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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Well... Would You?

Well... Would You?
by Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs (and remember, we don't use that duplicitous and disingenuous "other" term UAP in these parts)... ...UFOs [pausing to meaningfully glare at the reader] continue to dance and spin on the peripheries of human consciousness even as we wade the base externalities of human tragedies like war, poverty, plague, and nonsensical Republican governance. Walk with me.

With the attention spans of gnats manipulatively attenuated by psychopathic persons profiting from their lusty perfidy, we won't ask the simple question. Simply: why the alien's "hide and seek"? Why don't they just go ahead and land? They almost DID in 1952, we suspect, and were ordered shot down by President Truman for their trouble... 

So... "land," and all that that must imply. Would you? Especially when you might have a little more responsibility than the reprogrammable meat bags you regard, below you, staying true to the self-evaluation we'll explore in this piece. 

Responsibility? Even we have observed the lesson in ethics of a "prime directive." 

...And think about all that while trying to use a balanced perspective on our aggregate humanity. Take pains not to be too kind to us. Err on the too-critical side. We earn it as we have earned it.

Consider, for a moment. "Mammals" have to trump "reptiles"—essential psychopathy—because reptiles are limited by their internal programming to the entirely self-concerned, exclusively. Self-interest is supreme, sporting goals both short-term and socially non-adaptive. At birth, hardwired, reptiles are all they'll ever be. The point, forgetting that "sometimes" we "need" the reptile (another story)? 

Have we aggregate humans been any more than self-interested and conscienceless reptiles, by and large, virtually defecating in bed and pushing it down with our "feet" (read, disrespected people) essentially, belying our mammalian live births, milk production, and skin hair... to ape a lesser being or life expression? Could we be better? 

Verily, our unwashed and unspun behaviors among ourselves, over time and even that suspicious history composed by winning psychopaths, speak for themselves in lurid volumes! Reptiles? That's kind

We humans express, rather, as sometimes clever if still self-consuming cancers, as a mass, always multiplying beyond our needs and expectations... to cruel extinctions of ourselves... and our other planet-mates. Sentient Elephants, whales, and dolphins (oh my!). We've few saving graces, then, and a recognition of that may be one of them.

So then, in observation of the preceding, what is an alien's upside to their landing? What's in it for them, to be clear? One is reminded, obliquely, of pearls cast before swine, humanity being far from the pearlish in that observation. 

...We were warned not to be kind, remember. Sure, it could be the wholesale inverse of what's considered, but how likely is that, you know, being honest with self?

...But any honesty is obliviated by the ubiquitous FOGS we manufacture to obscure those unsettling and inconclusive lights in the sky we regard, and admitted sporadically, now and again, by duplicitous officialdom—the abortion fogs, flag-burning smokes, same-sex marriage smogs, the cruelly baseless miasmas of antitrans-persecution... this from a grabbag of social sex/race-centric betrayals and hypocritical cultural infidelities, every one of these toxic items suspiciously and peculiarly unsupported by fact, and touted only by the well-monied "extremist suspicious" (read, Republicans) ... all to keeping otherwise harried persons thinking with their glands instead of their brains...

There will, eventually, be dire consequences. There always are where the short-sighted stupid are preferred and celebrated to the good sense and far-sighted sentient folk! Faux-moralistic Rightists are going to pay heavily for their uber-moral campaigns of misdirection and hypocrisy, of course, but the sane, sensible, and secular will suffer too, for their grievous sins! That sin? The toleration of another's mal-based and toxic intolerance.

The immediate former, incidentally, may even actually earn the "persecutions" they whine falsely and disingenuously about now when the latter, and justifiably, have had enough of their unblinking mendaciousness, social insentience, and bald hypocrisy! The hyper-Religulous will pay heavy freight for putting their stock into the untested faiths demanded by Gods they'd invented themselves to do their bidding... encouraging valueless and shallow, so unexamined lives. There's a sin not admitted to.

Verily, they make us ALL pay for their trouble... for their crimes! Again! Always! So!

Resolved! The last "King" must strangle the last "Priest" with the king's own steaming entrails as has been outlined in history!

Which reminds me, to digress from home!

It's constantly been said that the "Conservative" never forgets... hence the apt and overtly lard-assed pachyderm as the GOP's ponderous and pedantic symbol. Elephants are legendary with regard to their long memories (it's why they're people, but that's a story for another time). ...But, you know? I think the inverse must be true with Present Day Republicans, remembering of course that "both sides" being equally at fault for equal blame is a craven lie of but one "projecting" and "gaslighting" side...

When one recognizes the historical, logical, sequential, and inevitable results of authoritarian oppression, rank tyranny, legislated morality, and an applied and very energetic double standard profitably employed—every freaking time by the illiberal autocrat (!) ... one is compelled to consider, reader, that the Conservative never REMEMBERS! They are either without efficacious memory or they are fulsome and full-blown psychopaths and hypocrites as regarded above, and lying about it, all for power and influence. Maybe that's the same thing...

It's a fool's errand trying to get them to admit what they were saying and thinking yesterday, forget last week! Living in a bubble provides for its own toxicity, it seems plain. Memories get short in the pursuit of listening to the voice giving you permission to be your worst self, even at the cost of your own best interests. We spoke of bed defecation earlier...

On reflection, then, the elephant is ill-served, if not insulted outright, regarding its association with the so-called Grand Old Party, neither grand, nor old, or a "Party." This provokes the admonition that Republicans might consider the assumption of a new symbol more in keeping with their record, their morality, their ethics, and their self-serving mal-production. ...The river lamprey or E-bola virus springs readily to mind!

Yeah-yeah-yeah... Clinton may have been the ASS (donkey) who fronted his party, AND the liar that he's painted out to be... ...but, reader! His motivation, compassion, and priority—forgetting that his trumping record, morality, even ethics, and production—are SAINT-LIKE when compared with the fulsome sins of his trickle-downing, supply-siding, and Constitution-evading predecessors and successors! Obama? He's f'n Christ risen, virtually, and walking the Earth for a little old-school hyperbole; this is especially galling to many.

If Clinton spent a weekend in a county lockup for his one faithless transgression by way of lyin' 'bout a BJ... Shrubs, Bush Sr, Reagan, Nixon, and the orange scourge should get life in prison with no hope of parole for theirs!

They didn't (or won't?), and it is that which wholly invalidates the chest-beating, lurid moaning, and the sorry teeth-gnashing of those who would have an "Obama" summarily removed from office, right now, out of naught but bigoted pique. ...And so "righteously," too... for wearing a tan suit, that one time...

Our short-falls are legion. Only admitting to them will begin to ameliorate them! Hard cheese, but the only chance we might have as a species, come to it...

So... in well-deserved conclusion... give in, not to virtual reptilianism's psychopathic autocracy and the stark lawlessness of the senseless and nonsensical unrepresentative, but to rationality, not rightist rationalization, and the rule of sensible law! It'll bring the saucers down... to bring us home, again. That's this person's intuition.

Restore John Ford! (...oddly, a Republican, though that matters not at all.)

Read on.

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