Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quinn's MJ-12


Of Walking Ironies
by Alfred Lehmberg

A decade ago, back when The History Channel still had a shred of informational relevance, documentary filmmaker Kathleen Quinn provided a singular effort regarding the "MJ-12" affair... don't groan.  I'd only have to cut you further and deeper.

Reasonable logic given UFOs as an existential reality plainly provides for a select group of top persons representing Corporate Concerns and (what was then a more separate entity) Government Interests in their studying regard, cut and print. Quinn's is a remarkable program.

"Conspiracy"-Majestic Twelve: The UFO Cover-up...

Sincerely, this writer detected an even-handedness and balance rarely seen on television about ufological issues.  The performance of the characters in this outre morality play decide the issue conclusively.  Logic, a performance record, the historical audit trail and a fighting platoon of other categories iterated in the preceding confirms the issue for a reasonable person without regard to an obvious cant the reader finds in the remainder of this essay.  This writer is not ashamed.

Consider, waddling and quacking does not always mean "duck" even if that's the first place one's expected to look. There's a host of web-footed waterfowl from swans to Call ducks and a plethora of duck-like vocalizations can issue from them.  See, Occam—even if grudgingly—allowed that it might be necessary to complicate a considered hypothesis.  His admonition was not to do it without need. My philosophical antithesis stops cold at ducks without regard to evidence calling out for that same complication.

I won't be getting into the details of Quinn's excellent doc other than to say that Dr. [immaterial] Joe Nickell, bless his corn-fed traditionalistic's coal-black contrarian's heart, is credited with putting a true face on the total irrationality—check skeptibunky accuracy here—that is the whole of CSI's "Klasskurtxian" *shtick*... pardon the coined word. Its meaning can be drawn, easily, from its context in the forthcoming discussion.

...So, in a quick sidebar, let me just cut to the chase!  Metaphorically, "klasskurtxianism" describes an ideologically canted and authoritarian intellectual group of stormtroopers from the biased Cartesian realms of jealous CSIcopia.  They prosecute a default and flattening imposition of a scientistic church every bit as fundamentalist (with regard to degrading a feeling humanity truth-seeking the holistic efficacious) as a reductionist scientistic Taliban! Thank you, Doctor Rudiak!

There is more to existence than speed, rate, and electrical charge.  Reality is more than number and measure.  Overweening Aristotle is trumped decidedly by a more inclusive Plato...

I digress...

Back at the ranch, "Ufologists are, at best, irresponsible," implies an *earnest* Dr. [immaterial] Joe Nickell towards the end of the hour-long program. Stanton Friedman is "derelict." Richard Dolan is "reckless."  The late Richard Hall is an "elder scoundrel" from an even deeper stratum of irresponsibility. Jerry Clark lacks accountability. So do a lot of men and women, it would then seem, seriously investigating the single most important eventuality of our time.  Not, "we are not alone."  More, "how can we be remotely alone?"

Still, the preceding "radical seditionists" are not "dependable" persons, Nickell feels. They are without *responsibility*. They have no *liability*... Stop!

Nickell's (et al) stuffily unfounded pontifications are so much prolapsed and expulsive nonsense... steaming monkey droppings from high up in the privileged canopy—a dissembling reductionism meant to buttress convenient social barriers to an inconvenient truth. Get to cover!

See, It's Nickell who is irresponsible.  It's Nickell who is derelict.  It's Nickell who is reckless.
It's Nickell who is the scoundrel.  It's Nickell who lacks all accountability! Batting a thousand, It's Nickell who is undependable, bereft of responsibility, and who actually lacks all liability!  Dr. Nickell's a walking irony.

Consider the preceding paragraph an essay map with all points well cited.  Dare me to write the essay.

Moreover, our [immaterial] doctor implores that, "the public should be outraged"!  Not because critical information is withheld from interested individuals for spurious and manipulative reasons by an autocratic and authoritarian elite!  No. ...But that Ufologists, those radical funsters and seditious gamesters, Nickell implies, actually threaten America's culture and society by making, "a lot of [us] distrust [our] Government" and by "causing valid suspicions" with regard to currently worshipped "historical figures" undeserving of this worship... in the extremis!  An "overweening privilege" is the inexorable fate of that removing itself from earnest public scrutiny and oversight.

...And there we have the dying CSIcopian philosophy completely contained in its moldy nutshell of a reproductionist tediousness wholly missing the ironic mark with regard to enlightenment, elevation, and inspiration or at least the aspiration to these things for reasonable human beings.  The CSI, flatly, is ironically opposed to Human Beings working together to more efficaciously avail themselves of the Universe they were created into!  For such as these, reductionism becomes the profitable and default regressive-ism.

To wit, their "Prime Directive": At all costs to common sense and efficacious sensibility, maintain the status quo. ...End of line.

That's it. That's all they've got. Everything else is stentorian proclamation, stretched assumption, a blithe indifference to the remotest investigation, and the always popular self-interested and insentient personal ax grinding of a "Promethean press."

Pushing 70, a good citizen taxpayer, combat veteran, and educated patriot... I find it repugnant to the extreme that *Governments* can not earn distrust, or that *historical figures* are beyond the suspicions they themselves provoked! ...Even our own governments and historical figures... Especially our own governments and historical figures!

That's not the America I served in an honorable military career. That's not the America I described to my immigrant wife and only son! That's not the America I internalized in the freaking Cub Scouts, boys and girls!

Some figures of history have more than earned our suspicion, and governments, abundantly, our distrust, then AND now!  If that is not obvious in the extreme... then you're just not keeping up with current events... no, you're more likely chewing window sills lathered in wet lead paint, or you sense the truth and choose to turn away...

...Misleading, mislead, or mentally ill... "M" cubed. Sound familiar?  Feel it deviate your septums, skeptibunky spawn, CSIcopian caperers, and "klasskurtxian" sycophants!

Forget for a moment that it is just that recognition of a provoked *mistrust*, and the ancillary *suspicions* that justifiably arise—the ill will generated—which provide for that enlightening reexamination, revision, or more realistic research leading to an evolving human condition, at all! Understand, rather, that the doctor [immaterial] Joe Nickell exposes the CFInistic or CSIcopian "prime directive" in a few chosen words that won't respect individual sensibility and insensibly supports a status quo continuing only to discredit and devalue itself as it shortchanges you, reader, on a plethora of levels.

"Mistrust of government is dangerous and without support". I paraphrase the [immaterial] doctor. "Suspicions regarding the respected are dangerous and unsubstantiated." Is it any wonder which side of the sciento-fascist bullhorn our Dr. [immaterial] Nickell prefers to be?

Finally, there is this.  That ETH UFOs are most certainly extant is indicated in a vast evidentiary trove covering seven compelling categories and satisfying the prerequisites of both a sneering Fermi and a disingenuous Drake.*  So, presuming the truth of the matter regarding ET it is reasonable to believe that a panel of "top men" would be assembled, would be given a code name, and these men would regard, in some fashion, the most startling events of our time.

This is an effort hidden, of course, in plain sight by employing feints and distortions, official hoaxes and subterfuges, and red herrings or plausible deniabilities touted by the disingenuous and immaterially lettered...and iterated by Stanton Friedman, not unlike our own [immaterial] Papa Joe. It remains still reasonable that such a group would exist and what else would they have to talk about during the biggest flap in UFO history, 1952's Summer Of Saucers?  They might even advise the President to shoot one of these UFOs down... but that's another story.

No. Weigh the pros and cons as they were ladled out in Quinn's surprisingly credible and balanced treatment of the mystery surrounding the controversial MJ-12 documents above to see for yourself which is more nourishing.  Mistrust of government is justified, and well justified since 2004.

A suspicion with regard to historical figures is not without support. Friedman, Dolan, and Rodeghier were just more convincing, less presumptive, and more authoritative than Kurtz, Klass, or Nickell, who were less than authoritative, entirely assumptive, and profoundly less convincing. The former were credible while the latter were "klasskurtxian," to use that derisive word one more time.

Verily, and in a manner similar to Dan Rather's "Bush Memo" imbroglio, where he reported the truth based on a lie, a trap the neo-cons laid for him... ...even if the MJ-12 documents are fakes, and some of them are as Friedman takes pains to point out... they're the likely truth, I'm betting. MJ-12 is a reality. Suspicion is validated. Mistrust is appropriate.

Together, they are the true skeptic's very soul... and an apparent klasskurtxian antithesis.

*Dr. Drake shows ET is existential.  Dr. Fermi said that if ET was existential humanity would know it.  He then smirked, "where are they"?  I offer that, given the reportage of credible men and women and seven compelling categories of evidence ET does seem to be known, after all, and well.