Monday, September 28, 2015

You Can't Call Them "Crap-Circles"

You Can't Call Them 
"Crap-Circles" Anymore

By Alfred Lehmberg

It is a larger world than we know. Much grander and more expansive than we even—could—know, it is composed of times, spaces, and dimensions inadequately known and wholly unknown. Conclusively, everything we know is very likely wrong or we're well served believing that it may be.

Further, these are times, spaces, and dimensions well beyond chaffing limits reflexively and too fearfully self-imposed... ...or suspiciously imposed upon us! All barriers to fear and dread can be rent asunder.  That's a good thing.  We find we ever had nothing but the fear to fear! 

Still, in this larger reality swim the prerogatives, imperatives, and unfathomed purposes of gargantuan cosmic beings, swift on any level and all levels of that measure. Presently?

We are but a mote in some distracted God's hoary eye.  We barely but exist.  That's enough as it turns out!

Be not to disheartened, discouraged or otherwise depressed good reader!  Quite the contrary, Rejoice!

Be invigorated, energized, and innervated sir and madam, be electrified with excitement concerning not a rebirth... but a new birth of human intelligence, cognitive ability, and our elevated place in an impending LARGER reality slowly (quickly?) resolving as we speak!

A new renaissance reveals itself if the reader would allow, one that will not take five hundred years to individually actualize for the masses like the last one, but will happen soon, very likely, in a matter of days, weeks, or months (for the masses!) if it does not occur more swiftly in hours, minutes or seconds!  Such seems so.

This is what Academy Award nominated director William Gazecki succeeds in doing with his landmark documentary produced by Suzanne Taylor, "Crop Circles—Quest for Truth."  He delivers even the skeptical observer, dazzlingly, to the threshold of that new renaissance and informatively, intelligently... comprehensively... educates the viewer with obvious regard to a very measured, painstakingly recorded, photographed and otherwise passionately studied... paranormal series of *cereal* events!
This ain't your normal bowl of Special K, indulgent reader.  Put Froot Loops and Frankenberries out of your mind.

In other words, CropCircles are real, in the aggregate, cutting to the chase, and they are no where near as dismissible as a corrupted mainstream would have its rank and file reflexively believe.  Not by a long shot.

Moreover, hoaxed circles are dismissed as beneath contempt, concern, and favorable consideration by Gazecki (and this writer!). Of course there are "hoaxed circles," he will readily admit! ...But that's not the issue, he informs, and no time is wasted in the film on its discussion save a few seconds in, pertinent, passing. Where just one formation is not a hoax, is the genuine article, all the hoaxed circles are invalidated and the question becomes begged why the hoaxed circles are constructed at all. 

Why indeed?

Besides, one can go anywhere else, actually, and be flam-boozled with knee-jerk dismissals on laughed at crAp-circles from both sides of the ufological isle. Ufologist Dr. Kevin Randle and CSI's late if representative Dr. Klass, both card carrying "crAp-circle" advocates, spring readily to mind.

But as Gazecki explains in a director's interview on the DVD (and briefly in the film), how is it that these *hoaxers* "always finish what they start", and where do they "practice" this meticulous perfection of execution?  Where are the blunders otherwise found in any other human execution of an extremely complicated task?

Where? No! Tell me WHERE... is this army of genius artists "without egos" (astonishingly selfless and incontestably talented men and women)?

They are REQUIRED to flawlessly execute delicate artistic balances of line and curve, light and shadow, and other rules of artistry (to include the sacred geometrical or the adherence to the natural measure of the artistic golden mean encompassing squared circles and the lot)? Verily, who hoaxes hundreds of quality circles a year, world-wide, for decades? Who operates with no recognition, no pay-off, or reward? Who? Clearly, few to none. Not enough to make all these CropCircles—safe to say.

Most circles may be fake. But MANY are perhaps not!  Seriously, says Gazecki. That should, at least, give one pause... even if it does not fuel continuous epiphany as it does with this writer.

Moving on, what's so convincing about Gazecki's documentary is the completeness of its production package.  If the watcher wants "Science", it is there. It the watcher wants "History", it is there, too. If the watcher wants the very experience of wandering around in a new circle with the principal "Croppies" perceiving the same kind fresh excitement and energy that the principal researchers felt... they can have it by the bionic boxcar!

Science is reflected in the measurement of these enigmatic circles and science determines that the degree of the circle's complexity handily obliterates the tedious argument that any amount of erstwhile "Doug and Daves" halfwits would be stomping them out drunkenly with a string and a board! Plant studies and soil analysis by Doctor W.C. Levengood, among other competent scientists, indicates that the energy creating crop circles has seemingly magical growing properties that are most profound. 

Node length studies demonstrates an unknown energy is used (in some cases) that unevenly expands the stalk-sides of the crop to lay them down, evenly expands them to keep them standing, or blows out the effected "node" altogether like an exploding aerosol can! Other studies find strange magnetic properties and artifacts in the soil and they detect a linear effect of these anomalous energies and artifacts that tapers off from the center of the circle... but still inexplicably manifests the effect all the way out to control plants that are not even in the construction. The scope of these effects and the complexity of the energies producing them is HUGE, Gazecki demonstrates.

Other mysterious crop circle effects are determined to have measurable linear distributions. Indeed, as Gazecki makes abundantly clear, dozens of quality scientific investigations have been made, are not conclusive, and are ongoing, still.  Serious science comes up significantly short.

History is accounted for in the filmed testimony of the farmers involved, men and women who make every indication that the phenomenon has been going on with them and their neighbors since they were children and long before that. Lettered historians interviewed point to old wood cuts and prints from the fifteenth century that talks about fairy rings and devil's circles thought (to this day actually!) to be playgrounds or meeting places of demons and witches. Earlier, before the common era (BCE), stone circles and mounds were conjectured to have perhaps been laid out on suddenly appearing crop circles in an effort to keep the power of the circle under them or to commemorate them in these times gone passed. 

Indeed, the viewer gets a very clear picture of the historical evolution of the entire phenomenon as Gazecki's film unfolds.

As a cinematic effort the film was a masterpiece of tight storytelling and stunning photography. I can understand, completely, why George Noory was virtually jumping up and down about it on his program—Gazecki had it all in his film! Science, philosophy, and metaphysics meet precipitously in cooperative meta-cognitions the viewer is present for! Many times I felt like I was down in the fields, myself, with the crop-circle principals, seeing what they saw and feeling what they were feeling! To say the film was beautifully photographed is a massive understatement! 

The play between the score and the visuals was nothing short of breathtaking... nothing short of ongoing spiritual epiphany! One could almost smell the rape seed oil as an early morning sun glittered through crop stalks still standing. One could almost see the dust they were kicking up with their own feet, or feel the chill an English autumn dawn! In Gazecki's film the individual is more participant than passive watcher.

Flatly and frankly—the film was just a complete enchantment!

I saw the film on low res television DVD and all the previously described effects were plain there. I can only imagine what the feature looks like on the wall to wall silver screen of a real theatre. I'm sure that it would be a whole new experience, an experience incompletely described in this article, to be sure. 

The reader must campaign to see the film herself and demand that it comes to her town cineplex, even. See how this can be done (or even purchase an inexpensive copy DVD of the reader's own to see again and again!) at Mr. Gazecki's web site found at Truly—a few bucks well spent. ...A small price to pay to be abundantly informed on one of the most long running, consciousness changing, wholly mysterious, and totally baffling paranormal occurrences of our time.

Finishing up—this review of Mr. Gazecki's effort barely scratches the surface of what is in store for the viewer as they take in this film. The experience is as satisfying as a dinner feast, full of interviews with competent, committed and dedicated men and women who are educated, intelligent, aware, open-minded—"with it", in short (in every sense of the expression!), so the film can be taken as seriously as it was meant to be.

In all candor, one can, and should, take this film very seriously. There is no hyperbole or histrionics found in an ardent contention that watching this film now will go a long way towards preparing the viewer for the larger reality (mentioned at the start of this review) coming, inexorably, later. 

Michael Glickman, author and lecturer—and who this writer wants to be when he grows up—opines at the close of the film, as it pertains to the certainty of a coming new reality, that we are "...on the... edge of it." Along with that thoroughly convinced assertion he communicates a genuine optimism with regard to it that this writer echoes readily.

Lastly? They can't call them "crap-circles" any more. William Gazecki puts that nonsense to rest. Without reservation, "CropCircles—Quest for truth" just may be one of the most significant pieces of documentary film work this writer has ever seen. I'm confident the reader will think so, too! 

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Indridd CColdd said...

I couldn't agree more Alfred! Another example of a mind piercing documentary that bears numerous viewings if, for no other reason, than to hammer home the meaning and truth, you so poignantly make.