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Thursday, October 06, 2022

Seditious Sky...


So... glamoured, I gaze into endless dark skies. 
Skies, so pro-capable of spinning vast lies.* 
The kind of a sky that snatches your breath; 
a beautiful sky that all must regret... 
remains it's alive with an uncommon light 
to question "contentment" or query what's "right."
...Then it appears so abruptly I'm startled
A CRAFT (?)—or A LIGHT (?) 
...but, you call it, Ronald!  
It assaults my cognition
and assails one's senses...
it batters perception...
I'm rendered quite senseless!
...I shall not be sorry for bearing such witness; 
dismissals are facile, sans courage, and witless!
...And it swayed (!) and was pulsing 
across the dark sky! 
Its speed was inconstant
I'm seeing this, Clyde!
...And, I know it sounds crazy... 
Yes, I know it's obverse; 
what I can't tell you outright
I'll express it in verse!
See, the verse is a transcript 
of what has been seen
"disclaimer" provided 
as verse is demeaned?  
Still, happening in fact
all it takes is one time; 
then, self-honesty dictates 
a change in one's mind!
...It *wafted* along
—its purpose a mystery—
Too? Doing away with those tales we're told;
to deify "fathers" who make us less bold!
Hear epics of "heroes" 
to which you're compared... 
when they never existed!  
...And you're "unworthy," Mon frère?
Rather... I propose our history's lies 
are toxic cloth we should despise... 
a damned and thread-bare tapestry! 
 A cloth of artless sophistry... 
contriving that which holds us down
supports too few—sports errant crowns! 
...For I've—so—seen "them" flying 
in the glittering above! 
It was certainly not an airplane
or a seagull or a dove
This... thing was not an airship
or a storm cloud, or a finch
It wasn't Hynek's' "swamp gas,
then, you smirking son of a bitch!
...And then at once it brightened, 
and I thought it must explode! 
It dead-stopped in the star field and then, 
flickered, burned, and glowed
I held my breath to wait and see 
what this might be about, 
then, it did the damnedest thing
It but flickered... and went out!
Awestruck—I stared, befuddled, 
into empty star-filled space, 
my chin a'bounce from buckling knees—
I'm so gobsmacked and amazed; 
...then *daughter* lights came out to play 
...along "meanders" traced (!), 
and flashing red and white they're GONE
departing in all haste!?!
All the stars are laughing then, 
or it seems so on reflection, 
that I was there to process 
this anomalous projection.  
A common man without "Doc's" letters, 
"without portfolio"
—inconsequential... unimportant, 
...Sans braggadocio!
That I could be the one to see 
this para-normal light... 
which was visible to thousands, 
maybe millions, am I right?
That I would see this strangeness 
so belittled by "the news"—
that I'd... more clearly fathom... 
all the wonder it imbues!  
The "greatest story never told
and what it just might mean... 
the actualizing of oneself ...
to better "hopes" and "dreams"!
...Though, we have had our "trust" betrayed
been thieved from "fair and square"; 
our air and food are poisonous—
water's getting rare!  
So, I'll not then be buying 
what our "ruling gentry's" said, 
as they've clearly been untruthful, cousin! 
I would do this then, instead!
...I'd Cop to "living" skies, my friends! 
They're not an errant joke! 
Too, they're in no way beholden 
to those persons blowing smoke!
...To me at least, it makes no sense... 
this entropy of common sense; 
this desolation of the self; 
this final loss of mental health? 
The losses 'twixt your "hawks" and "doves"... 
The deaths of wholesome care and love...
You so choose, at cost
so stow it
then, cheated and alone... 
...you blow it?
...Though, STILL be optimistic 
in this blackened Winter night! 
Lights will still move strangely
but they won't increase our fright.  
They are, instead, strange "alternates"—
alternatives—new voice! 
They do not pay observance to the "man"!  
They offer CHOICE!
See, that's the real problem 
with what "serves" us as "Officials."  
We're offered an "alternative" 
which, then, could be beneficial.  
"Kings" just as soon have none of that; 
they'd keep you on your knees—
they'd introduce reductionists 
and substitute "disease"!
UFOs? A comfort 
when compared to our own kind... 
who'd let their own just starve to death... 
driven crazy, sick, and blind
The lights can be, then, much preferred (!), 
compared to me and you 
or the fulsomeness of anger 
'twixt the Christian/Moslem/Jew! 
Their lights are then more favored, friend, 
than governments of hatred
"governments" down primrose paths... 
to "hells" for which we're fated?
...And me? Well, I'll be watching 
for those "lighted cosmic ships" 
... entities thought sailing in an ocean sky eclipsed? 
...And I won't await "consensus," 
or a "scientific" nod, 
or the words of fulsome "ministers," 
or the mewling of some mob!
I've seen them fly—goddamnit
 How worthy, then, your sneer 
...I've come to understand, my friend, 
just masks a coward's fear!
You think that I'm affected 
by your lies and obfuscation; 
you think that I'm controlled or led 
by vast prevarications; 
you're thinking I'm a hapless clone 
to listen and obey—your drone?
Get a grip, you're almost through...
our times are fast a changin'... ...true!
You miss the train and won't perceive
you're standing on its tracks, you see. 

      • *If our sun, at *this* moment, exploded... we wouldn't know about it for eight and a third minutes.  Further away Betelgeuse—a monster sun swollen to the size of Jupiter's orbit and glaring balefully from the constellation Orion's right shoulder (and still tiny, by the way!)—provides for a colossal explosion we wouldn't know about... for another 640 years!  Further away than that is the truth, farther away.
      • *The lying skies lie as the sky must lie.  What you "see" is not... "what you get," you see?  To the contrary! One looks at the obfuscating night sky and shall not perceive what "is" but rather, at best, what "was."  The sky is not current events, the reader discovers; it is a grudging "history," and history, remember, further back the farther we gaze out into it. Their unguessable futures have already occurred. ...Can there even be a "now" for everyone and everything, there we're all an operation of likely probabilities, and we take that for reality?
      • See the "sliding scale" of truth provoked by distance?   Consider, we really do advance into the future perceiving only the misinterpreted and so distorted reflections from a crazed and indistinct rear-view mirror!  The point?
      •  I suspect that this is the draw of a SETI program or simulacrum.  Fixed myopically on what happened "long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away," one can then use their cognitive dissonance to excuse their cowardice, reader, and pretend that a truth measured only as light-nano-seconds removed from fact—of the clock—is not there at all.
      • It remains; we really do perceive only a grudging and after-the-fact forthrightness from the duplicitous sky with regard to the truth, reader, because, facilitated as it is by a glacial "speed of light," it has not yet made TIME—to tell us the truth. Maybe that's its apology. 
      • It remains that this lie becomes only grander and progressively unknowable as one moves one's perception further away, and is a tangential reminder that at center?  The only truth one can really aspire to is oneself.
      • When you "look," you "find"! To start? Perhaps, yourself! See, the skies may lie, but not about what's in them. It's YOU, after all, in something else's sky... and how true are you?

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