Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Aliens Extant, Askance And Akimbo

Behind a grain of sand...

Aliens Extant, Askance, And Akimbo
By Alfred Lehmberg

Select affected persons are reporting encounters with extraterrestrial beings... (yeah, just roll on passed any knee-jerk revulsions or "informed" eye-rolls). Positively or negatively inspired themselves, they are regarded in a manner at least "arms akimbo and eyes askance" by, certainly the earnest skeptic, but mal-earnestly by the loathsomely mendacious one, too. 

That's how reflex-denial, even one justified, rolls. Out of round, badly, and substantively, untrued. Sure, one jerks one's hand from the hot stove but is powerless to stop the resultant elbow going into his fellow's eye. Sometimes "reflex" is ill-considered.

Sadly, providing additional consternation and complication, add gaming the system, some of these "abductees" must deserve every bit of even a scurrilous debunking they get, and more. Most are fake; some of them... not. That should give one pause. That should ring a bell. Some of them. Are not. Could it be that this might explain a mass of phony ones as loss leaders? Wheat camouflaged by an abundance of injected chaff? Deliberation and intelligent investigation are begged for cause, eh? 

To qualify justification for demands on the reader's time in our 2018 exercise, ongoing since 1996, we pause so this writer can advise that he, unfettered by man or God to a greater degree, perhaps, and aspiring to a humanist genuineness (anything else being considered a drunken and irresponsible stupor...), tilts toward being a UFO researcher with some field experience as could be afforded, and then a conscious person with a pioneer's spirit and an explorer's soul. It hasn't all been armchair.

He believes that he investigates something that is real in the real world, something with immediate importance to us all, and something that helps define the future we're all going to have to live in, anyway. He's been met, spoken to, and produced his "book." His references are exemplary. He can be found and is accountable. He believes answers can sometimes be faced before they are found. He's a fierce friend and a Phyrric opponent.

He's been wrong, his convictions stuck to at peril and for loss, but readily admitted faced with fact... and for the step back up to restabilize a wounded credibility. Error, admitted, is such a restabilization. A true learning experience... or at least opportunity for such. This writer offers that "Looking twice" to place trust in vetted persons who admit their errors freely, and are readily educated by same, is one look more productively spent elsewhere.

Perforce, an aspiration to singular service, dependability, and reliability though the heavens crash down around us (where it can it should just to prove the point), is his model. Integrity. Honesty. Candor. That's why one can read. Submitted humbly without irony. The humility is justified.

Forgetting for a moment that the writer has been wrong before... dishearteningly, disconcertingly, and discouragingly... he believes that he has been abundantly convincing regarding the sociological validity of his overall production, apart from admitted error, and a due diligence of respectable sincerity cannot be -expected- to have to demonstrate spot-on, 100% accuracy in -every- case... to not be wholly discredited for his sincere efforts in the more productive aggregate. No, he'll just reject that unbalanced criticism out of hand, nose thumbed. Hey, this writer only has to impress himself, eh?

The late John Mack, not a direct comparison to the writer, an open-minded but credible researcher by any fair estimation, has had prepared "ringers" slid into his seminars by Robertsonian CSICOPians and other pompous klasskurtxians, inelegant water foulers to disrupt sincere proceedings... There's some genuine collegiality, eh? 

One would accurately predict that others have had to endure similar charlatans, scalawags, and sociopaths. Linda Molten Howe is another, along with Jaques Vallee; these spring to mind. 

The lesson is that this does not inexorably, inevitably, and necessarily detract from one's overall contribution, one's competency, or one's veracity. One's Veritas! One must believe that one aspires to the "genuine article," even as they cannot believe, and are abused by, many around them who do not.

I must be clear at this point that genuine abductees who come forward are -first- among heroes on this planet. They've regarded the inexpressible and unspeakable, in turn, regarding them back! That should give the reader pause, if true. I say true.

They endure, as I have personally seen, the slings and arrows of outrages cowards, duplicitous ax-grinders, and scurrilous de-bunkers... though the proceeding remains! I know, also, that I cannot, in good faith, support the claims of -all- abductees, credit -all- their assertions, validate -all- their paradigms, provide citation for -all- their experience, or prop up -all- their stories in every way. No progress there, as that's only a masturbation of some type.

Could I be wrong about some of these abductees alluded to as frauds and felons? Of course! My opinion, sir, madam, or the spectrum in between, that manipulative corporate-minded "turn-around persons" (read, psychopaths) with noses for "product enhancement" (and the minimal sense required to flesh out a bogus audit trail for a pecuniary con...) might be just the people able to convincingly fabricate a first-rate abduction hoax... This shouldn't raise anyone's hackles that much, given an information vacuum hoovering both wheat and chaff. What can one expect? I'm just one opinion, after all. Remains, this writer has endured such... and lived.

Some of these suspiciously *suspected* might still be genuine... water, by report, has been turned into wine, at least once, in the last 2000+ years... some proclaim! Anything is possible, however unlikely... improbable, doubtful, implausible, dubious, dodgy, or even suspect! There's spacetime for it all! Moreover, proclamations? They're only ever that. Verity remains to be seen!

I think that there are stealthy legions of these "just business" psychopaths who would subvert the work of the aforementioned researchers to their own dark, always self-serving ends. I produced a paper on that general theme found at:

Back to task, I think some of these individuals do their -own- "research" and can cleverly appropriate the experience and work of others to facilitate their scurrilous and disingenuous (by definition) ends... where they, empty shells, fall short of any relevance or originality. I think that some of these persons have lived their whole parasitic lives this way, moving fretfully from one group of 'facilitators' to another, advantaging themselves on the work/talent of others... and then moving on (one way or another) when the well of good faith does run dry. 

I think that some of these persons have become so adept at advantaging themselves on the backs/reputations of others that they are as capable of fooling persons only trying to keep an open mind, as they are of fooling me or even the best among us, our ufological shop drawer's sharper knives. I am abundantly outraged for all.

I know that people lie, and moreover, many of these don't even *know* that they are doing so. I suspect that it is very hard for even the practiced adept to ferret these persons out, and so the aforementioned sincere open-minded should not be inordinately held accountable and liable for the testimony they must guilelessly accumulate... and transfer on. It's not them propagating the lie even as they do exactly that! It's not their lie, remember, and moreover, it's the disease, not the innocent vector deserving of opprobrium! 

Someone advises ebola, say, and the circumspect pass that on! Moses and Solomon can be taken for a *ride*... as can I... as can the reader. As mentioned before... This writer has been on that erring ride. He can relate!

The trick, I suppose, is to avoid the impacted illogic of the ideologue—and get off the *ride* in time, somehow. I was bouncing down the runway for pecuniary takeoff, yo, as reflected above! Don't believe something because it's pretty and preferred. No one can rationally expect your complete infallibility and one can only aspire to be among the heroes, and never the hero. Humility demands it. The hero is culled from a circumstance of the cosmic karmic variety, you don't shoot for that. 

No. You don't choose that. That chooses you. The perspicacious person of humility, one wary of his own hubris, tries to avoid being mounted on the cross. I digress. 

Returning to our discussion, some of these persons, if unfortunately, deserve every bit of criticism they provoke! I think it's a tragedy that genuine abductees are minimalized in the association with the noisy non-genuine iterated above! I think it's a travesty that sincere efforts are marginalized, derided, and defamed by the actions of a self-serving, and too frequent-flying, few. I think it's a -shame- that valuable work, thoughtfully erected, suffers as a result. Sincerely.

Alien abduction. That crosses an indelible, ironically erasable, line. Bad enough when it's your fellow humans abducting you... it's un-enlishable, unspeakable even when your abductors are alternative bits of intelligence from beyond the stars... are to be the ones confining and threatening with science fiction instrumentation but whispering in the reader's ear... That's the report.

Blithely Scoff, wholly dismiss, but roundly reject! Arrogantly refuse, smilingly deny, and reflexively resist! Disingenuously Counter, fallaciously oppose, or bemoan your wounded hubris

...Then ignore the indisputable fact that whole booming divisions of near infinite, so incalculable, multi-Dimensional vastnesses spread and sail and bloom around you in a slow explosion of exotic elementals! Ignore a myriad panoply of vast cosmic artifacts churning, boiling, and weaving without seeming plan for ultimate novelty... Ignore realized and idealized chaos where past, present, and future, based on arbitrary relative velocities...are one...  ...Ignore raw expanses, near infinite themselves,  which are installed in chartless tracts existing then and now and then ignore the fulmination of the corporeal into these futures unnamed and unnameable... ignore space-times and surface areas stranger than can be known, beyond all imagination, and apart from any supposition... ...ignore heaven AND hell, reader, that long smear painted between them, that unknowable enormity between enlightened understanding and flummoxed incredulity... ...Ignore, finally, all manner of intelligent representation reflected betwixt beatific expressions of graced intelligence... all the way to slack-jawed expressions of drooling fools barely self-aware... full stop! Breathe.

...All of that can be hidden, reader, behind just one grain of sand held at arm's length 'twixt thumb and forefinger anywhere in a 24-hour sky! No thing is impossible in this immensity! No thing is preposterous having the tiniest shred of the remotest possibility in this witheringly abstruse expanse of stunning potentiality! All that can be conjectured and the much vaster amount... ...not. Not impossible at all. Little is. Very little...

Happened. Happening. Will happen. That is the potentiality of time and space. See? There's more.

...In an amount equal to outer spacetime and surface-area described above, there is that which is reflected in inner space, too. Endlessness wrapped in infinity and then folded into an eternity of mind, the Koch's Curve of reality in both directions... and in what directions not sensed or conjectured. ...As above so below, eh?

...Another full stop! Then...

...There, at the center of all of that... at dead center ...stands the conscious observer. At the center of all that is possible; however, inarguably meager the senses... and intimating a predicted shallowness of craft or capability, one's shallow evaluation of their own dull organic sensory array... must persist. Where's it writ large that monkeys making mouth noises or scratching imperfect symbols insentiently can grok the big picture, but we'll try?

Though, the reader. Maybe even a reader with unsettled and unsettling recollections as psychotic as they are existential, and as "of the certifiable" as they are "of the corporeal." 

The reader at the center... Consider, anywhere the reader looks, is... away. The "center" is your's... own it! Just don't expect tribute; it's your's, shared!

The reader casts her meager senses about, comprehends the quality, complexity, and potentiality of those vastnesses sensed and unsensed... and abruptly realizes... (get ready!) that she herself is all the proof necessary for any "other" found in the unending cosmic array just described. Yes! Such seems likely to be so.

Beyond all panic and consternation in this regard lies an eventuality of acceptance of all fact, regardless, remember. What else is there? Hey, folks, c'mon. Even a shallow drift back through 20,000 years of history shows that human beings can get "used" to anything (anything!), weather any storm... any storm but really good fortune...

Acceptance! Consider that those born on the "day of disclosure" will know nothing else! That's good news because "bigger than you know" is the reality, and it is from that which all our novelty comes. Rejoice in the day made, friends and neighbors! 

Why not? It's going around that all is chaos, we've nothing but one another, so we must be kind. Unpack your hams, reader.

Facts swirl unsettlingly! Facts such as the facts revealed as a result of an intrepid due diligence by "aspirant heroes" as described above, come to mind. One such is Frank Feschino, for example. He revealed facts indicating a not quite undeclared and not so secret "air-war" with ET in 1952. Abductions are included even there. Men and machines disappearing without a trace... where they should have been able to be found... 

Eyes askance and arms akimbo becomes less and less relevant. Facts, as they will, dispel irrelevance. Reality proves to be exactly that, reality; however, and it is well known how a moving finger writes and having writ, puts the pedal down. Lines are not called back for hasty edit, and tears wash nary a word.

What then of our "abductee"? 

Well, where one can accept the so-close-to-a-hundred-percent certainty, so close that any difference becomes meaningless in a succession of dwindling nines (.999>>>)... but a certainty none-the-less... that self-aware extraterrestrial intelligence exists, and that there are Military "black-box" investigations into them as recently revealed in the mainstream... ...then one might very slightly extrapolate that the subject of these investigations might be, in turn, investigating... and doing so with the benefit of thousands if not millions of years of hindsight. That's a sweaty-lipped chubby-buncher, eh?

Encounter is not beyond the pale of possibility, we can conceive of it, after all. That's enough, experience shows us; we've "thought it," and it must now be so, somewhere... and why not here!

Askance and akimbo judgments on these "experiencers" don't appear to be intractably advised, and it would further seem important to take care not to let them get swept up in the campaign against their coo-coo bird distractors and place-stealers, alluded to at the start. Most must deserve the anti-approbation. It remains, some do not. 

Read on.