Monday, January 15, 2018

Saving Face

The center of the universe? An angry place to be, and ironic it's the only place to get up off your knees. It's there within one's consciousness—still possible to share—that one is loosed to "soar and cleave" where fewer care to dare!

True—it's likely there without you, that universe you know, plus much, much more your senses miss, as "senses" miss the show. Though it likely works without you—while you never find that out—then you might as well embrace it, and so look, a bit, about.

You might question your CONVICTIONS, or aspire to test your FAITH. The former loves convenience, and the latter's led to hate. See, faith is not a lapdog to support your party line, and convictions could be sharpened sticks to poke you in the eye.

There's plenty to dissuade you if you think outside the *rules*, and the "systems" of coercion are the shame; you're just their tool.

It won't matter that their *rules* could bear the fruit of all injustice, or their *rule* absolve the holder of their shame. Expect no justice.

The "system's" just a lever that elitists blithely use for a purpose that must benefit the few; be not confused! Whilst they pump our population ever higher making persons, and that means much less respect for me and you... so, drop the curtains.

Oh, they HATE the "individual," so they treat her like a witch. A man who's so afflicted is a similar son-of-a-bitch. See... ...and here the irony's so thick it's chopped with knives... but the BEST of ALL ideas come from single persons, guys!

Now, I'll not fault a team that makes "ideas" what they ARE! The difference found between the two's a Nova to a star, but consider supernovas and remember, FIRST, their seed. It's the STAR that marks her center. It's the "star" that we first need.

True, every meat-bag's not this star, irrelevant if fact. Don't leap to that absurdity, as I'm just not saying that. See?  Culture is a jealous beast that works too hard, it seems, to mark the individual as dismissed to be demeaned. This penalizes poor-folks and will punish artful geeks. Homely kids must live in fear—unearned shame upon their cheeks.

These kids?  They're shoved around to suit a "crowd" we should decry, and will rise up, on occasion, when their spirits are deprived. In our *SCHOOLS* they ARE discounted, and they're slapped around in line, so these might take some guns to class... remember Columbine? These are individuals who are pushed to their extremes... by the haughty—inbred—attitudes of that group to "make the scene."

These behaviors are encouraged by a process—hand in glove—that demands the mediocrity it promotes from up above!  It's that "bottom half" of fractions they'd inflated, not reduced, and the smaller that divisor means the more that they're confused. It's a large denominator that they use to damp the breed! It's that huge denominator which objectifies their greed!

Too, skimp that NUMERATOR to a number grown so small... individuals are made meaningless and consigned a graceless fall...

See, too damn many artless knobs *pronounce* on you and me. Enraged and therefore outraged, though, we'd leap from callused knees! We're the ones who like our thinking as a process of our own; see, we've been—too blithely—lied to from the "pulpit" and the "throne."

We're the ones without due process. We're the ones DENIED our due. We're misdirected, disrespected, so prefer a larger truth.

I'm at the center of my universe and I'm not surprised to see... a plethora of *centers* who are (more or less!)... like me! And all prefer the base respect that you yourself would have... but denied—to too damn many—for the lawful thoughts we'd had.

We'd make our contribution but we're driven from our herd! We're dismissed from our society. We're discounted and deterred! All most of us had WANTED was a chance to tuck right in, and make our contribution where we saw *it* wearing thin, but based upon convenience of some *bless-ed* non-elected... we must suffer the indifference of our culture's piqued rejection!

It's their willful self-indulgence as they sell us down the river! It's their xenophobic attitudes assumed without a quiver! It's their penchant for discretion that supports their status quo—which is narrow and short-sighted, and unjust; I think you know.

It's the lack of toleration that elitists would promote. It's the fascist way they dictate terms they shove right down our throats!

How are we to fare then, friend, where "birds" come home to "roost," and psychopaths presume their will to suck your blood for juice?  How are we at all best served, in reflex arbitration, to legislate morality embracing sick religions. 

Well, we can have our "answers," see? Though, eschew the ones thought "sought." Ephemerally self-serving, these are useless, often's not? If production's what's been lacking, and that has been the case... it just may be that we're best served by those, not sought, but faced.

Not a question.