Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Kingdom Beyond


...Even *saucers* abhor our duplicitous politics 
pursuing agendas we can't even guess
Our history's wrought of betrayal and thoughtlessness
We're squandering trusts
We're failing tests!
Agreements we make? 
Too conveniently broken
Our lives are betrayed 
by the threat of "short change." 
Distracted, oblivious... we don't make the time... 
to ponder weird "happenstance"; 
our times are damned strange!
See? There's too much of *saying*... 
while *doing* another. 
"Do as I'm saying, but not as I'd rather"?  
The "system" is preaching *salvation* to you
but you'll never know 
what's contrivedmisconstrued!
The Earth is a mess in a tortured convulsion, 
the best of us sick in malaise or revulsion, 
the worst of us sell-outs for ill-gotten treasure, 
...while science portends that it's the sole measure!
These think that most people 
accept what they're "dished." 
They find that we don't. 
We'd fry other *fish*!  
See, they're squeezing we masses 
for all that we're worth, 
and at best we're kept stupid... 
benign and disbursed!
It's all a big ruse, 
it's all just the same, 
Republican, Democrat
it's not just a game! 
Two arms of a monster that feeds on itself; 
it's NOT the same beast, 
They're 'using abusers'! 
They've a pig in a poke... 
...You're holding the "bag"; 
but you're not in on the joke
The business of government's business
mon frère
It has its OWN "interests," 
and yours are not theirs!
We are but aphids (my thanks to friend Pat) 
to be milked for our life's bloodas simple as that. 
Brainless consumers who buy the *chump* stock, 
so they get the *good* stuff, 
high thread-countsfine yachts!
They live in a manner to us far removed, 
they don't care a wit that we're suffering—screwed! 
They act like cold Barons or crooked old Lords! 
They'll act with impunityremember John Ford?
It's those working hard to keep saucers in doubt! 
It's those who distract, and dissemble, right now! 
It's those with their *Congress* 
(as white as old snow!); 
it's those with their Presidents* 
(those beyond all control!); 
it's those with the judges 
(who front for elitists!)
together these sell-outs, bamboozle 
(and cheat us!).
This, as an ethic? 
It keeps saucers away! 
This is the way the *insentient* holds sway
This is a reason they're making bad calls, 
aping invertebrates, and lying a squall!
The "business" of government's 
respecting its people
not selfish concerns of the few who don't pay. 
We poor, getting poorer, are wasted and feeble, 
and will do what we must, all the histories say!
We'll rise up in mass as a terrible force 
and tear down those "castles" constructed, of course
"Enough is enough, yes regardless," we'll cry! 
Betrayers of trust?  
These must pay. We know why.

  • Better start looking for ways to give it up and give it back... or prepare to get it on—Corporate Amerika! Judgment's comin'!
  • Verily, "Let's get ready to Rum-blllllllllllllllllllle"!
  • Listen! "As a result of the [Civil] war, corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow... until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and... the Republic is destroyed." — Abraham Lincoln was to have said in 1864.
  • The Supreme Court had more recently allowed, f'n 5 to 4, as to how all those "Lincoln forsworn" corporations, these sons of soulless corpocracy, these bloody-lipped pecuniary piratescan do all that and more while on the "up and up" and the "fair and square," too!  The middle class shrivels, falters, and dies, ignobly, like the more people-oriented Republic giving birth to it.
  • Corporations have long been treated as a kind of legal "individual" much like any single human being, (to unfairly limit liability!) but now, without regard to any sense of appropriate scale, they are legally the "same" as you and me, reader: able to sway their mal-scaled will in any way within the "law," now conveniently dictated to by... them. TV's "The Boys," in actuality. Superpowered and perhaps immortal super-beings trucking with the rest of us as they will... for fun and profit.

  • FORGOTTEN, see, is that these corporations are comparative (by any stretch!)  IMMORTAL "individuals" with unendingly deep pockets! They handily avoid an equal responsibility, equal accountability, equal dependability, equal blame-ability, or equal liability! Equal taxes is to laugh! 

  • They are insentient reptiles, self-involved only! They are devoid of ethical conscientiousness or compassion because the human reptiles composing them—and serving them in some psychopathic multi-generational relay—are devoid themselves, in their aggregate, of any ethical conscientiousness or compassion but that imposed! See, if corporations are people? Texas would have executed, at least, one.
  • Here's an observation: why tolerate corporate "reptiles" where corporate "mammals" might be sought? More Costco; less Walmart. 

  • Over-specialized and short-sighted Reptiles will always prefer the uber-conservative swamp serving them! Progressive mammals, on the other hand, can chance to inherit the farthest stars!  I'd rather aspire to the efficacious chance aforementioned.  I submit the reader might, too.
  • ...Embrace the concrescence ... pierce the veil ... employ a forward escape!  Beyond?  The Kingdom! Let's embrace that as our own! It's but our collective choice to make it so. Consider how the choice of 81 million ironically trumps the choice of 74 million. We, the sensible aspiring to the efficacious, choose sense and efficacy, and it is so.

Restore John Ford!