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Thursday, January 05, 2023

Psychopathic Percussions

You may hear the *strangest* music, 
but its syncopated beat 
will absolve you of all fearfulness. 
When you're fearless, you're complete
The tunes are self-evolving 
and appear at once sublime, 
Remembered, then, they are such 
as brought from Terry's* mind.
M's "land" has no locality
it's everywhere at once; 
see, everything's connected, and once "there"?  
There is "free lunch."
...Elevation's certain 
if one's open to his song 
in our universe of ...wonder... 
far from want or rage or wrong!  
Time is its vibration 
and "vibration" is a "music";
 Too? That music is a blessing sent 
since all sense dances to it!
Though... if one then listens closely 
for the notes to fall their way?  
Discordant songs of psychopaths 
prove the order of the day! 
Know its "concert of collusion" 
for the "chords" that they will stroke... 
with their "self-invested orchestras": 
Jealous Corporates! The "Anti-woke."
Their music is self-serving, 
duplicitous—a lie.  
It's all about a "bottom line" 
to serve too few, is why.  
It's all about a "trickle up"
—the gulf's divide is plain—
so some can live apart and dry 
while we endure hard rain.
See? Their music's badly written. 
It's not using all its notes. 
Songs disrespecting happiness?  
Music smashing all your hopes?!  
...Likely, not the way its 'sposed to be. 
Better music is well-known! 
...But we're beset by psychopaths 
who conduct the cruelest tone.
...Pray listen to their voices, though, 
for they blend in ways unplanned
A glimmer of some truth portends—
it's music, understand!? 
Music has an inner voice, 
transcending any lie. 
Too, music leads to everything! 
That "math's the path" is why...
...And, it's music that will always work, 
will always proffer truth; 
"told to be then, understood
it's then believed"—of use!
Finally, it is beautiful!  
It transcends all obfuscation.  
Above concerns considered?  
It has the right vibration!
So we "listen," then; 
who plays bad tunes
Yes, all we have—a pity—
conducted by sure psychopaths 
who express a shadow's bidding... 
These conduct an "orchestra" 
to buttress status quos; 
the musicians, then, are in the tank... 
...and bought.  That's on the nose.
Let's grok alluded orchestras 
and parse them out real fine.  
Let's analyze their music, friend, 
before that's made a crime!
Let's examine pitch and tone 
re-tuning errant strings, 
and make a better music 
than a "one percent" would sing.
...The HORNS, then: played by News folk, 
though their key is flat and dull; 
aggrandizing solos 
are the "focus" they'd extol.
At best, "whores of shallow aspect," 
reporting not... (the bastards!)
Betraying public trusts, one finds, 
they're serving other masters!
They move a tune along alright, 
you'd almost think they care
though it comes up short of climax—
denouement is never "there."  
Mythic Swinton blew the clearer note; 
he had to drink to do it—
he knew that they had all sold out... 
and blew that tune!  All knew it.
He hit the righteous high notes! 
His music sweet and clear, 
he should have been a frontman, 
he sang so hard and dear. 
Though, we just rolled our "blind eyes" up, 
pretended a mistake... 
awaited safer *music* 
which we lapped up for our fate.
The STRINGS are plucked by charmless "priests" 
who moan their shallow dirge. 
They play upon the guilt produced 
on harps that but discourage
They whip us with their hair shirt bows 
and guilt us with their strings. 
Then, fleecing their respective flocks, 
become religious kings.
Theists pluck "dour movements" 
from their strings composed of gut, 
thus provoking ardent churchsters' weeping wail! 
...and that's just nuts!
They whimper hopeless harmonies 
of meaningless dichotomies 
insuring only futures where 
We fall into their traps! Their snares!
They don't police their ranks at all, 
and do us ALL so wrong. 
Their songs are rank extortion 
built to string us all along! 
These songs are self-enriching 
and produce no pangs of guilt... 
for the many who just cash on in
eroding mental health!
The REEDS? They're paid politicos 
who must whistle from their stumps... 
...just exactly what a "public" wants to hear
the facile chumps! 
They listen to their horns and strings, 
then harshly hum their spins on things: 
a beatified corpocracy... 
they but pump!
On gravy trains, they'd rather be, 
they laugh at you and promise—tease! 
They keep their hand within your pocket, 
lifting cash and keys or lockets... 
looting from your stuff they'll buy 
that music for their comfort's eye!
Some reeds split off like missiles! 
"Truth at last"(!), you cheer and whistle! 
But these are reeds soon locked away 
if they refuse "their" piece to play! 
...Johnny Ford was such a "reed" 
(I hope that, soon, he might be freed...)!
An unpleasant cacophony, 
this mixture of strings—
of brass or of reeds 
and more *curious* things. 
The movement is hollow; 
it is tuneless—discordant; 
it settles for short term 
and forgets long importance. 
It limps through its song 
like it's missing the notes. 
Forbidden to play them? 
Songs sound like a joke.
...And who's this *Forbidder*? 
Who "conducts" from the shadows? 
Who's the arranger—
this snake without glasnost? 
What is his end, 
and how is that measured. 
Who wins again (?); 
whose nest has it feathered?
Good music it's not, 
but your *beat* is still good—
and the notes they don't play 
ARE a symphony, dude! 
...And that's your paid ticket! 
You hear what's NOT there! 
That music is better 
(...trades Clem for Astaire)!
See? It's you who adds percussion! 
It's you producing heat! 
It's you producing rhythm... 
Individuals tapping feet. 
It's you distilling truth from fear. 
It's you to play and croon. 
It's you providing heart and soul—
who keeps that beat in tune!
...So, hear your own music! 
Refuse their contrived! 
Look for those sweet notes! 
Be on guard for their jive. 
Make new connections 
and wake up, refreshed! 
Tolerate more that the 
Concrescence is looming, 
and what do we find? 
That their music's awful
but your music's fine!

*Terence McKenna's Land

  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-pish...

  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-pash...

  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Tink! Tink!
  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Ta Tink! Tink!
  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Pa-tinkity! Tink! 
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-posh... 

  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada... 
(wait for it...)

...Taditity boom!

Restore John Ford!

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