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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Beset By Fear

Beset by fears of vague unrest, 
most wallow in their squalid nests. 
Afraid of what they shall not see, 
they force their smiles ... pretend they're free...
Enslaved by their contrived indifference
—awash in lies—
they fake disinterest, 
but down along "avoided" halls 
more secrets lurk to "teach" us all.
Their cants and programs? Dumb and blind. 
Their *seasons* work their will on us! 
...Now comes "Christmas"—"Easter," plus...
Pay for dross and soulless kisses; 
despair their social emptinesses
Lose a home, but pay your taxes! 
Keep the "faith"—"it soothes, relaxes"—
so rewarding... *gold* to "God..." 
...your "Church's" too glib "winking nod...".
Though, forget what dances in our skies! 
Forget the saucers "Phil" decries. 
Forget the motion pictures taken—
radar, traces ... facts "forsaken"! 
Forget the witness you CAN'T know, 
because they're scared a "Phil" might crow... 
they're tarred and feathered, not adored... 
derided and disdained ... deplored!  
Ask Stan Friedman what "Phil Klass" did: 
he poisoned WELLS, and we don't kid!
Forget abductees right or wrong 
who sing the *same* peculiar song. 
Forget the legends we all know 
that aren't explained... they tilt and glow!  
These are but the facts perceived 
regarding things we've misconceived, 
so we endure the darker darks... 
'cause others keep our senses parked!
Forget the cosmos, deep and wide, 
an ocean where we float, untied
thinking that we know so well 
what *oceans* "are" or "how" they swell! 
We endure self-serving ethics
—as proud buffoons—
...depraved,  pathetic?
Forget the record painted there, 
where words are writ describing *their* 
..."peculiar"... place in space's grace, 
that wealth of knowledge leaves no trace?!  
Though, yes, of course, we'll leave a trace;  
that's as plain as "nose" on "face"!
Think of all the trash in orbit
An alien archaeologist's target   
Fertile records, extant there, 
communicate a truth, mon frère!
Forget traditions handed down 
by word of mouth before some clowns... 
usurped those legends... ...with their crosses
beads of prayer, and smoking joss sticks.  
History is a smoking rune, 
while we're but made a glib cartoon!
Forget the Earth is wounded, plainly! 
Forget what we consume insanely! 
Forget that we're a demon species 
rolling in our steaming feces!
Forget that we don't know a thing
we're swept along, unchallenging, 
by forces that we could control 
if we but heard "that bell which tolls"!
The kingdom we can sense at hand 
is tied to water, air, and land
It whispers from the dappled brooks 
where fishes swim before they're hooked... 
...to ease us from our need to worry...
to be concerned, or bothered—hurried!  
This is no mere faith, and then?  
What is "tested," is valued, friend!
Conjectured futures, strewn with flowers, 
we keep our heads and use new powers 
graciously— inspiring honor!—
respecting wealth at present squandered!
The skies are clear if off our knees; 
it's when we're strong, and brave and free
A bounty rains like cats and dogs 
when we depart an errant fog—
when we are honest, smart, and true 
our cherished dreams are then imbued!
...Though, we're beset by "stinging flies" 
we should abhor, detest—despise. 
...We're at the whim of liars, friend! 
We think we're free, but we pretend
Our ethics are in sad disgrace. 
What's "Right" is out of line and place
We cry and mope and act like steers 
while outrage festers far and near!
Something's wrong ... and we must shake it! 
We're not secure ... and MAGA  fakes it! 
They're the reason we're not jolly; 
it's their season, and their folly... 
sacrificing all our dreams 
for short-term gains we'd deem obscene!
Still—just look! The sky's ALIVE 
with "craft" that hovers, swoops, and dives
...And all creation holds its breath 
while we "campaign" and scream for death?
No, Virtue's for the taking, friend, 
paying freight that fronts our end! 
Looking up to see a saucer's 
just as real as reading Chaucer!
Ask some questions! What's the problem? 
...Getting tired eating pabulum? 
Bug the lawyers, and the cops
bug the news guys, never stop!
Make those bastards earn their living. 
If you screw up, they're unforgiving! 
Make them earn where we've paid dear, 
while they but profit from our fear.  
They are not a different species, 
that is so much steaming feces.  
They are far from our superior, 
they're psychopaths, and so? Inferior.

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