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Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time Part II

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time
Part II of II

Provoking the aforementioned sedition (I'm an American; it's what we do), I try to go out early every morning there's a clear sky and spend time looking up, out, and into deep space. I've amassed hundreds of hours in the past several years peering into our sky, and I've seen the damnedest things, good reader, already spoken about last time.

I see these things, I expect, because I try not to presuppose or pronounce on what I'm seeing as others do from both sides of the aisle.  I don't self-hypnotize as does—for example—the current default klasskurtxian and reflex media skepti-puppy Robert Sheaffer, to wit: resolved, all these sightings must have, exclusively, prosaic explanations.  Too, I don't know that there are flying saucers, as Sheaffer knows that they are not, forgetting it's what I suspect.

Remains, my suspicions are not remotely the issue. The fact that, among more significant others, I'm seeing an unexplained ... —"something"—..., reader, decidedly is.

So... "carrying coal to Newcastle," I know, I'm going talk about my sightings here, every once in a while.  A reminder that an "idle mind" can be an efficacious one, still?  A productive one.  A progressive one.  One aspiring to courage and courage's serendipity, reader!  Yeah, reach exceeds grasp.  So?  Remains reach inspires grasp.  I suspect Checkmate.

...A reach allowing for all that is allowable, knowing what is knowable, and believing what is believable... why?  To achieve what is truly achievable!  Hey, no apologies for going all pep-rally on you; it had to be said. 

These are things which are important on that all important individual level.  Individual consciousness moving mountains and making magic in the real world, the corporeal, you know?  C'mon, you know it's true.  Reality transcends mere science the way a thousand acre wheat field transcends the single razor blade used to turn it into bread.  Science, all by itself, is like seeing, yes!  But seeing without hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting... knowing... appreciating.

The individual is key.  It's why the "sedition of the faithful" is so important to "the man" and makes him so twitchy.  Each blade of grass can be individually seduced and is seducible, ultimately, especially given the egregious and unfeeling behaviors of the "system" from which that one blade of grass can be seduced.  I digress, but not far.

With regard to my aforementioned UFO reportage, I'll give time, degree, and description of same with as much significant detail as I can—or care to. Though, I'm really doing this, reader, for two other reasons.

One, I am genuinely (and I think very rationally) concerned about the general incompetence, neurotic behavior, and contrived clueless-ness of a sullen and senseless mainstream regarding its—ignored—responsibility to intelligently facilitate an informed public about UFOs et sig al!  This is forgetting that the more far-reaching of us are alienated, presently, with the arrogant  authoritarianism, dodgy ethics, and disingenuous non-sentience of that same mainstream... begging the sedition from same! 


See?  Presently, the mainstream programs (or pogroms!) the individual, manipulates the individual, and so disrespects the individual. We're not getting the whole story, the complete story, or the true story about ANYTHING!  Verily, truth is only used to prop up a contrived and profitable falsehood if it's detected at all.  UFOs are simply one more penultimate (sic) significance added to a long list of nebulous affairs on which we don't get straight poop!  

We can't know the unknowable, of course.  But we can stretch the envelope, and anything else individuals should be able to have a crack at.  Where are our Eleusinian Mysteries?  Those personal explorations were the foundation of vital civilization from which ours sprang!  We're denied same for our own good?

For our own good? For the enrichment, advancement, and illumination of individual persons?  More squirty guffaws.

Two... finally, eh?  I had a "turn-about" sighting one morning so bizarre I bust to share it with someone interested, out there, who may be remotely simpatico—not write me off too quickly as your garden variety net-loon, para-woo-kookian (tm), or foaming web-wacko, eh?  See, enough people going out to look for these things with me might help energize an excited grass roots effort to get to the bottom of them!

I aspire to inspire that "going out to look," reader!  I think that there's progressiveness in it! A satisfaction!  A future!  A truth!  A reward, even, damn it!  Yes!


It was 04:50, the 22nd of December, 2001.  As I had been outside well over an hour already and the coffee was too long gone; I thought it must be about time to mosey on back into the house to have another cup... maybe bang some language around.

So, office bound from outside, I just happened to glance over my left shoulder at the North Star for a final look-around before heading in when, as I watched, an extremely bright and cream colored light blinked on!  Appearing around one clenched fist's 5 degrees to the left of Polaris like an energized and brilliant aircraft landing light shining due south, it was much brighter than Venus. It was perhaps Venus cubed!

I thought it might be a helicopter—extremely common in my area—making a precautionary landing, but the light remained stationary, briefly, about three degrees to the left of the pole star.  There was NO sound.

I put my glasses on it, and brought them down immediately; it was like looking into a truck headlamp from ten feet away! I continued the rest of the observation, mostly unaided, for about 30 remaining seconds. I even had time to think that it might be a super nova!  Meteors, aircraft, satellites, ball lightning, fireworks, planets & gassy pelicans were considered in turn and reasonably discarded...

Abruptly, from its dead stop, I was startled to see the object begin to move to the north!  As it traveled a total of about 10 degrees on that track—two fists—for the 20 seconds of the remaining observation, it dimmed steadily to the point where I felt it worthwhile to get the binoculars back on it again. I was able to keep in view, but could discern no other details outside a warm creamy light slowly dimming as it moved steadily north against the exceptionally clear star field. Soon I was having to use off center viewing even in the glasses to keep it in sight. Fading out, finally, three fists below Polaris, it was gone.

It was a great sighting of the inexplicable, friends and neighbors, but also it was a bit of the "ho-freaking-hum," too!  I'd seen that kind of thing before, actually. Why, I'd witnessed one in California with my Mother, a light of similar brightness and tone on a track directly above us— even  stopping for a few delicious  seconds directly overhead— that brought a little old lady with crippling COPD right up out of her wheel chair!  I digress.

At this point I've got my backside up against a low retaining wall in my backyard, arms shoved into my pockets—just staring off to the east over the roof of my home wondering what the hell I'd seen really was—when I noticed a flock of light colored goose-sized birds, I guessed, flying due west in a large uneven chevron, getting ready to make a pass directly over my house. Tres' Neat!

They were still about an apparent hundred meters away, or so, and maybe a hundred feet in the air when it began to seem that they were traveling awfully fast... too fast for birds. Too, I couldn't see any wings beating. I threw my field glasses up to my eyes for a closer look and was astonished to discover that they were not birds, at all, the wings were NOT flapping!  Observed was about 15 or 20 smaller chevrons flying in the single large uneven chevron, streaking through the sky directly over my head only resembling a fight of geese! I followed them with my glasses.

Abruptly, I got confused regarding how big and how high they were and my vision wobbled vertiginously in the view field!  My knees buckled in an astonishment of their own I'm a little ashamed to report. I thought I was made of sterner stuff.

My field glasses came down as the flight of objects silently zipped away and I took a deep breath. Perhaps you had to have been there, but this sighting was a real breath-taker even for a guy who had gotten a little jaded, perhaps, watching a lot of peculiar stuff in our collected backyard sky!

...These "birds" weren't birds. They were too fast for birds. They didn't flap like birds. They didn't have the long necks of most formation flying birds; they had no necks at all. Silent, they didn't call to one another as birds will!  The field glasses were focused, clean and in good working order, I was able to see a star field behind the objects. The objects I observed looked, a little, like tiny B2 (flying wing) bombers in my binoculars, traversing about 90 degrees of clear sky in a little over ten seconds. Fast.  Directly overhead.  ...And they glowed slightly, reader, indeed apart from the comparative darkness beneath them, with their own inner light.

I hung around until the sun started to come up, but the rest of the morning was uneventful.  That's the way it rocks & rolls when one contends with UFOs.  Heavy sigh, huh?

That's the thing about UFOs, see?  UFOs don't take their marching orders from partisan professional persons planet-side or suffer the presumptuous test-tubes of same, eh?  It's one thing making their sedition so attractive.  Moreover, as their alternative may be considerable, you see—their sedition becomes an inexorable seduction. 

Too!  Given the organizational prerogatives attendant to nightmarishly tyrannous and fascistic religio-corporate ring-knockers & other scurvy bastards? UFOs become a seduction with an increasing attractiveness!  It's not us abandoning ship, you see; we are ourselves being abandoned—sullied, disrespected, and abused—by the aforementioned.  That was my last digression.   

If you look you see; if you see you find; if you find... well, let's find out, right? It's what we do.  That's enough.  Read on.

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Bacon & Tofu

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time
Part I of II
by Alfred Lehmberg

Our own forces conspire against us, eh?  We'd be relieved of all control for our personal lives by crass elitist psychopaths of learned documentation existing as sure as spots and apples to confound and abuse us.  The manipulating if official psychopath abides, reader.  It's behavior becomes increasingly egregious.  One becomes encouraged to consider alternatives.

Our personal aspirations to beauty, truth, and self-actualization are increasingly denied!  Hope of some individual satisfaction, justified pride, or spiritual advancement is discouraged under punishment of extreme prejudice!  It's happened to me, eh?  Fall afoul of the officiality to experience activity from right out of a Kafka novel.  Few persons of conscience or the remotest lucidity debate the seeming inevitability of the preceding.  Asymptotic graph lines of anything that can be measured achieve a vertical aspect.  Concrescence approaches steadily without regard to projected dates or accurate prophesies!

Our liberty, real and imagined, is slip-sliding away.  Pursuit of happiness is threatened!  A future looms even as UFOs festoon the sky in increasing numbers ...and more persons publicly cop to what they've seen, their imaginations inflamed, and their very necessary reach beyond grasp provided for by this inflammation.  The purpose of the UFO, say the great ones, Terrence McKenna among them.

Well—let's do what we can to force the bleeding issue, eh?  Let's "squeeze their spice weasel" and kick it up a notch!  Bam!

See, we've blithely allowed our current plight!  We've facilitated our cultural complacency trusting fraudulently elected leaderships, such as they are, to do the right thing.  Pause for squirty guffaws!

Moreover, these "toxic leaderships of practiced malfeasance" corrupt what could be an effusively informational "mainstream," ever further hijacking that mainstream to do the bidding of that psychopathic few signing niggardly checks to 21st Century serfs.  You'd think the few regarded would be willing to pay a semi-fair price for an uncontested cat-bird's seat!  "...But nooooo-ooooo..." we channel Belushi... the dead one.  They pay as little as they can get away with and short-sheet what they can afford to short-sheet.

Back to track, this provides a clear and present danger for the manipulated many, this total hijacking of the fabric of efficacious thought, frankly... forgetting the harder we're squeezed the more of us slip through their fingers, as Princess Leia observed in an inconstant English accent. Rebels always seem driven to their alternatives by unjust circumstance born of monstrous tyrants, no?  Tilt, eh?

Grok this: UFOs are pure sedition against the stupefying *Status Quo* outlined above.  Crack historian Richard Dolan generally intimates an extant status quo as the enemy of human spirit and humanity, in the aggregate... as this "Status Quo" serves duplicitous masters only, presently, if it's ever served anything or anyone else, ever.  The "good" of the few fraudulently dictating the egregiously disrespectful treatment of the many... very droll, eh?  Not really.  Tragedy wrapped in travail and then packed in the temerity of privileged criminals...

The treatment if not the cure?  An informed populace, serious respect for individual rights, adherence to a Constitution's Bill Of Rights, and the rule of just Law

At any cost, reader!  We've nothing if we don't have these.  With them we reach beyond ourselves... to the enigmatic "other" watching from without.  They are the very fabric of our advancement and elevation as a species.  They are vital to our very growth.

The individual is key to the preceding, you see.  In the manner of the chain's weakest link, it's the quality of the individual determining the quality of the entire cultural team!  See, while there is no "I" in team, there is a "me" given a certain creativity with letter precedence.  "Me" is very much there.  It has to be.  There is no team without its component individuals.

Old Rome, before the common era, at its most rational height before the "Barracks Emperors" and bread and circuses of a blood soaked arena worshiped by the moronic masses, was composed of a large middle class of many quality individuals, and they accomplished much... reached far a-field to pluck rapid advancement out of the air before them.  Rome died when its middle class did!

We do a similar thing now as the majesty of our nation dwindles.  This is forgetting that any Caesar looking ahead to the capability of individuals in the 21st Century would see millions with the clear powers of the gods at his or her command

...And that's with smoking brakes applied, reader!  Caesar lives!  He lives in the enduring form of Autonomous and Self-involved Priest/Kings, that which exists to fraudulently place itself above you, reader... still surviving in a barely diminished capacity today.  Still existing today or we would be a HUGE middle class residing in the asteroid belt—a living bracelet around our Sun as the Sumerians conjectured 9000 years ago.  Our "mainstream" would be worth more, presently, than a mere fossil fart-lighting tinker's damn. 

UFOs, it's found, appeal to that aforementioned individuality and the authoritative... conversely eschewing the lowest common denominator or the canted authoritarian.  No alien has ever landed and asked to be taken to an "authority."  "Take me to your leader," is a stupid joke from the fifties!

Continuing, UFOs indicate useful information not forthcoming from ones own conflicted culture and secretive society.  UFOs point to a need for a strong individual constitution able to provide successful aggregate foundation in an evolving and expanding universe.  Moreover, UFOs are seemingly alternative to a tyranny—academic or institutional—here iterated, and from whose arms we're driven presently... trust for which we are denied, a result of their behavior and not our own!  We are increasingly more starved, abused, and swindled by leadership and retreat from that leadership of needs!

For double-digit years now I've been making reference to anomalous sightings I've had down here in the southeast United States.  I caution the reader that I've seen nothing conclusive; no mother-ships, beam-landers, Flying Triangles, or star ship-shuttles!  Moreover, I have only had encounters, generally, which hardly satisfy the requirements of Hynek's Close Encounter of the First type.  That is, I see strangely moving point-source lights in the sky making impossible turns or coming to a dead stop in the starfield. 

They don't photograph well, understandably, or at all.  These comprise the totality of my observations, forgetting these lights have performed enough of the enigmatic and unusual—the impossible even—to remove them from the category of that which is "supposed" to be up there.

I suspect I'm a credible judge of what is supposed to be up there. I was a very highly trained and decorated military Master Aviator, a senior instructor pilot and team leader in both Utility and Attack aviation branches—a Warrant Officer Candidate School Commandant on occasion!  Additionally, as a graduate of the *old* Instrument Flight Examiner Course with more hot-gas time, in peace and combat, than Oberg, Shermer, Nickels, and McGaha combined, I am more than abundantly qualified to make that assertion!  I endured a long and successful career qualifying same, reader. I digress.

Let me make another digression!  With regard to a report by a so-called "expert" Dr. Shermer, to wit:  a person rigorously trained in the science of observation is not, pound for pound, a more superior observer than the one who is not... is just ludicrous on its sneering face!  Step off, Doc!

Back at the ranch... I see bizarre and specifically significant "other" things in the early morning skies as well, if not often.  See, I am provided with that aforementioned observational training, curiosity, and... uh, ummm... let's call it ...inordinate TIME... to secure an opportunity to observe UFOs, reader.  

Imagine watching a big stretch of super-motorway for a head-on collision. Time, it takes.  You will likely never witness the aforementioned collision.

Frankly, in time, UFOs are observed making abrupt ninety degree turns, expelling red glittery stuff, hurling lurid green bolts or fireballs, and flying randomly senseless patterns!  Additionally, their flashing strobes coyly pulse at 120 degree snap-turned corners along equilateral flight paths!  Tres bizarre stuff, reader!

They come abruptly to complete stops, fly in formation, and make vertiginous changes in magnitude with regard to speed and direction adjustments... while generating rainbows of color! They are as bright as Venus cubed, dim as a star only visible with off-center viewing, and they appear and disappear with what a child might perceive as wispy playfulness. I can only wonder what they must actually be... But lo this last decade-plus I've been seein' 'em!  No apologies!

Additionally, I've discovered (forgive this small digression) that an idle mind is not so much the devil's tool, but that the idle mind remains a tool at all, still!  An unfettered tool.  An unrestrained tool.  A tool with fewer barriers regarding its use, fewer prohibitions, and no expectations.  More on that when it's time.

I've time to use this tool more in a fashion of what I perceive to be an efficacious loose cannon, eh?  If of small caliber and low charge, a cannon of sincere inquiry, on consideration.  As regards the aforementioned (and hotly contested!) "inordinate" time?  Here's how that works just north of 50 words.

...Refusing a final promotion and retiring from the Army in 1992 I achieved a teaching credential at a local University, summa cum laude.  Subsequently I'm professionally shunned, shortly, by the public school teaching professionals of polite if authoritarian local society for suspect age-discrimination, arbitrary, or cliquish outsider-hating reasons —not to put too fine a point on it... they were especially nasty regarding my dismissal from the only reasonable position I'd been able to find.

Consequently, I've found myself with a lot of unemployed hours on my hands to indulge a (seemingly rational) ufological interest with that tool of the aforementioned idle mind. Woe be it, eh?  That and about 300 thousand dollars in lost wages denied me out of another's repugnant pique, but reader, you endure enough digressions. 

I've discovered that the mind is a tool decidedly dangerous to the corrupt establishment alluded to above, reader.  It's a mind looking for alternatives—a mind ripe, the "man" argues, for sedition!  In other words I use some of those idle minutes with which I have been graced to rock my head back and actually look up into the sky for extended periods of time. That's the secret, you know... Really looking?  Sedition lurks between the stars.

Sincerely, anybody spending time—looking—will actually see the things I'm seeing... if they just took the time to look. I understand most folks don't have time.

Young people have dues to pay, jobs, and young families.  Frenetic government's feckless edicts and war-mongered posturing provide more immediate fish for them to fretfully fry!

Those who have the time?  These don't have the inclination, and those who have inclination don't have enough inclination to provide opportunity... you have to weather the exasperated spouse, the bugs, or the bitter cold... or UFOs go unseen.

Next: Pelicans in reverse, select reportage, and sedition's recognition.

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Hump Day Ditty-wah!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

...The Lid Is On!

Admitting I'm no prophet, or that brilliance isn't mine, I have few facts, and I'm re-miss in knowledge I should find. Smarter motes then me abound, as thick as fleas or flies, and battles with their *phacts* could leave me hammered in your eyes.
...But then they make assumptions so their *blacks* and *whites* make sense. Their arguments get heavy—much encumbered and entrenched. Too, loath to leave the prominence that has framed their "reputation," these make prevarication or a senseless refutation!
Then we have them where I've found them, and we see their posits smell. These stumble in their pitch black room—refuse that they're unwell... ...Refusing that they won't know more, or shake their fists at God, these stand at last, complete—revealed! The undisputed knob.
You say "not so," but they're not looking! Their eyes are on the ground! They cling to their mean insular; they push away profound! They're satisfied with white-bread, though it rots them from within! They are trembling in their countenance—uneasy in their skin.
You'd say glad "beads" incessantly in a litany construed to take your mind from that which makes the hell that you go through. So, pummeled by your nameless fear you wallow shameful ethics... made by you to hide your fear—destroying our aesthetics!
Cut and slashed, you cling to hope (or faith which was untested)... ...Your arguments miasma, they're discredited and bested. Confusions in your world view are the nightmares in your dreams; you look around and see the mess—perceive you're not so clean...
...Your wounds now ooze an ichor 'cause you claim that they're not there, and might never let clean air to them, or let them heal fair. Shambling in this cyberspace like zombies, living dead; STILL you wish, exclusively, the dullest, whitest bread!
The lid is on, on GOD knows what! Can't you feel it pressing down? Our spirit soars for "reach" and "grasp," but we're mired to the ground! We fight old wars—that long ago reversed what's right or wrong, and now elbow good positions to pretend a *righteous* song.
The lid is on, on God KNOWS what! You can hear it in the air; the whispers that there's life on Mars ... of a type that's undeclared! Our permeated media is filled up to the brim with alien "abductions," "UFO's" and "black clad men"!
The lid is on, on god knows WHAT! It's in the planes we build. Aurora just the tip of monstrous "icebergs" crammed, and filled! What's the Hubble really seen? What HAS it found out there, and why are we, then, kept from truth... existing undeclared?
The lid is on, ON god knows what. You keep up your distractions. All evidence inconclusive, even yours with your detractions.
Randi said, ironically, "[There are those one shan't convince with a monumental evidence that is rich, and full, and dense. A believer's a believer and will not relate to facts that are counter to a fond belief — they're settled on that track]."
I cover tiny smiles with the fingers of one hand, thinking, that's an apt description of the skepti-bunky's stand!
It just may be assumptions made, indeed, are so invalid. ...Assuming *they're* forthcoming? Then be disappointed, Alice!
Assume the *News* plays heads up ball, and check into a home, dementia's consumed you, and you're senile to the bone. Assume that your *Religion* has your interests at its heart, and be doomed to disappointment as you play your backward part. Assume an honest *Government*, or an efficacious *School*, and become the spineless charlatan, hapless loser, or a fool!

Maybe all three...

Yeah — well... you get to do that in a poem. Splash the right color paint around where paint's prohibited, see where it sticks, and watch who gets the angriest or becomes the most irritated in the application of same. That self-same irritation, I've discovered, is proportionate to how worried the reader is regarding where, or how much of that paint actually sticks, and to whom.  Read:  how right you where.

Read on...

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Flatwoods And Braxton County UFO Sightings

Frank Feschino, Jr.

Flatwoods and Braxton County UFO Sightings
by Alfred Lehmberg

Well, friends and cyber-neighbors, just when you thought all was quiet on the "Flatwoods Monster" front, here's Frank Feschino popping up with yet another compelling data list—an evidentiary audit trail for the ufologically whacked out and impossible, howsoever be it unsettlingly supported! That's right. Take a deep breath. We begin.

To start, this is a list regarding details about the massive amount of UFO sightings occurring over the United States on September 12, 1952. A massive amount as highly true as it is highly strange. I'll explain.

As is the now running theme established by previous articles I've written, I reiterate to say there were numerous UFOs sighted on that particular September day. These UFOs flew, landed and/or were forced down—by jets ordered to shoot them down—at 116 locations in ten east coast States during that 21-hours of sustained activity displayed on Feschino's well referenced "Master Map." Such has been established as so.


Please take the proceeding at face value and for highly suspected fact. Again. We're served by it! We've extinction to lose and the universe to gain?

See, 60 plus years after the fact, people remain unaware—even after 20 plus years of his researching and sifting through the countless documents he's discovered—Feschino has meticulously pinpointed 116 separate locations when and where UFOs were sighted... that day! This all seems like it might be a little bigger than a quaint country tale regarding 'haints, hillbillies, and hoot-owls, eh? No, these seem to be naught, frankly, but the insulting and facile go-to lies of lying liars.

Remember that Feschino is able to segregate these numerous objects sighted, in fact, by their shapes, sizes, colors, manners, locations, flight paths and sighting times along a trace of their flight's route! A picture forms when one knows what was where, when. He discovers that a jaw-dropping twenty-five different unidentified objects—yes, 25 UFOs—had actually passed over the following ten eastern States: Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. CSI's Papa Joe Nickell doesn't mention any of this, does he. A statement not a question. Nor does anyone at CSI Central. Not even brought up to be debunked, it's not party line over there. Not dismissible so it's scary too—it's a thin ice for the traversing skeptibunky. One false step and it's through the ice and drowning in data.

Back at the ranch, the overwhelming amount of UFO sightings revealed by Feschino on that day have come to be known as the "September 12, 1952 Flap." This flap is actualized by examining the flight characteristics of the UFOs many witnesses described as having been on fire, exploding with pieces falling away, making strange in-flight noises, flying erratically at tree top level, and making crash-landings. They sound busy.

In the end, after compiling his findings, Feschino establishes that four of the 25 UFOs sighted that day were apparently damaged and struggling to stay airborne as they traveled over the United States. They were making multiple landings as they flew; in other words, Feschino tracked the damaged (?!) UFOs as they puddle-jumped across the Nation like wounded birds. Combined, these four troubled objects made a documented thirteen crash-landings in three states, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia. Not surprisingly, West Virginia accounted for ten of those crash-landings. Papa Joe? ...Hearing only crickets.

Feschino then plots the flight path trajectories of each object. He is able to recreate a scenario of events, the "revealed evidentiary trail," alluded to above describing what must have occurred that day back on September 12, 1952. Follow the evidence, which is to say... not beat it ahead of you with a stick the way the reflex and canted skeptibunky or klasskurtxian contents himself. See, it remains still, as pointed out above, that the general public is unaware of the magnitude of UFO sightings documented as having occurred across the United States on that all but infamous day... especially the sightings occurring in Braxton County around Flatwoods.

I'd alluded to damaged UFOs above; why were these UFOs damaged and why the abundance of UFO sightings on that day? To answer the first question: only six weeks before the September 12, 1952 Flap, the USAF revealed White House approved "shoot down orders"... essentially declaring war on flying saucers! ...WAR! War with an ET high levels of government had already admitted as fact. No stretch at all, reader. Given truth, how would the reader characterize it? War and shots fired!

On July 29, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports the following Air Force revelation made the previous day: "Lt. Col. Moncel Monts, Air Force Information Officer, states, 'The jet pilots are and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down.' " Everyone knows how chatty UFOs are... you know, so willing to take orders and be accommodating to their Earth hosts.

The article also states, "In Air Force parlance, this means that if a 'flying saucer' refuses to land—jet pilots are authorized to shoot them to Earth, if they can get close enough to do so." Was there ever a more nuanced declaration of war?

Also on July 29, via a press conference held at the Pentagon to discuss UFOs, it was reported that Major General Roger Ramey "...told the news conference [that] interceptor planes have raced aloft several hundred times as a result of unidentified objects." Yes reader, the Air Force wanted a UFO!

During 1952 the USAF received the most recorded UFO sightings made to Project Blue Book in its 17 year existence! 1,501 official reports with 303 of these bona fide "Unknowns" ...meaning visual conditions were such that they should have been able to tell what the flying object was... and couldn't! Yes reader, with these overwhelming numbers, the Air Defense Command never had a better opportunity for getting a UFO. On that hot Indian Summer day of September 12, 1952, they got their chance!

Back in 1952 well-known researchers and investigators were in the dark as to what had actually occurred on September 12. Some found important pieces of the puzzle but none were able put it all together into a meaningful whole. None could figure out the "big picture" of events. They didn't have Blue Book! They didn't have Feschino's single-minded drive and determination... his opportunity to make right the grievances of forgotten soldiers and airmen of needs lost in this seeming secret air war.

Moving on, what did all of the UFO sightings along the east coast that day have to do with the "Flatwoods Monster" incident in the small town of Flatwoods? Furthermore, why were there so many UFOs sighted over Braxton County that night, before and after the "monster" encounter on the Fisher Farm?

To answer, the whole of Braxton County, not just Flatwoods, actually had its own flap of UFO sightings during the night! In 1991, and standing on the shoulders of his intrepid if befuddled predecessors, Feschino picked up the investigation and began his research where the others had had to throw their hands in the air—ultimately giving up, thus the incident was never investigated further, back in the day, and in danger of becoming just another quaint tale of folklore. Such would not be so on Feschino's watch.

Painstakingly thorough in his on site investigations, Feschino discovers that there were many more sightings than the original investigators were aware of—many, many more, reader, as pointed out above. One of the original investigators, Gray Barker, stated, "I can only begin to cope with the mass of data and correspondence, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle containing the answer to the mystery—if only it could be put together." Feschino would make that wish come true.

World-known researcher and author Ivan T. Sanderson also documented many of the objects seen that night, reporting, "As a result of plotting the incidents on a map, we are of the opinion that a flight of intelligently controlled objects flew over West Virginia on the evening of September 12 and further, that one of them landed or crashed, a second and third crashed and a fourth blew up in the air"! That's some assertion!

Writer Harold T. Wilkins discovered, "The local police, however, admit that on the day of the incident a fleet of pear-shaped objects—dull red, white and gleaming—had been seen over the region. They hovered in mid-air, ascended almost vertically, descended, then flew level, and three strange objects had crashed in the dense woods."

Additionally, Mr. Barker also added, "Within a 20-mile radius of Flatwoods, numerous persons saw what they variously described, as 'shooting stars,' flying 'saucers' and 'meteorites.' " With all of this information in hand now, Feschino moved forward, conducted his own interviews with Braxton County witnesses and scoured local and national newspaper archives. Most importantly, he obtained the Blue Book files for that day, sometimes even having to digitally enlarge, enhance and re-ink almost unreadable faded documents to poster size to suss them out! Feschino then compiled all of his valuable data into a true historical illumination, that evidentiary trail alluded to above.

Feschino spent decades piling up multiple guided tours through Braxton County with many of the old-timers from the area. They took him to many of the locations where these sightings occurred and showed him the lay of the land. After years of researching the UFO incidents occurring in Braxton County, Feschino then plotted the points of UFO activity in the area on a large aviation map and connected them with the surrounding UFO sightings in the other nine other states.

Ultimately, Frank was able to put the big picture together of what had actually occurred that day and chronicled the scenario of events. You see reader, the overwhelming amount of UFOs observed that day were not attributed to joyriding craft aimlessly flying around in circles because they had nothing else better to do on a Friday night! There was a definite reason for all of these UFO sightings on September 12, 1952. There was purpose!

Keeping in mind the long-forgotten July 29, 1952 Fall River Herald-News headline, "Jets Told to Shoot Down Flying Discs," Fall River informs us that "Jet pilots are operating under a 24-hour nationwide 'alert' to chase the mysterious objects and to 'shoot them down' if they ignore orders to land"! Let us now follow the data.

On September 12, 1952, three damaged UFOs flew over the eastern seaboard bearing westerly and headed in different directions upon reaching the Mid-Atlantic coast—one after another, just before 7:00 p.m. EST. The first UFO headed southwest toward Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, worryingly spot-on, penetrated the no-fly zone for that sensitive area and landed in Arcadia, Tennessee.

This sparked a massive search and rescue by local authorities, thinking it was a small civilian aircraft. No aircraft was ever found or even reported to be missing. Yet local authorities gave this account: "Patrolmen reported sighting what they believed to be distress flares from the ground where the object was supposed to have fallen." Witness H.L. Newland said it was "shining bright and big as a car."

The second UFO flew northwest over Baltimore, MD, then flew directly toward Dayton, OH, home of Wright Patterson AFB. Just before reaching Dayton, this craft was to redirect itself northeast—where it nearly hit a passenger plane near the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport—then flew south, finally crash-landing in the Wheeling, WV area.

The UFO was reported in several newspapers, "Three commercial pilots told the CAA office in Washington that meteor-like objects flashed by their planes." It was stated, "One pilot said one nearly hit his ship." Does this sound like a meteor to the reader, this writer wonders?

Commercial airline pilots contacted CAA officials in Washington, DC to inform them about these, "meteor-like objects," not to report meteors! Does this sound like a meteor, reader? Besides, contacting high level and career destroying authorities about mere meteors makes no self-regarding sense. Why not report to authorities that the stars come out at night, or that there was a moon above? What would the CAA be expected to do about meteors? Criticism should have to achieve a level of competence to claim to have the support of science. I digress.

The third UFO, identified in print by The New York Times as the "FLAME OVER WASHINGTON," headed due west over Washington, DC, low level and towards Flatwoods. Simultaneously, over the Nation's Capital, several UFOs descended from the skies over Washington, Maryland, and Virginia, forming a suggested aerial perimeter around their damaged sister craft, apparently seeing it safely to the west.

At this point the majority of information concerning these UFOs descending over this three state area was found only by Feschino in Project Blue Book—no one besides Feschino seems to have ever bothered, apparently, to closely read the entire September 12, 1952 case files! Now, for the record—Feschino discovered that there were actually twelve craft descending to follow the damaged craft west before ascending back into the sky to the north and northwest! Who says so? Reported What, Where, and When says so. Blue Book says so.

Shortly after, UFOs descended from the skies in great numbers over eastern Ohio, the WV panhandle, and western Pennsylvania for two hours—looking, mayhap, for their downed sister craft. These were identified as a "meteor shower"... also, "Flashing meteors" and "balls of fire" by the local press and authorities.

Contrarily, there is no official scientific documentation of reported meteor activity for that day anywhere in the world! In other words, neither the astronomy record books and sky watching clubs have any record of a meteor or meteor shower occurring anywhere around that day. Yes, the assertion here is that these additional craft were a full-blown search and rescue operation made by ET. Anyway, it seems at least one newspaper, The Boston Globe, reported it remotely right in their headline, "Four States 'Bombarded' by Meteor-Like Objects." In part, it was reported, "Authorities sought an explanation today for the flurry of meteor-like objects sighted over four states." Meteor "like," good reader is the admission that they are not meteors or they would be meteors; they are like meteors so a listener can have any idea at all what's being related to them. Like a thing is not a thing. No, it's well and truly weirdness!

Simultaneously, to the south of Braxton County, three more objects flying in formation were enroute to Flatwoods from the south, stewarding yet another damaged object. A fourth craft, a flying saucer, previously sighted over Flat Rock, North Carolina, joined them, shortly after, as they reached Flatwoods. This larger saucer then redirected, headed northwest toward the Wheeling area where the other objects were descending in what could be called a search of their downed craft as suspected and was then sighted to the west of Wheeling over Lafferty, Ohio. Are you starting to get the picture yet, reader?

Flatwoods, WV, the geographical center of the state, void of any nearby USAF bases and isolated, was actually the designated area for two of the heavily damaged UFOs to meet and go down together consequent to their conjectured rescue. More specifically, the exact rendezvous point was actually the Fisher Farm plateau, located at the back of the farm known as the hill top.

Before any of the sightings had occurred over Braxton County, specifically Flatwoods, the first UFO observation actually occurred over the Fisher Farm at about 6:50 p.m. EST. This UFO was a huge cigar-shaped object that flew from the east, passed over Harrisonburg, VA, then passed over West Virginia, flew toward Flatwoods and passed over the back plateau of the Fisher hill top.

Signed eyewitness testimony Donald Morrison

Here, Feschino and his military colleagues (myself among them) have agreed that this was perhaps a reconnaissance rescue craft that could conceivably have dropped a homing beacon device of some type for the two damaged objects to follow in to the farm landing zone. Remained, there was a real big problem during this time frame for the UFOs.

The heavily damaged craft flying west toward Flatwoods from the DC area was struggling to reach its rendezvous destination simultaneously with the other damaged craft heading North with its UFO escort. When the three northbound UFOs reached Flatwoods to rendezvous with the damaged, "Flatwoods Monster" craft... it wasn't there. The rendezvous had been missed! The damaged southern craft flew over the Fisher Farm while the other two combed the area for it!

Meanwhile, the incoming flying saucer made a brief pass over the Flatwoods area and then headed northwest. When the damaged craft, containing the "Flatwoods Monster," wasn't initially found, all four southern ships departed the area. Subsequently, the damaged southern craft crashed three times in Braxton County and the damaged "Flatwoods Monster" craft landed on the Fisher Farm shortly after.

Yes, the UFO events occurring in Flatwoods and surrounding regions are actually attributed to a search and rescue mission—a failed operation actually, ending with a close encounter on the Fisher Farm between Mrs. May, a group of boys 12 to 18 and a 12-foot-tall occupant called the "Flatwoods Monster. The following data list was compiled by Frank Feschino, Jr., identifies some witnesses, and shows us a fraction of the UFO activity over Braxton County that night.

Eye witness Donald Morrison with Feschino...

1). Ben's Run, Har—near Newville. About 6:45 PM. A large cigar-shaped red object also described as being shaped "like a bottle gas tank" and about 40-feet long, flew slow at a very low-level just above the tree tops at Ben's Run. Several residents on both sides of Har saw it pass over the town; some saw it pass over the general store and others later watched it until it disappeared over the tree tops in the direction of Flatwoods, about four miles away. Reconnaissance Rescue Craft #1 Witness: Multiple witnesses in Har including Donald Morrison and his family.

2).Flatwoods. Fisher Farm. 6:50 PM. A large cigar-shaped object that emitted fireballs from the rear fuselage flew at a very low over the plateau of the back hilltop of the Fisher Farm. It looked like a "jet plane" but had "no wings." The primary witness said, "It proceeded across the sky, then halted suddenly, seemed to fall rapidly toward the hilltop." Reconnaissance Rescue Craft #1 Witness: Flatwoods resident A.M. Jordan.

3). Flatwoods. Fisher Farm. 7:15 PM. A low-flying fiery object flew over the back hilltop area of the farm and directly over the water cistern. A large piece of fire broke off and fell toward the ground as it headed south toward the Sutton Airport then exploded. Damaged Southern Craft #1 Witness: Mr. Hoard.

4). Holly. An object flying near the horizon over the Sutton Airport exploded and crash-landed shortly after in the area of Holly. Witness: One Flatwoods witness sighted the object as it passed over the airport and exploded while multiple witnesses saw it go down shortly after near Holly. Damaged Southern Craft #1

5). Heaters. (5 miles north of Flatwoods) 7:15 PM. A large round-shaped and glowing object flew at a very low-level over the town of Heaters and headed towards Flatwoods. SOUTHERN RESCUE CRAFT #2 Witness: Jerry Marples.

6). Braxton County Airport. (3 miles south of Flatwoods). 7:15 PM. Simultaneously, another large round object flew just above the airport at a very low-level. SOUTHERN RESCUE CRAFT #3 Witness: Multiple sources as told to Ivan T. Sanderson.

7) Flatwoods area. A "saucer" was sighted just after the time that the other three southern ships were seen flying over and near Flatwoods. SOUTHERN RESCUE CRAFT #4. Witness: Multiple witnesses including a Braxton County resident who reported a "fireball" and "saucer" as well as other UFOs.

8). Flatwoods. 7:25 PM. A large fiery oval-shaped object flew south overFlatwoods, passed over the school playground, turned, redirected and then landed on the back hilltop of the Fisher Farm. Damaged #2 Craft - Flatwoods Monster Witnesses: Numerous boys on school playground and adult witness Jack Davis.

9). Sugar Creek. A fiery UFO crashed onto a mountain top across the Elk River between 7:25 and 7:30 PM. Witnesses described it as "a flaming bucket with a tail." Damaged Southern Craft #1 Witness: Woodrow Eagle and other multiple Sugar Creek witnesses.

11). Frametown. About 7:45 PM. A fiery object crashed on a hilltop near the Elk River in the area of Frametown. Witness: Undisclosed hitchhiker. Damaged Southern Craft #1

12). Flatwoods. Fisher Farm. Just before 8:00 PM. Witness: Mrs. May and several boys saw a nearly 12-foot tall metallic probe-like craft that hovered near a tree, AKA the "Flatwoods Monster." Damaged #2 Craft - Flatwoods Monster Some witnesses also reported seeing a large oval-shaped craft in the pasture of the second field of the farm.

13). Frametown. Approximately 8:25. Another fiery object crashed in Frametown. This object crashed on the top of James Knoll on the other side of Frametown near Middle Ridge. Damaged #2 Craft - Flatwoods Monster Witnesses: 2 James boys that lived in the area as well as other local residents.

14). Flatwoods. Fisher Farm. Between 10:30 PM.-11:00 PM. A large round object with a flat side that emitted flames from each side, circled the Fisher Farm at a low-level for about fifteen minutes. Witness: Mr. Bailey Frame. RESCUE CRAFT #4

There you have it people. ...Anyone still think all this activity was attributed to a single course changing "fireball meteor," as the USAF counsels via Blue Book or that the "Flatwoods Monster" was a Barn owl in a tree? Return to the clue queue if true.

Wrapping up, let's remember two missing airmen, fighter pilot John A. Jones, Jr. and radar operator John DelCurto. These two intrepid airmen, initially denied to Feschino by the Air Force as having ever even served (outrage), vanished into thin air with their F-94 Starfire during the onset of the September 12, 1952 UFO Flap, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Byronic Knights

We are intrepid Knights locked in struggle, my friend.  Involved (to our necks) in anomalous trends, we fight the good fight but we fight without end for the credence deserved for these UFOs, then. ...And what can that be but regard for our skies alive and a crawl with what "stranger" who "flies."
Dismissed with the "fringer," our battle uphill, the mainstream's avoidance a sad—bitter—pill, we strain and we struggle for reason's fair share; we want some good answers. We question; we dare!
Something's occurring! It's straining credulity! Something's emerging! A denial's futility! Conditions are global; it happens, remember, to folks too disparate to fake it—comprende?  I know some myself. Honest folk, most convincing... ...reporting they're TAKEN and TIME has gone *missing*.
These possess clarity; their heads are still level. Were it me I should think, I'd be hammered and beveled. ...But for all of the strangeness infecting their lives, some live to make use of its mind blowing strife.  Songs are composed and then words are made woven; an art is compelled and a poetry chosen. The box is burst open and one is outside to live new experience as one comes alive!
One turns it their way and attempts to be positive; that vision is clearer, so let's dare interrogatives! Be driven, industrious, and charming when able. You know what you want—be industrious, capable ... not strident, but ardent to some serious stitches. To the crass opposition—be those brash sons of bitches!
How do these warrant their furious pace? How do they run, like they do, their mad race? How do they keep their composure refined in the face of digressions from purpose contrived?  Well, given experience of what has transgressed?  The burden is truth, and one knows the rest.
I, too, can get angry at those whom I love; I can lash out and rage where a push comes to shove.  I can hurt feelings... to further the ends... perceived in a vision glad hope must portend! I can lose tolerance! I can lose sight of a good contribution to make the right fight!
...But am I forgetting the folks on my team ... the ones standing by me through nightmare and dream?  Are they forsaken, forgotten, repressed, denied, and discounted, elapsed, and oppressed? Well, not on my watch, there is something occurring,  My take is we're served by the things we'd be learning.
Too, they fight draining battles without a reward. You'd think that the gods would extend some accord. You'd think they'd get funding for proper approaches—eschew new-age "craziness," confusers, or hoaxers.
A lot like John Ford (?), we go on like the bunny, but hopefully stay out of jail ... not funny. This gives me concern for our strength and intensity, and if we succumb to... a "burn-out" propensity! We are too valuable, our labor too dear to fail in this time where some truth may be near!
I hope we're just resting, I hope we take stock—I hope we are open to another's strange thoughts. We know we're not perfect; we've got half a brain! I'm hoping we're here, then, to hear the refrain.
I shudder to think of our liberty lost. I shudder to think of that terrible cost! I'm dreading the fracture I'm sure this would make in the work, the crusade, and to all that's at stake!
Noble dark knights, the tormented Byronic ... accosted, assailed, by the bought-in moronic. This—knowing we suffer, at last, disrespect. We *know* status quos  as proposed are all wet.
We know that our vision is clear if far out and close to some answer on what it's about... ...I offer support of the best moral kind; as one has their own quest, it is clear I have mine.
We mirror a passion! We feel a creed. I know what _I_ need when I soar and I cleave!  "Soaring" is vital, an act that one needs, convincing a person they're off of their knees.  "Cleaving's succeeding the missions assigned, where goals are achieved and you have peace of mind.

So, _I_ am enraged at the failing complacent; _I_ find it hard, friend, to suffer a fool. _I_ am incensed that we're treated like mushrooms and broken on purpose like mistreated tools!


How does any ONE of us keep it together, remembering that some highly strange stuff likely happens to any one of us? ...And the point is, is that as it does...we do. It's what we do...

No, the justifications for our ignorance have some other design. Thank God for the courage of the efficacious talented—the under appreciated dwindling few, we listen for those who truly devote themselves to the big paradigm changing questions, are able to look infinity unflinchingly in the eye... and still have the courage to question that anomalous glare.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

John Ford: First Encounter

My first encounter with the plight of John Ford occurred around July 12, 1996.

I was driving from Alabama to Florida to join my wife for a weekend vacation and a little celebration of our impending 23rd wedding anniversary (Hey!  I remind the reader I'm a normal guy even artistically interested with what's outside the box!  It defines the box after all, eh?

The drive is a pleasant one on good roads, and I was really enjoying the momentarily careless and carefree trip!  Ahead of me looms two days of good beer, fun in the sun, and a cessation of college for the summer.  I digress, but I'd returned to college after retiring from the military to get a teaching credential; this is a whole -other- sordid story we'll have to save for another digression...

In '96 I enjoyed a golden-age Pre 9/11, had more of my teeth, and was in my pre-stroke bliss.  Out of the military, the pressure was off... I was doing well at school... I was content.  ...Breathin' was easy as they say.

While I drove I listened distractedly to some car radio.  I wasn't really hearing the news or the announcer as I drove and was, in fact, just about to tune to a *hairier* spot on the radio dial... when, abruptly... the announcer used the expression "UFO."

That stopped my hand at the channel knob, eh?  I settled back into the car seat to listen.  I have an interest in UFOs as does any rational person... [g].

Anyway... the reporter shared (and I paraphrase) that some loopy UFO whack-job from Suffolk county, New York had been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder... Murder in a new, new-age and completely inexplicable way! 

It seems this "crazy" person *purloined* a quantity of radium from some facility somewhere (Brookhaven is conjectured), and his *astonishing* plan was to break into the victim's house... put powdered radium into the victim's toothpaste... and murder him as a result of radiation poisoning!  WTF!?

...Let's pause for a moment to let all that sink in...

I remember thinking at the time that this incredibly hapless fellow must be one mondo-bionic dim-bulb of a ruminating snot-bubbler... (!) try a stunt like that!  How could that, remotely, work?

Besides, wouldn't it take -years- to dispatch someone in that manner (if it worked at all!), and what about the logistics of the act itself? Radium is hot stuff, easily detectable!

I'd think when the victim turned his lights off to retire for the night and wife or family noted that Dad's mouth glowed in the dark?  Why... it might have meant something to someone!

Frankly, I found the whole episode too puzzling, too unlikely, and just plain dumb.

...Something about it just wasn't right, though,  and curiosity's fuse was lit.  I thought about it off and on all weekend, and I decided that when I returned to Enterprise after the vacation... I had to have more details in its regard.  It was just too bleedin' stupid to believe!

It's many years later, and I am saddened in the extreme regarding what I found out, almost from the beginning, that there is much, much more than meets the eye...  ...with regard to the John Ford Affair... like it is, I suppose, with pretty much anything else... well, like it is with pretty much everything else... but I digress again.

Right off the bat there were surprises...

Consider... someone *unsettled* enough to put radium in someone else's toothpaste... must have some kind of *history* of aberrant behavior, wouldn't you think?  I mean, a guy like this just doesn't spring fully formed from the head of Zeus!  There must be some kind of record or audit trail of deviancy... wouldn't that be fair?

But no—there is no such record!  In fact, the absolute and exact opposite is the case! John Ford was a model citizen, a court officer, and a holder of a college Master's degree.  He was good to his mother, and though he has yet to marry, he'd dated and gotten close a couple of times; he's a normal guy!

He was a registered Republican (which he can be forgiven for... I suppose), but he's active in local politics (the point?), and he's even known to weep at the suffering of small animals.  He'd regularly rescue stray dogs from the pound.  He volunteered selflessly during civic emergencies... 

The guy was a proverbial PILLAR!  Also proverbially, anyone who's known him has said that it is *impossible* that he could be involved in a conspiracy to murder anyone much less and especially someone as high profile as the intended victim, John Powell... the biggest wheel in the Suffolk County, New York political machine—the biggest such machine in the country!

...Think, for a moment, about the *influence* of a political machine such as the one just described... think what it could impose, ...and throughout a slew of conflicted government departments and hip-shooting private agencies!

...Let that sink in a moment!

John Ford was something else, too.  He was stubborn.  For cause?  He could get so far up your nose you could feel his boney knees on your septum, and he was prone to explore every inch of his constitutional *rights*—to every corner of the ethical envelope, too! 

He was a retired court officer and had observed how a litigious Suffolk county worked.  He wasn't a bone-head, he wasn't a dupe, and he wasn't a fool, but he—was—a *Boy Scout*, reader, and he thought the Constitution of the United States was a—living—document that actually—meant—something... silly John, eh?

John was an honorable man then, as now, I'm betting, but if you disrespected him or discounted him you'd quickly hear about it.  He knew how to make the system work... or so he thought!  That system would turn on him like Sigourney Weaver's *Alien*... and cocoon him in fact!

John Ford was something else, still.  He was EASY to discount.  He was EASY to marginalize.  He was easy to discredit!

Subsequent smirking writers of obvious and uninformed bias... would later portray him as a pathetic and ineffectual mook with failed political aspirations... a loser, a loser who lived with his Mom. 

Prone to be portly, he looked a little like Elmer Fudd and that distinctive appearance was unfortunately accessorized (it's been said) with the voice of Daffy Duck.  I've heard him speak... I don't hear that.  I hear focus, determination, and legitimate outrage at the whim of criminals.

The poor guy was roundly painted for the fringe is the point.  Hardwired for discredit wholly unearned.  Still, he had crust—he was tenacious, contentious, and certainly tendentious... he took no crap!

John Ford may have been one more thing.  He may have been crazy.  But if he was, good listener... he was benignly and efficaciously so!  Take craziness out of the equation!

Moreover... and note —this—!  He was interested in what the truth was; he was knowledgeable and talented with regard to *ferreting* that truth out, and he knew how to organize the troops to chase a bear through the freakin' buckwheat!  He was active in local government, remember; he understood about grassroots activism!

And... (and it's a big "and") it was not a preponderance of the persons around him, by any means, who thought he was remotely crazy... begin with!  Moreover, those less than intrepid and shallowly discerning persons thinking him a... pork-chop short of a mixed grill...?...assumed he must be crazy because he "believed in UFOs".  Hey!  FLAG DOWN!!!  So does Stanton Friedman!  So does Edgar Mitchell, and, very likely... so do YOU, reader!
The question's begged when the listener's turn comes!  I digress...

What was John Ford doing, really, when a couple of platoons of SWAT team showed up at his residence to arrest him for conspiracy to commit murder? Well, he was doing what he did best!

He was organizing the locals for a lawful exercise of their of their natural right to be INFORMED about what they are paying for (!!!)... and he was doing some expert detective-work to facilitate that end!  He was also, and note this... feverishly investigating John Powell and Powell's complicity... ...regarding the strange behavior of the police, firemen, Parks & Sanitation and other government officials of Suffolk county, New York!  ...Behavior peculiar in the extreme!

Ford was hot on the trails of the duplicitous and the criminal!

What was John Ford's root concern in all of this?

Well—John Ford, no dummy remember, was sure that Suffolk County officials, and the titular head of those officials, John Powell, were all hip-deep in a *conspiracy*... to cover up the crash of an alien space craft near Moriches Bay on September 28 in 1989...

Now—for any of you listeners out there smotherin' a giggle... remember that dozens of credible witness saw something highly strange transpire in and around the bay on that night, so those foundationless giggles (the listener might be muffling?)... can be retired with some shame!

Verily, and since 1982, the New York counties of Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Duchess and Westchester... were swamp-gassed with some 5,000 reports of large, boomerang-shaped... unidentified flying objects in the skies overhead... giggle if you still can... We'll wait and look down in embarrassment for you.


In a completely lawful manner, with a minimum of "actionable eccentricity", and with some intelligent intensity and single-minded passion, John Ford investigated John Powell.  Well within the law, and with some vigor, the little guy tried to get the gotcha *goods* on the big guy.  One can certainly begin to predict the eventual outcome of this David and Goliath story...

...Time warp...

When I was a child living in west Connecticut I used to hear my Dad tell his friends these stories, myths, and legends about the cess-pool of corruption that was Suffolk County, NY in the forties and fifties... Dad made it sound like Mordor!  Does the reader have any idea what the "quotient of corruption" is NOW... or in the 1989 to 1996 time-frame, specifically?  ...Do you think it got any better, friends and fellow motes?

Let me just cut to the curly short-hair chase, ladies and gentlemen!

John Powell was dirty as hell!

In 1999, and out of political favors apparently, he would be charged with—and plead no contest to—Racketeering, Grand Theft, ... Extortion even!  And that's just what they charged him on, folks can bet it was the tip of Powell's iceberg!  In the year 2000 he would be given the *minimum* sentence of twenty-three months in a *minimum* security country-club!  With good behavior, you know like not being caught raping a fellow inmate... he would be out in 18 months...

John Ford, on the other hand has not drawn a free breath or seen the light of day since 1996...

Is anyone else seeing the connected dots in this picture?  Let me help!

The truly intrepid John Ford was investigating a man, one John Powell, who could bear no investigation of any type!  John Ford likely scared the wild, blueberry HORSE-MUFFINS out of John Powell... and what kind of mamma' s-boy-loser can John Ford be... if he can make a BIG fish in a BIG pond like John Powell sweat the hook!

Is it a stretch to suppose that John Powell could have exercised a few tainted *muscles* of his vast political machine of graft and conspiracy... to... TORPEDO John Ford?  Given the senseless facts of the case, John Ford's history, education and references... does the listener think it *remotely* possible that this is so?

Oh, it's so... it's just another iteration of the same old story we become more and more accustomed to in increasingly terrorized and tyrannical world...  Goliath, friends and fellow motes, only loses in the Bible!
...And forget all about John Ford's assertions with regard to UFOs, which may or may not be dead on the money.  If wrong in FACT, he is most assuredly abundantly correct in SPIRIT!

Yes, John Ford's even justified ufological assertions may have been all wet!  They REMAIN; however, beside the point ...only significant in that Ford's "belief" in them proved the case of his... trumped UP... "instability"... So he could be more handily cocooned and effectively silenced later on!

What's IMPORTANT remains to be that Ford was busily investigating a man, a criminal man with long ties to organized crime... ...and so a man who could bear no such investigation!

John ford is innocent, and he rots in prison today for the convenience of an ongoing conspiracy and a criminal elite!  Plain and simple!

Truly, Suffolk County owes John Ford more than they could ever pay.  They owe him his pension, a home, his savings, his modest gun collection, all his memorabilia, all his lawyers fees, and year after year after year of hard, hard time... Time made all the more intolerable... in as much as he is very likely a complete innocent... for ALL of that time!

Ford's very suspect initial attorney, one John Rouse (deceased), had given every indication that the case against Ford is specious at best... and wholly contrived at worst!  The "witnesses" were as suspect ...perhaps planted, or sold Ford out for reduced sentences committed in other crimes—I mean nobody knows went on in the belly of the machine; the clinical evaluation determining that he was *insane* was almost certainly flawed, canted, or ignorantly uninformed, and the "B" movie circumstances surrounding Ford's ongoing torment... are too suspicious to be minimally credible... and are without DOUBT scurrilously fabricated!  Even guilty of the accused crime he would have been out a decade ago.

John Ford deserves a re-look, a change of venue, or a hearing of some type to try to get some real justice done.  The loss of Ford's freedom for the convenience of a craven convicted criminal is the symbolic loss of all our freedoms, a repudiation of everything that America is supposed to be, and a crime in its own right.
John Ford's civil rights and right to personal liberty have been violated in the most fundamental sense, folks, and we VALIDATE the arbitrary rule of *privileged* autocrats... to let John Ford's ongoing treatment continue...

This cannot be allowed to stand!  Restore John Ford to his previous life, Suffolk County, now and with all deliberate speed!