Sunday, May 26, 2013

...A Well Flogged Common Sense...

Looking at the sky I see... 
a living map of history
Sky-borne objects, seen, go passed—
Yahway's TIVO, at the last. 
Nothing IS as it appears; 
all we "knew" is now most queer!
See, what we see is not what is.
The sky's a liar; that's the biz...* 
So, suspect motives cloud that air, 
and we can't see what's flying where
Saucers hidden by stuffed shirts, 
or those who cause our greatest hurt... 
as people stagger scared and scarred 
to suit the ones who profit, pard!
...Though, you and me, we're in cahoots; 
we sift the murk to gain some truth
and we will read what gets no press, 
is ridiculed—is self-expressed.
We're asking questions. We annoy
We should drive mad who would destroy... 
the freedoms that we ought to have—
such freedoms as, contrived, THEY'D had! 
Thoughts beyond the pale of science, 
thoughts with depth (and self-reliance)—
for thoughts as these may point the way 
for humbled science used new ways! 
Yes! Leaping up from callused knee 
to grasp a new autonomy!
...What is lost or cast away 
when one denies what one should say? 
Things not said and kept from view? 
These disrespect, first me, then you!
See, we're it I who dodged fair questions, 
innuendo or projection... 
that I'm guilty, without face ... 
plodding, facile—in disgrace? 
Were it I the psychopath
a hurtful, sneering—smirking cad, ... 
not conceding valid points, 
and misdirecting those enjoined?
I'd be "tarred and feathered," "rail run," 
"jail driven," "tasered"—"gunned"!
Still, I despair this might be me; 
all are suspect... conclusively
I know it's, then, my every word 
could wheel and strike me in my turn!
...I hope you're right (you hope I'm wrong) 
that we CAN wear our heaven's crown ... 
that we, in fact, DO crown creation, 
and are NOT it's infestation...
Though, we aren't looking for the truth. 
We're distracted and misled—confused
And not because we'd choose it so, 
...but more because that's "fixed," you know?
I know our "knowing" has a price
that some of us must pay our lives; 
—cruel of course, without recourse; 
lies revealed within the discourse—
freed as we begin to know
The current "swine"? Them?
The first to go!
As a means to their own ends? 
That luxury is ended, friend! 
Saucers fill our timeless skies 
and we rise up to meet those "eyes"!
...Perhaps to make our own sweet deals, 
and lead ourselves, yes (!), never kneel. 
Not to God, or churlish Devil's 
institutions, hammers, shovels
not to men we don't elect, 
or lawyers, doctors ... ET, yet! 
Not to preachers, cops, or pushers
pimps nor pros, or psychic butchers
Released from bondage; free at last; 
free to think... and that's a gas!
It's not a "New Age sentiment" that clouds my point of view! "New Ages"? No! It's sense, at lastbetrayed by precious few!
See, people sense hypocrisy in the "system" gone before! They look for other "passageways"—for other "paths" and "doors"! They look for new alternatives in the paradigms produced... then work out—sane and logically—just where they've been abused. People find that culture touts a politics of hatred and try to find new centers.  They sense it's getting "later..."
It is, frankly, eighty people in a hundred DO believe... that these hurdles to our questions are up skepti-bunky sleeves—employed, perforce, to mollify or put our "fires" out ...but, to "muddy up the water," hell, for ALL we care about!  To mask their real agenda and contrive their profit's lie... to cover up, obscenely, "saucers"... flying in our skies!
Consider your klasskurtxian with saucers up his sleeve. He writes dismissive missives to express he's on his knees. That he takes the time—at all!—speaks volumes for your case... that anomaly is happening, real, and right up in your face!
He argues his obtuseness with a practiced tongue in cheek which is all convention's "wisdom," so it's hard to NOT believe! It's hard to buck attractive words so soaked in early relevance. Though, tradition can be sans that which might justify that relevance!  See... A mix of what is "plausible." A dash of "on the fence." A smidgen of what's "natural," and that well-flogged "common sense."  This obfuscates the real deal, exacerbates desire, propounds the revolution and becomes a funeral pyre!
Though, all around this "sideshow" are these leaping / pulsing lights, and words that shriek with history from the folks you trust at night!
The truth is not forthcoming for the reasons we have named. Conspiracy's alive and well in shadows well maintained, but we are, frankly, tired of them pissing on our leg, then condoling that it's raining—these trifle powder-kegs!
...It's said that they're "protecting us" from the strangeness we "perceive"—that we should "let that dog just sleep," and lie un-bothered ... NOT believe. ...But I believe it's JUST that stuff that we should care about... believing we can profit from what we, then, might.  Find.  Out!
I suspect the efficacious... regarding wages if we're brave. I think we're better off that way; it's "their way" is depraved. Presently are "easy" roads, just peachy for those few; see, it's most would be left hanging with the *bill* when it comes... due.
Still, I suspect alternatives... salvation if we're brave... if we refuse to compromise with those who'd make us slaves.  Those using fear against us.  Those spreading all the hate.  Those lying to our faces and disrupting angry fate!

A lesson of history. ...Don't think so? Heh.

We'd better raise ours eyes and see saucers soon, bunky, if we have to PUT them there ourselves!

Restore John Ford!

*Limited by a still slow speed of light... ...One would not know the Sun had entirely disappeared—blinked wholly out of existence—for eight full minutes!  This, if they were standing midday on a baked dune in the Sahara!  The sky would lie a Sun still shining for that 480 seconds. Greater distance allows the longer lie.