Sunday, March 27, 2011

...The Man: Reluctant...


The man will be reluctant. It's been his way so long; he's the owner of the black robed court, and he writes the *newsman's* song.

The man will be reluctant ... forthcoming-ness bereft. He's kept strange info close at hand and teases you with it. And this is surely negative, it makes us merely tools ... disrespected "Gammas," drones, or sad reactive fools.

The man will be reluctant. He'll surely hide from you ... at the bottom of his silo, where he keeps his *craft* from view. Where he tinkers with the destiny which he dribbles out to us, while we wage-slave for epiphany, and then die as dry as dust.

The man will be reluctant. He may let you shine his shoes, but ask, for cause, to see his *books*, to be the one outside—you choose!

Though, it's everyone's the loser when you play the game like that! He'd have you stretch your wages; pay his taxes; make more brats! He'd shove your nose to grind stones so there's tooth-dust in your eyes; he'd distract you from the questions asked by lights which fill your skies!

He would slather *logic* sweetly to those spots gone slick with loss... that the dirge for which you're paying is the song of honest cost. But nothing could be further from that fraud proposed as truth! The misery you're wailing is provoked by their abuse!

The man will be reluctant, so he keeps at beck and call? All the chosen of the multitudes he has kept, compelled ... enthralled. His religious arm of culture has convinced us that it's wrong to elevate humanity, and play a human's song.

Rather, campaigns for birthing babies are the order of the day! "The more of these you have... Christ, ...the more it profits... ...ME! So PRAY"!

"Keep on having all those children—make no move to *stem* that tide, so we can better choose our *best*, and keep the rest deprived. Keep them scuffling for position. Keep them always wanting MORE! Keep them bothered—in confusion, under stress outside our doors"!

"Let them look at what we tell them. Let them suffer for our *sins*. Let them eat from what we feed them, and forget what fate portends."

The man will be reluctant, as he hoards his ill got gain. He'll short you on the front end, and then make you feel his shame. He ridicules the UFO's which clutter honest skies, as they propose an end to his convenience, ease, and lies!

It matters not your terror, friend, your confusion is his tool. Why, he takes you for his property, his chattel...slack-jawed fool! Though it's you who heats his water, and you build his dwelling place; he keeps the truth apart from you, so he spits right in your face.

That's why the man's reluctant ... 'cause he knows you'd be pissed off! Autonomy was yours, you see?  Though, you'd been double-crossed! You labor for his slogans, and you tithe his guilt! Confess!  ...Continuing the same mistakes that got us in this mess!

  • The mistake?
  • Your unwavering, ignorant, and stubbornly obtuse intolerance. Intolerance, in the face of all other evidence! Intolerance without a second look. Intolerance though the non-tolerated be the better design. Intolerance, often at its most vicious and uncompromising, when it doesn't.  Even.   MATTER!

  • Innocent persons need to die so it can be hashed out by pompous elites whether we "cross left" or "cross right"? Innocent persons need to be terrorized and provoked because you want to treat a woman like a BITCH? Innocent persons need to chumped and disrespected... taken advantage of... because you need to impose your intolerance... ...on your betters? 

  • I don't split hairs or dive to the absurd. You know what I mean as you know who you are—all you lip-flapping if pompously mooing and authoritarian hypocrites who "know better" just shut the fuck up!  You are the ironic cause of all you whinily decry.

  • When I look at the fracturing consequences of the global orgy of nationalism, in any stripe or flavor, I wonder how bad a liberal, one world, and elected government could be? Would "invasions from the stars" or from "between dimensions" be as bleak as the one we seem hell bent... imposing on ourselves and one another?

  • ...And for the microscopic FEW, reader! The microscopic, myopic, and mendacious FEW! Them with the least to lose, the most protections, and the best assurances. Consider reader. 97% of the planet lives a hell on Earth, already! The remaining 3%? Just sick at heart. It's persons like Dick Cheney dancing satisfaction's jig. The vast minority.

  • We've got to think larger, wider, and more differently than we've been thinking! In ANY case—larger, and more inclusively? The alternative seems to be someone sailing *the bomb* of discontented rage into some unsuspicious harbor for that—effect of "maximum inconvenience," and of course, to celebrate a prophesy that can only be self-fulfilled! I digress.

  • Rome WAS Rome after all, for awhile, because it, early on, offered complete inclusion, *citizenship* to those who it ...encouraged (one way of putting it?) ... to its banner? Rome was the United States, of its time, for that reason. It was, after a fashion, given the period (harsh, brutish, bloody, and short)... ...inclusive. Only later, when it lost that good sense, succumbed to a string of ego conflicted barracks Caesars (sullenly clutching the lawless arbitrary), did it begin to fail in earnest.

  • ...The first thing to do in my new utopian cooperation, pause to guffaw, is share information regarding this (searching for a loaded expression or string of ready expletives) ubiquitous UFO *situation*.

  • I appreciate that it is largely nonsense (Sturgeon pointed out 90% of EVERY-thing is crap)... ...a game of graft and corruption played by specious sociopathic scientistic (sic) charlatans living, like any parasite, on the web that is facilitated for them; but only largely, reader, only largely...

  • The UFOs remain. Some of *it* is very real. It BEGS single-minded, even obsessive investigation. Moreover, an avoidance of "the issue" is a little like cluelessly turning your back on the movie monster, when, of course, you're in the freaking movie!

  • Lights, action — camera, boys and girls ... you're ON, in 3 — 2 — 1 — ... [*]!

  • That being said? Go forth and don't multiply.  Sire once or not at all and be able to give the world back to our children.

  • Restore John Ford.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

...Enduring Still...

John Velez' "...See That"?

Alone in listening silence once, in the dark, dark deep of space (I'm speaking metaphorically; this is no report or trace), I saw a tiny point of light a little brighter than before so I pushed the button to it, and I walked right in the door.

It was the Jeff Rense program, and my software let me in. I float in streaming audio as the story, then, begins...

I'd never heard Velez before, and though he didn't speak for me? His message made the plainest sense we all might try to see. He came across so affable, when he *should* be quite insane? If half the things he said occurred ... I'd be, as such... *constrained*.

I have it on authority. I'm not just flying blind. I've interviewed some principals; this man is quite refined. Integrity's impeccable, he's loved by whom he's close. And he'd not choose the circumstance but beats the drum that chose...

How he holds it all together in a manner so reserved, when fate has dealt such dreadful cards ... how is he undeterred? How does he keep his lip so stiff? How does he stay his fray? How does he hold the threads so well what must shatter and degrade?

He's calming, more than lucid, yet he gestures towards the "dark"! He'd have us throw some light that way! He'd ask some questions, stark!

His questions are *unpopular*: At the whim of unguessed forces... ...we're as bugs beneath the slashing hoofs of herds of cosmic horses! We shall not see them coming, and the terror he alludes we could, sure, be more prepared for, but our cowardice intrudes?

Distracted by our cars, and stuff, we wallow in the mire of that which makes us senseless, throwing water on our fire? Dejected by the mainstream, and displaced by *honored science*, we're sold a bill of harmful goods we give our vain reliance? Dr. Jacobs claims "it's very bad"; Mr. Hopkins says "intruder," but John Velez, like Mack I think, is more their "disabuser"!

"It happens, friends and neighbors," twixt the lines, I heard him say, "Keep our heads in this insanity? We will live to save the day! Keep on laughing, and collecting, and cooperate together ... don't succumb to "knee jerks," questioned answers will be better."

He spoke with rare consuming grace, a brightness not denied ... even Rense got warm and fuzzy, and the program was sublime. I know some folk who listened twice, and tried to find the *bull-shit* ... looked for cult of personality, and other stuff that wouldn't fit ... looked for fallacy in thinking, looked for logic unrefined ... but John Velez would come up clean; his truth seemed uncontrived.

I wish he lived next door to me. I'd feel, somehow, safer! I think that I could like him, I think he'd make me braver. I could check with his commitment, I'd compare my notes with his. And we'd both be better for it ... a little closer to what "is."

  • John Velez has more good neighbor potential than James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, or Glenn Beck —combined, which does not seem such a hard sell on its face until the irony is considered! How is it that three mainstream stalwarts of cultural pulchritude are so handily trumped by an aging hippie, fusion percussionist, artist, and former addict? But trump is obvious, reader. Verily. John towers above these three, for my money.

  • ...It remains, though, that he's gonna have to come down here to live! Somebody stole my camera (a half frame Olympus Pen F) on a visit to his city in 1973, and STILL it pays! I want my camera, bag, and lenses back, New York!

  • Long ago on SDI (07-08-06), John Velez—uncomplicated acceptor of sincere hugs from complete strangers—was sadly underrepresented and sorely missed in a ufological free-form fray that was the 400th iteration of that, damn-it, cutting edge program... penetrating program, finally, efficaciously enduring program, forgetting of course "missed" program...

  • John was compelled, instead, to practice the timeless art of that almost mystical entity know as a New York City Cab Driver. Otherwise his appearance on the program would have been a rare treat.

  • ...Think of the cab-driving "ghost of Christmas past" in Bill Murray's "Scrooged." Pretty damned magical, and what a driver. Tran-spatial ... Inter-temporal ... Multi-Dimensional. A cool ride by any name and at any speed!

  • See... ...John was ufological before ufological was *cool*... ...before the ufology became a focal point, not for impassioned net-loons, public whack-oids, and sincere crystal-squeezers rushing in to fill the knowledge void facilitated by a corrupt and duplicitous main-stream society... ...but the gassy avians, scurrilous skeptibunkies, and conflicted klasskurtxians institutionalized by that same society to undercut and marginalize UFOs and the inquiry into them.

  • John is/was a worthy combatant in the aforementioned struggle.

  • Moreover, John Velez is one of those persons who at great personal cost, as has always been the way of it, helped to ensure, along with significant others, that a ufology, against all odds and despite *learned* dismissals, *furious* derisions, and *reflex* denials... fatuous "Shock Jocks"... ...endures still.

  • That's right. Endures still. Thank you, Mr. Velez, for helping to facilitate this... ...concrescence of eventual disclosure looming before us all unrecognized... ...however it manifests itself in the very near term.

  • Thank you John.

  • Thank you John.

  • Thank you John!