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Saturday, February 03, 2024

As Per Fermi


As Per Fermi

by Alfred Lehmberg


Corruption is self-destroying, isn't it? It doesn't seem to have the long ball on this planet, at any rate. It seems illogical that "aliens" would have figured out a way to make corruption, a hallmark of societal regression, work for them for the long term. We never have... and we've tried. ...Over and over again for naught but loss and misery. We try, currently.

That's what they, the "aliens," have done, though, if their "potential impact on humanity" is as negative as some would make it out to be. They've mastered an enduring corruption... somehow... though, still... 

Given the—howsoever tenuous—evidence that there are multiple species "out there" (!), this perhaps indicating at least a potential for some kind of  "struggle" between them—stay with me now—beyond what would be invisible... especially to us given our current observation technologies... so especially using sensory types of equipment that rank and file humans don't possess. Correspondingly, wouldn't we see the "fight"?

As per Fermi (?), we'd see that kind of struggle if it existed—n'est ce pas? Yes, I suspect so!  Nightly! Ebullient enough even for daytime! Cosmic war must be a spectacle! 

Too? We see UFOs, everywhere (?), but where is the evidence of the inevitable conflicts one would suppose between them, then? Curious. Those conflicts are not here or there... which just seems ludicrous given 7 categories of compelling evidence that potentially hostile parties are there... if not there in "inevitable" conflicts... or they're just not fighting, eh? 

Or not there at all? That's whistlin' passed the graveyard of the obvious contrary. Our existence only increases the existence of their existence. If we can think it, it must be so... what's created repeats, and nothing happens once. Humanity happened... ergo... ET must abound... ...and we would have them witness us screwing each other over for a percentage!

All it takes is one! "One-is-all-you-need."

No... Babylon 5 is real, out there... somewhere, reader, and minus visible conflict... or not! There's no evidence of their conflict we can detect... as that worm turns... though some, and notable, persons would argue; however, that there is, remaining, plenty in evidence of "them."

Besides, that old TV series alluded to was prescient given its eerie portrayal of current political realities. ...Raises the hair on the back of your neck, reader! My neck, anyway. Feel it raise on your own, or you might risk a self-neutered sentience, hard (not impossible) to come back from... ...we won't digress.  

See, everything you can think of has happened, is happening, or will happen, somewhere. More, of course, you cannot... "think." That's everywhere.... "everywhen, even"!  ...Even here. Even now...That's how big and filled with potential everything is... bigger than what is known... bigger than what can be known! We've pointed out before where that's a GOOD thing. ...Anything else becomes boring? Onward!

Moreover, the TV series above speaks compellingly to a certain conjectured civility aspired to (that we'd aspire to!)! This conjectured "elsewhen" in the universe of human imagination, this civility, is supposed by the B5 writers, among the extraterrestrial *others* "top-side"... * ...That civility intimated seeming to transcend what we are remotely capable of, here, in the real world—even in our limited microcosm... ruled (not governed!) as we are by a Monied, Psychopathic, and Authoritarian elite... with more ominous MPAs looming! 

Moreover, too? Our behavior, seen from *their* "alien perspective," must be, at the very least, unsettling in comparison... to be kind! Fly on the wall? We are entirely abhorrent in our observation, it is suspected!

...And, in comparison to what? Yeah, we may be "prince" or "princess," beings of shining light—but I don't think so. I don't think the reader would buy in to that, either. Humility and avoidance of hubris dictate such is likely not so.  Still, we can aspire to greatness for its necessary lack of hubris... the antithesis is despair's desolation and disaster.

If we accepted that human beings, generally, have at best a myopically shallow view of a "real" universe, perhaps we are ready... more than ready (!)... even deserving of the shock and disruption that the birth of our gross humanity (into a multi-verse of other beings?) is sure to bring into being! Consider that! "Born again," for real, into the new existentiality!

Comes the concrescence, eh?

Hey! No one asks the CHILD—spat forth unceremoniously from its indifferent womb on this planet—whether the shock of that birth is an inconvenience to it! Our admonition would be to just suck it up, it's the way things are... the fetus must leave the womb—a child its crib... "...don't be a baby"! [g]. Staying in the "womb" or "crib" is just not an option. It's DEATH! That's fundamental understanding!

So it is, also, for the "birthing" of a post-concrescence total humanity... one suspects, of needs ejected from the womb of this world. Millions of fervid individuals (respected real currency galactically, perhaps!) ..."graduating" into the wide open universe at large... ...w000000000t!  Again... comes that concrescence.

Our "quantum birthing" shan't be over-mourned by the same token... and for the same reasons. ...See, it's the way it is. Suck it up. You know, "joy beyond the shame, satisfaction beyond the shock, and fellowship, good readers, beyond the offense." Don't remain a baby, ever and always. Flatly, you can't and so shan't.

Restore John Ford! Now!

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