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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Finding's Looking

Outside, I couldn't see "them," 
so then went inside again... 
occluded by my thoughts 
on "what they are."
Occlusion was depression,
This was what some "clouds" can do...
Ignoring, in their hubris...
"moving stars." 
I reflected on the hiding 
of this "thing" so large or vast ... 
exceeding any measure 
of a section or a class
and the suffocation's woeful 
like I'm underneath some heel; 
the atmosphere is cloistered 
like I cannot "breathe" or "feel"...
Do I feel... imposition 
that the sky somehow projects? 
The clouds becomes a metaphor 
for: "that you shan't detect"? 
So then, cut off by malevolence 
to the fullness of one's life (!), 
we feel withered, drawn, emulsified
or whittled by its knife...
"Craft" leap and dance 
behind those clouds (!), 
each one a different color, 
 it's like color in a spectrograph, 
but then wider, Brighter—FULLER!! 
...See, these boil ultra-violet! 
Then, they simmer infrared! 
They churn in colors one shan't see! 
One's mind is blown instead!
Still, I'm sans all "observation" 
under soggy, humid clouds. 
There's a harshness to the "atmosphere" 
which, then, foams uncalled for... ...doubt...
I shall not spread my human arms, 
and cleave the heavens unalarmed 
while... "fathers" of convenient "place" 
destroy my planet for their "faith"?!
Things aren't the way 
we thought they were 
while hidden by those clouds, 
mon frère!
Everything is out of locus, 
has no meaning... is sans all focus!
This drives that "look with longing" 
for some "easy answers," friend! 
It makes one want to go along
give in, and just pretend ... 
that "we are but alone in space"! 
We are IT! Just usOUR RACE (?!), 
and we, of course ("creation's jewel"), 
are not just gangs of... grinning ghouls!
...We have substance, we have smarts
we have sense ... Friend, we have hearts
That we would have a spotless spirit 
or make some aspiration near it? 
That justice is, most times, at hand (!)... 
that freedom's where we make that stand?
...But not the kind from autocrats,
their lumpen fools... or plutocrats!
Those neo-con's need high-colonics... 
...for FASCIST's sickness—sadly chronic!
...Clinton was a vapid cheater 
who betrayed his only wife 
(...but produced a healthy kid, yet, still!)... 
with no additions to our strife.
I preferred him, even knowing 
he's the left arm of some "beast," 
he didn't take my money, 
or kill my friends, at least! 
He didn't cut school lunches 
while he lauded "family values"! 
...And he didn't cleave the country twain 
for "profit" or "what have you"!
Now, Reagan ruined Carter, 
Bush's lies would heap that stage... 
TЯUMP's massive trickle "ups" of bucks 
should fill us all with rage!  
It's these monsters who were "cheated" 
t'would be breaking down our doors—
dragged to bloody streets become 
a "vicious killing floor"...!  
Though, THEY ...our "erstwhile 'statesman,'" 
these just OOZE benign neglect
While Clinton "was an Ogre"?  
Why... 'cause he liked his penis wet?!
...Now we stand beyond all help 
for actions made by Bush's whelp, 
a dry-drunk sans all nuanced sense, 
"deserting twice from combat," yes!
All this, extant, while stars explode 
and flying saucers swoop and glow... 
but travel in their way, mysterious—
pulsing through our skies, imperious!
Reality's a fevered scream! 
Do space-folk dream more "cosmic" dreams... 
in manners we shall not determine? 
We don't grok! That's predetermined!
Everyday *these* people pray 
for unborn babies, "save their day," 
but once they're born (?!) 
forgot, forlorn... 
...they better feel that Christian horn!
Or? "Reviled and shut out from life—
a victim's "double standard" strife... 
These took their licking, 
kept on "ticking," 
so fill our jails, 
barely flinching!"
Wait a moment! What is this?
Depression's wane? A shot at bliss? 

...Yes, blown away those clouds, glad fate (!!!), 
Sky's clearing saw "Orion's" gait! 
...He strode across the starry sky 
like flying diamonds, soaring high!
...And there, beside huge Betelgeuse, 
a -flicker- blinked alive, abstruse (!), 
to swim so grandly predawn air—
a UFO was blandly there!
...Just a point of light that moved
my glass dispels a plane with crew... 
the circle of unblinking light 
moves WEST against a starfield, bright!
...And I saw it, it was there (!), 
moving weirdly here to... "where"?! 
Flashing lights in nonattendance!! 
Breaking major laws ...some business!
See, no "flash" to its position? 
Well, its "flash" avoids collision
One's flashing light's, of needs, required
"colliding planes" are not desired!
See, it's "wrong" when you can't see these; 
By law, light's measured 
proceeds, these...
port and starboard's red and green's 
required light, so more, it seems!
UFOs shan't have these lights
Announcing presence there at night...
...So, oft times then, these are hidden... 
by some tyranny of clouds, unbidden! 
Though now, it* can be seen so plain 
sans ragged/rancid doubt's refrain!!  
The sky is mind perceived as such 
...but filled with more than "stars," yes, MUCH!
...Though, awash in contradictions 
you're betrayed... strange "interdictions."
Impositions with agenda
Inefficacious, so not a friend... yeah... 
Anomaly unmasked, by Thor!
...(Your god of choice where less is more)... 
but, this is why you "sign your contract"!
The future is an autodidact!
It builds from what has gone before,
...from what was which we might deplore! 
At present it has black-paned windows 
and exploding hidden doors, akimbo! 
Still, digging up the truth-soaked ground 
is what we should be doing, proud
Do it 'fore it "needs" it, friend! 
It's our honor at the end!

  • When you look? You find! Sincerely!
  • Restore John Ford!
* — that... those. Them. Them, plain as spots on apples replete in history, and seven anxious categories of same.

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