Monday, July 28, 2008

Kindred Souls

Folks who think they'd want to "know" will sift the net for that which "glows." Too, they might take a chance to find my "AlienViews" the glowing kind. Individuals of this breed, who want what's righteous, out of need, are no longer satisfied with "mainstreams" wrapped in pretty lies — which front for ardent psychopaths manipulating, if detached!

In THESE I find the kindred soul who watches for that glow... I'd know.

Earnest persons would disburse the thoughts they have — BE unrehearsed! By that I mean it's ringing truer from these brave new AlienViewers. Individuals are adored when they point out a lie deplored. Me, the guy at AlienViews, won't judge, pronounce, or pick and choose, but I'd observe in earnest musings that which seems the least abusive.

Taken at their word one finds the perspicacious... searching mind.

These? They are the autonomous: to live within their means, I trust. Self-sufficient these inspire AUTONOMY! They start their fire! They would BE the self-sufficient! Finding culture inefficient, these would make the time they need to ask the questions, begged, we seek! Very glad I see them growing; friends, who must feel better knowing.

They'd return to nature clearer knowing nature is their mirror.

People share with me their heart and demonstrate they'd take their part in all that we would try to do... to dig out all the hidden truth. Numbers growing (day by day) would indicate a better way to make connections we contend are not inventions we pretend! We don't lose, we only gain; we'd sing out, loud, in mad refrain...

...As what now passes for the *TRUTH* is truth suborned — contrived abuse.

It's true that we accelerate... to un-guessed speeds, we reach our fate... as "stars" still crawl across the sky on secret missions YOU can spy. *Stuff* is up there no mistake; that *stuff* portends some higher stakes. This has the "white-breads" all confused regarding what they THOUGHT they knew! But we would slip beyond their edges; use our minds to crash their hedges...

...Make them pay for sins committed, if passed politeness we've permitted!

What we'll do is look at things with honesty that smarts and stings, but try to take a clearer view of what is "real," the facts — the truth! Not what WE pretend it is, pronounce upon it — SAY it is, but that vision which is seen... when one goes where the data leads! We can do it. We have power. We don't need to hide and cower. We are what we'd will to be! Be honest with ourselves, of needs!

We ARE looking, we're sincere; we won't give in to threats and fear!

...A point of view that's perspicacious, inclusive so a bit audacious, the AlienViews are what we find collected in this forum's mind. With SO much more that meets the eye than what a hijacked mainstream hides, I share with you who took the time to hear me out, to wade the rhyme... ...a FACT that, TO you, must occur if you've been just a BIT alert:

That we can share our thoughts (with grace) and build a grassroots POWER BASE that's SO much bigger than the crowd who hems you in! I hope to shout!

That's a fact. Cooperation is the power that WOULD corrupt, but that it is "cooperating" and so not a natural facilitator of corruption. Not wired that way to begin with, cooperation maximizes lasting individual gain as it encourages the diversity found within it.

That's the secret, actually. Diversity in all things allows unhindered EV-olution to preclude that invariably painful REV-olution. "All things in moderation," includes moderation, it would appear.

Cooperating for what? Full Disclosure, competent oversight of institutions, minimization of closed institutions, a valid mainstream actually reflective of an aggregate society, brave science that goes where the data leads, tempered justice that is efficaciously blind and not available only to the man with the biggest checkbook, earnest leadership working for the people, the greatest good for the greatest number, real doctors who don't do harm and follow their oaths, clean water, clean air, wholesome food, a good roof, and the final death of religious fundamentalism's egregious population excesses! Every one of the preceding is inextricably tied to UFOs... surprised?

Don't be. Things were always bigger than we knew. What you've known is not all there is, not by a long shot.

Thing is? You could be a lot bigger than you knew, too.

Read your Bible. Read your Koran. Read any *religious* text over a thousand years old. It's all there slapping the reader in the face... bludgeoning actually, and that must explain the otherwise inexplicable obliviousness to it. We are not alone...

We are not alone...!

Thank the stars and little sputniks!

I'd almost rather be cocooned by Sigourney Weaver's aliens and host an acid dripping face-hugger than think I was ALONE in the same universe with Bill Clinton, Pat Robertson, or George W. Bush acid dripping face-huggers in their own right. I insist on having a power higher than any of those three in evidence or I'm going to be one hell of a whole lot meaner than I am now, in my own right!

That there is something in heaven and Earth beyond the controlled pale of the preceding three (and thousands like them) is crucial to a firm grip on personal sanity and rationality. With just a little open-minded consideration the reader might think so too. Sincerely! Read on!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Had A Dream

Woob doots and _fab_ didly (pronounced "did-ly" with accent on the first sill-la'-ble), but what a dream!

Stanton Friedman, Robert Hastings, and Richard Dolan participate, one night, in a ufological equilateral Venn diagram of such profound symmetry and prime factual overlap that they are compelled to take it on the road!

In the tradition of the Tri-dialogue -or Trialogue- of 21st Century thinkers McKenna, Abraham, and Sheldrake, but minus the entheogens (I think!), Hastings, Friedman, and Dolan produce a dazzling multimedia program of such artful economy and poignant explication that the observer is able to think more holistically about everything after experiencing it!
Together, in some strangely new and felicitous synergy, Dolan, Hastings, and Friedman usher a transition from the reptile group brain currently employed by humanity into the mammalian brain we now only enjoy individually.

Overjoyed, a plethora of races descend from the sky and together we celebrate the end of Human history and the beginning of our Galactic one. I wake smelling coffee.

Wasn't that sweet?

Hey! There's no _limit_ to the progress that can be made if it doesn't matter who gets the credit, eh?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Percenters

You understand the problem set; it's that I'd soar and cleave. I'd blow a righteous whistle on the kinds of *faith* one thinks one needs, so I just won't consider, then, respect for lies and cheats who are scarring knees of innocence to facilitate their, obscene, conceit.

I'd rather spread my arms and leap... then scourge the Earth these errant creeps! Too, I find that if I seek clear air (?) must come rewards for those who dare!

Though, check these "Two Percenters" who dismiss, quite out of hand, the remainder of that *hundred* that they shall not understand. Yeah — they've got to keep their hand in... but the "corporate" drives their fray, detracting from the science they would say will save our very day.

See? It can only use that *science* the *mainstream* makes *correct*, so it's science that is suspect! That deserves but disrespect! The *science* that TeePees worship, then, won't give them time of day. It shall not give them credit in any manner, shape, or way!

You want my introspection? The end of them is past! Their moldy walls are crumbling on the shores where they are, finally, cast! These "two percenters" fail to see —so have a false perception— that they ALONE do all the science! The mainstream's ALL rejection!

"Two percenters"? They're like "skinheads" in a "redneck" sort of way. They're revolted by diversity, so they're inbred, more's to say. They're proud authoritarians; they're quick to disagree; they're rigid and unyielding; they think they're off their, callused, knees.

Too, they would disallow ideas that detract from their intentions... to define their small realities and disguise confused pretensions!

Now, they've not MOVED one bleeding INCH in sixty some-odd years! Too, they're the freaking "good guys" which is why it's all so queer.

The "field's" still an oddball, now, for all the books they write! Though, they whine and moan and grumble to pretend they're in the, righteous, fight! Still, sacrificing science to a hostile mainstream press, they lap-dog for elitists I despise... but I digress…

"Two Percenters" are parochial; they're the mud that sticks to shoes. They're impeding our progression from the worn out — too well used. They cannot stand to have someone... taunt challenges at *faith* that is shopworn, and convenient, but untested and BEYOND disgrace!

They'd pretend the center seat, the crown of our creation! As a self-fulfilling fantasy; they're a dead-end to progression.

...And these are still the good guys (!) who would look beyond the pale; they're not the canted CSICOPs — a cult that soon shall, hugely, fail! They're not the skeptibunkers, or the dim-bulbed thugs of Klass. They're the straight-up brave researchers who should kick enigma's, flaccid, ass! Still, damn, they're "Two Percenters", and they're petty and they're mean! They're self-confined inside their box; it's them who live a specious dream.

They piss and moan amongst themselves and flagellate their case. Some *ambush* and *assassinate* and so earn their own disgrace.

Some engage in whispers or campaigns of other sorts, and I can find no honor in their manner or defuse reports. It's like they want to own some *thing* when it's not that *thing* at all. You're foolish if you do so, if you do you've dropped the ball.

They would find the gains they seek are barren and outdated, criminal, nefarious, revolting — roundly hated.

...And these are still the "good guys," the guys who watch the skies, the fellows on the UpDates List we find we can't despise. We see them on the telly, we hear them on the net, but they're just "water treading," that's an odds on sucker’s, easy, bet.

They're tiresome and tedious and shall not "soar and cleave" when that's the thing that's ailing them and what they sorely need.

I would expose the "Two Percenter." This is an individual who arrogantly passes himself off as the soul of "rational" ufology while studiously ignoring 98% of a conjectured reality. This is pride yet to fall.

Too, this is the lot pandering to a science that does not respect them! This is the lot endlessly rehashing data that a corrupt mainstream will not begin to acknowledge, and who then prosecutes an exclusionary ufological closed-mindedness even more tragic than the garden variety skeptibunky or fervent CSICOPian, reader, because the "Two Percenter" THEN plays right into the CSICOPian’s clammy hands. The "Two Percenter," ironically, remains one of the *good* guys.

This is progress?

Sixty years ago we teetered on a lip of social and cultural rebirth! We anticipated intellectual transition. We stood on the precipice of all advancement. Many fine people of education, intelligence, and character gave every rational indication that the strange aerial activity continuing to this day was the obvious work of an advanced tool using intelligence... not of our Earth. They still do...

And what incredible tools, reader...

...More in a forthcoming UFO Magazine...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fringe Forthcoming

There is such duplicity in all that I survey or see, as I review this thing we're in that charms and beckons, called: the "fringe." Yet, all must sense how close they are as they consider moving stars.

These traipse the sky while you are watching. They portend a change forthcoming!

It's alluring, this attraction; it teases, hinting satisfaction. Yes, that ones drawn interest on this 'edge' is that which shall be... new and fresh!

See? It's that which keeps researchers going —pressing forward— loathing slowing! Too, on the track of fresher game than what's allowed by those we "name."

These at best? Reflexive skeptics! Something less than, say, reflective! At worst they are an evil scourge and certify a coward's nerve!

Though, most would be the first to share the new "stone tablets" promised there... where "beings" at last would come from space — though, not our ilk, and not our race!

Who would chose to not be named, remembered long, revered in fame — to make "first" contact with a being from somewhere else... a fame not fleeting!

More than diamonds or mere gold (but translates neatly, I've been told) FAME is what's desired, friend, but draws the worst from shallow men. It will make some lie and steal or cheat their fellows from what's real, or cripple them in other ways to load their dice but lose their way.

The best, at best, must lose conviction, or covet data in restriction. The worst will take the CSICOP's stand: proclaim denial out of hand! Consequently people see, between their houses —over trees— that which comes to some at night! Too, these cause the terror, panic — fright, but only as they've not been told what we have known since times of old!

These, one finds, would work AGAINST — repair disclosure's crumbling fence! They hoard the data or deny it... and what 'remains' is then derided! The mainstream works against disclosure, but gives the "loony" his exposure, along with 'experts' who then shill the standard skeptibunky's swill.

There's a "syndrome" I've discovered, an incubated CSICOP cover. It promotes what people see as "misinformed insanity"! Folks are "crazy," "misdirected," or "bilked" by cheats and thieves "detected"!

These cads deny vast "space" and "time," the "odds", "reports" —and all my rhyme— to seal themselves within that bottle proposed by errant Aristotle!

There is such duplicity that we allow like some disease to limit courage and resolve and from which... we'd be absolved! Some will use this as they please to keep a 'rival' on her knees; some will use it as a ploy to 'own' the data they'd destroy. All will suffer for these few who profit to betray the truth...

Yeah — all sides err, it's plain as day, and trust is hard and most refrain, but play into the hands of those... who ape that king without his clothes!

Though, if we wanted stark RESULTS, it's Daniel Sheehan we'd consult! He would slice the snarled knot of paranormal "what you got" as he has proved against all odds it's folks like him should get our nod!

Too, that's just why he's been ignored, and corner-shot, with Greer deplored because in court he stalks the beast so soundly beaten, say the least! Why, he convicted Ollie North and Silkwood's murder in due course. He produced at Wounded Knee a splendid native victory. He defended "Dr. Mack" and made abduction more a fact, and he would do no less for 'us'! He would succeed, or try, I trust!

See, this is where we hugely err because dismissed are those who dare! Anyone who'd walk high noon is shown the door, dismissed as loons, and kept below the "radar" used to see our way passed its abuse. Assigned a "margin" they don't earn, it is from these that we would learn!

The "Mothman Futility Syndrome" behavior is the contrived —so near inevitable— defeat, ruin, and despair behavior visited upon that individual who fails to get to the bottom of (or provide "adequate" explanation for) a paranormal experience manifesting itself to him or her... and which that person cannot ignore.

It is NOT self-caused. It is a cruel imposition by shiftless cowards with no respect for you, reader. Here's how.

Everyone has heard tales about someone who went over the edge or "off the deep end" chasing UFO's, Bigfoot, or Loch Ness Monster affairs. Some of these persons lose jobs, loved ones, self-respect, and even their lives regarding these outré mainstream-derided incidents —proclaimed as lack-witted paranormal snipe-hunting excursions— so, allegedly, persons destroyed of their own accord. Remember, I said not self-caused.

Though, it would appear that these persons drive themselves "crazy" trying to "know the unknowable," or, in other words, chasing "obvious" folly. In the words of one man: making the choice between "not finding out" about "something" and... "living a normal life."

Just those two fallacious choices of "either/or" again, but that is what CSI would have one believe, at any rate. The villain in this piece, reader, is not that hard to see.

...More forthcoming in UFO Magazine.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pretending Pawls

I prefer the "Real Deal" perceived between the stars... to live that new reality... proposed above the present bar, and though perhaps contentious or too quick upon offensive? I am doing what I'm doing to confront what's been pretended.

See? What are they pretending but the lie that we're "alone," that there is not clear evidence, well writ in ink and ancient stone, that there is much beneath the shroud our culture would impose! Ironic, it's an 'Emperor' bereft of any clothes!

What are they pretending with our mainstream in its yoke, contrived for corporate interests, so a lapdog — an embarrassed joke; denying what real people are reporting without fail, though they suffer for their trouble: slings and arrows — even jail!

What are they pretending? Robber Barons run amuck! They perform manipulations to ensure them means to keep "good luck." Business has a power that is near to absolute, and corrupted absolutely is that power — that's the truth!

What are they pretending as the Earth begins to warm, or consider dying oceans just the start of what we'd blithely harm? We could take the steps right now to "cleanly" move to space, but psychopaths destroy us all in self-absorbed disgrace!

What are they pretending as our children starve to death, and those who live are crippled by the hatred breathing down their necks? Too true, we make our enemies... more often than is not, but what would come from greed we show to those who "haven't got"!

What are they pretending with egregious tyrannies discounting individuals surviving callused —beat-up— knees? Invention's disrespected when disturbing status quos... which must have their way regardless, or become ones greatest foe!

What are they pretending as they practice a denial that's an insult to intelligence held against us at some future "trial"? Humanity is judged, or not, by who, it's said, is there; not God or all his angels but an ET! I despair!

What are they pretending while ignoring, in the sky, the lights that move so weirdly as they weave or bob — but clearly fly? We've enough reports from folks who claim they interact... with an alternate intelligence... abducting them in fact?

What are they pretending as they hide and cover tracks, or make up "pretty" histories our kids reject, in fact! What use?! A lie's a lie but smells as sweet, so transfers none too well... contributing to an ignorance that sends us ALL to hell.

So they should stop pretending that they validate "best practice" in ways that only signify, at best, "convenient" practice. There is much, too much, at stake, much more than we now know, and shall we find the denouement to reap what we would sow?

We're best served the real deal without the mad pretence, a truth in our reality, sincere forthcoming-ness! A place where stealthy psychopaths are checked by 'rule of law' and where there is fidelity, say, beyond the CSICOP's pawl!

Klasskurtxian pawls, what should be mechanical locks to preclude a reverse operation, operate in reverse, of course.

Theirs is the catch in our cultural wheel that should, by their definition, otherwise ratchet only 'forward', eh? Too, facilitating their backsliding slip to a previous position, Klasskurtxians must at last begin to perceive that its eventual recognition and righteous identification as a hindrance to aggregate advancement is assured: at last see themselves as an organization so toxic to creatively efficacious intelligence —and even a general quality of life— that it buggers credulity!

Again, klasskurtxians operate a reverse ratchet in a facilitated slide to a previously held position. They lurk there awaiting another opportunity for a regressive slip, but take heart. Klasskurtxian days are numbered, even if it's still, very unfortunately, likely a big number. The reader can take heart in that.

Like a Rush Limbaugh of the counter-paranormal, a Klasskurtxian ignores the facts, creatively spins the evidence, and discounts the proof embraced by opposing institutions, divergent individuals, or ideas contrary to its own... then astonishingly accuses others of those behaviors practiced! Too, the Klasskurtxian lacks the consistency it would otherwise demand in others and prosecutes its very canted and self-serving agenda in a decidedly convenient one sided manner complimenting only itself. It's not science unless they say it is, these abject and self-appointed arbiters of their own convenience.

By way of example, klasskurtxians embrace intellectual, "think cloak" fallacies like that old turnip about "extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence," for instance. Remember the preceding is only a clever dodge to ensure a Klasskurtxian controlled level of evidence which is constantly raising its own evidentiary bar!

Too, it employs "Occam's razor," (an applied if errantly utilized rubric providing cant to the simplest possible explanation as the correct one) which is used to justify 'BALLOONS' taken for hovering objects... not shot down in a hail of antiaircraft fire over Los Angeles in 1942, and 'VENUS' for a huge triangular craft witnessed by hundreds (and five counties of police officers) over south Illinois in 1991...

Give me a Freaking break!

If the reader has the slightest doubt regarding the preceding they only have to take an enjoyably informative gander at Jerry Cohen's very excellent and reasonably welded website at and compare it with the all-proclamation-and-churlish-pronouncements whiningly pontificated at the CSI site (CSICOPia abandoned!) STILL found at

Cohen deconstructs a Klasskurtxian CSI at every turn, rationally negates many of CSIs ufological presumptions (blighting the rest), and invalidates, magnificently —with some humor and a dash of appropriate sarcasm— the presumed charter and mandate of CSI's core organization. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself. The dragon, if not dead, lies dying with Cohen's lance in its scaly chest!

Mr. Cohen, a hero unsung, is old guard —been around and diligently if quietly researching for years— but he is descriptive of a new breed of ufologist using the opposition's own arguments as evidence of that opposition's fallaciousness. Mr. Cohen refreshingly goes, unlike CSI, where the data leads. Rare bird, THAT!

Too, Cohen very clearly provides citation along with his rationally progressive thinking in a hyper-textual manner balancing both sides of the contentious argument magnificently — the complete antithesis of a pretending CSI! Finally, he makes it transparently obvious that our cultural deck is sullenly stacked by an officious faux-mainstream devoid of the same veracity that it demands of its hapless adherents and makes it measurably clear, additionally, that not only are we not in "Kansas" anymore, good reader, maybe we were never in "Kansas," at all!

Read on.