueller and Vindman, plus Admiral McRaven

Closing out on the military he insulted POWs as those humiliated by “capture,” so "not really heroes." He preferred his heroes, “Uncaptured,” you see. PTSD sufferers were “weak losers” who just could not “take the stress,” presumably, as well as he could in their place!

It is hard to accept how badly he has offended Gold Star Families, anyway. ...But he should get an academy award for the employment of abject toxicity... just for what he said to Myeshia Johnson, the aggrieved widow of the late and ambushed Sgt. La David Johnson. It was beyond the pale and as tone-deaf as one would think.

A grasping pig, then accomplishment and valor thief, TЯUMP will frequently claim or take responsibility for ongoing acts, initiatives, and programs for which he was not, in any way, the provenance. He’s built nothing. Ever.

For instance, he falsely claimed he signed the Veteran's Choice Act into law when, no, he just refrained from impeding it, you know, the exact opposite of his usual activity! Consider, his usual schtick is along the lines of providing for the implosion of healthcare affecting 20 million American citizens in a pandemic… by killing the Affordable Health Care act via the Supreme Court? Yes. Verily. He's working that right this minute!

He has aggravated the suffering of soldiers and their families in other ways. He is trying to eliminate SNAP food assistance, for example. Few understand how much that hurts military families and veterans! Moreover, another torpedo below the American soldier’s water-line are TЯUMP's psychopathic budget initiatives seeking to slash Medicaid below acceptable and humane levels! A disaster for Vets!

He froze the pay for all Federal agencies via Executive Order, too. One recalls that the Federal workforce is 30% veteran, approximately 600 thousand veterans… ...then he dissolves regulations on predatory lenders who target military members as craven prey… This is just pure evil with no lipstick for its pig!

What kind of President sides with known enemy Totalitarian Nations: to always take their word against honored branches of military intelligence otherwise chartered to give the best-practice council regarding the security of the entire Nation... that they can? Maybe the same kind of President to erect senseless and ridiculous walls to an ally Nation, but destroy the public school system sending tax money to hyper-Religulous “educational” institutions!

Maybe he is the same kind of POTUS to Deploy 6000 soldiers to the Mexican border in a 2018 failed midterm election stunt…maybe the same to blow off the Veteran's Day ceremony in France because it was raining and the President* was worried about his hair and orange make-up...

Finally, advised so by competent intelligence, we discover that Vlad Putin is murdering US troops on contract with the Taliban. Only, TЯUMP is calling it a “hoax” and “fake news.” How is this even possible, and possible? Tolerated!

More stones on TЯUMP’s path to National oblivion? To start, he is the “billionaire” who hides his tax returns. It is clear that debt to foreign nationals erodes that “rich-man” status touted for years, and TЯUMP pays off on these obligations in manners traitorous and criminal and dissatisfyingly blackmailed? This writer suspects so. Consider the bizarre behavior of Senator #LeningradLindsey Graham!

TЯUMP is “a stable genius” who hides his college grades. A true genius is not fearful of the revealed chronicle of his accomplishments… but TЯUMP has threatened costly lawsuits (truly the only arrow in his meager quiver) if these grades are ever revealed. What happened to pride and proof of same? ...Then we discover he paid someone else to take his SATs! The swine!

TЯUMP is a “world-class businessman” who has bankrupted 3 casinos, declared bankruptcy numerous times, and then lost, at least (!), 1 Billion Dollars in 10 years! He then demonstrates that he is so bereft of competence that he even failed in selling red meat, alcohol, and casino gambling to Americans. To Americans!

TЯUMP is the “playboy” who pays for sex... sordid, perfunctory, and meaningless, like his imagination. Truly, maybe apart from "Mom"... he never met a woman that he didn’t, at best, patronize. He’s insulted, abused, or raped the rest. His violence has not been restricted to adult women…

TЯUMP is the “Christian” who does not go to church. ...But he will gas and flash-grenade a law-abiding citizenry to walk across the street to an unwelcoming Church! This is merely to brandish a Bible he has never read so as to masturbate the insensate sensibilities of his half-wit, horrific, and hyper-fundy base of flaccid-minded mucous swimmers! Real detestables, imbeciles, and deplorables! Yeah, these persons exist in spades; it is in no way elitist to recognize that.

Cutting to the chase, TЯUMP is the “philanthropist” who defrauds cancer charities for complementary oil paintings of a ludicrous and consummate gasbag, himself. What blistering gall!

TЯUMP is the “patriot” who won’t answer his Nations call to arms. Instead, he cashes a fraction of his privilege to become Brigader Faux-Bone-spurs! Say it! It's him!

TЯUMP is the “innocent man” who refuses to testify because he can’t open his mouth without lies and mendacity rolling out like fiber-poor fecal matter. He can't even fake a consistent testimony... senselessly contradicting himself every other sentence. A sensible person would just report to prison, sans trial.

TЯUMP is the “President” who takes no responsibility and shows only incompetence and self-interest. He is the evil narcissist's narcissist only interested in a story about him. 

TЯUMP is the “tough, strong man“ who wears makeup, hairspray, and adult diapers. He won't look Nancy Pelosi in the eye.

Finally, and ironically, TЯUMP is the “deal maker” who has yet to close a deal of any real consequence, importance, or constructiveness in a non-criminal world. He is a shameful sham and an unconscionable flake, as insentient as he is insensate and as psychopathic as he is treasonous. Treason? …Plain as the nose bitten off a spited face. He is our President.*

The Asterisked President!  

We have erred and erred hugely facilitating TЯUMP in any shape, way, manner, fashion, or form on a current pathattempting to make progress on the mucked and stinking trail of broken glass and uneven gavel he would take us down. His only supporters are supremacist sycophants and pork-lard-brained boogaloo-boys… insentient incels glad to believe toxic and self-masturbatory rumors while ignoring cited science and full-featured fact. These need the hose. Stupid has had its run.

Come November? We have an opportunity to take the saner more sure-footed path. Let us make that so. We are not served, none of us, keeping "Blacks," back. We are not rewarded, any of us, keeping "Browns," down. We're not elevated, in any way, steering the initiatives of righteous "Queers." We're not served, rewarded, or elevated keeping women in the rear and second tier! We know all this to be true... the worst of us, we know it! Comes a gylany!

VOTE! This writer will low crawl broken glass besmeared with suppurated Covidity to get to the polls! 

In closing, who is it in leadership insisting I be compelled to do just THAT... when I could safely, in a secure manner (more secure than those questionable "Russian" voting machines!), and sanely... VOTE BY MAIL! 

Read on!

"I'd burn this county down
to save my ass...
Believe it!"