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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Porcine "Status Quo"


One pays his price for thinking thoughts... 
...regards those "ebbs" and "flows"... 
of an inculcated gracelessness 
we've come to know and loathe. 
This "inculcated gracelessness" 
is from the "top," my friends, 
to cloud our sensibilities 
to the facts of their pretense. 
What are the smooth mechanics 
of this "system" they bestow? 
Why, it's the gravid sociopathy 
of their porcine "status quo"! 
UFOs are surely counter 
to this *fog* as it's contrived... 
fog "few" prefer as "blessing," 
but by "most" is most despised. 
 There is much—indeed awry
in a "wisdom of convention," 
so the "Status Quo" on UFOs
 Beyond all comprehension.
See, its smirking "grasp" 
pretends a "reach," 
inflates its "contribution"; 
"status quo" is used—you see!—
to employ their inculcation
It's the "status quo"—that "gracelessness"—
is the tool to be deplored; 
 it's the fuel for what reduces us, 
and what drives us to the floor. 
 Decidedly, so misemployed
not an "average" or a "mean," 
it becomes the canted "tool" of those... 
who squeeze it for their "green."
Yeah... folks sell out for "stability" 
(which they'd have at any cost). 
 They'll let the "man" run rampant—
never fret on what's been lost! 
 Privacy, some secrecy, 
that "freedom" we implore. 
 It's up in smoke; it's whisked away; 
it's "voted" out the door. 
 Then, they'll suck what's offered up 
and swear by its veracity, 
forgiving "holes" it's leaving... 
...as not earning our apostasy!
Forget their flawing models
—based on shallow supposition—
forget these MAKE their "rebels," 
that they foment opposition. 
Forget they boycott publishers, 
that they make the money scarce
Forget they "play the music," 
BUT they've "hidden" all the chairs! 
 Forget the huge retainers 
that they've used to prime the pumps 
of the jurisprudent "engines" 
they've employed like scurvy skunks...
What bastards then are such as these 
and who ensures their worth? 
Who's it cants the "playing field" 
and makes the "payout" hurt? 
Who decides "direction" 
and the "courses" we must take? 
Who's unmasked as charlatan
thieving cheat, or lying fake?
It's hard to have a steady deck, 
or stars to steer her by, 
when the rules are double-dealing, 
and the playing field's a slide...
What's bred? Its own corruption—
another wrong to make a right 
'cause "just plain folks" 
won't "spread their cheeks"; 
they'll hunker down and fight!!
Though, hamstrung by *convenient* "want" 
of expensive education, 
folks are blathered by "dis-info" 
and betrayed by "orchestration"! 
 Most don't know the "logic rules" 
or the "grammar" which allows... 
the "so informed" imposing "will" 
...by that which they'd "espouse." 
 They're owning all the newsprint
the satellites in space, 
the news, their drooling lap dog? 
 ...So much spittle in your face!
Still, folks must chant the "mainstream line" 
of blindness to their ills 
because *curing* costs the "change" they'd face 
for "paying down their bill"! 
 Though, "paid off" would be "hypocrisy" 
and of "inconsistent means"... 
beyond which could be meaningful; 
obscured? More wholesome—dreams!
We KNOW there's stuff that fills the sky 
with colored—flying lights! 
The evidence it's "thinking" 
tends to qualify our fight! 
...And fight it IS as more is known, 
and the longer they hold on? 
 Well, disastrous depths of failure 
we achieve as things go wrong!
Give it up, you CRUEL "elite," 
engorged on glad "convenience." 
Your day is past, not worthy, friend, 
its scintilla of bereavement
 You've been beyond rapacious... 
and most pirate-like in fact, 
you're unworthy of compassion, 
and beyond all reasoned tact. 
  I offer that your crimes are huge 
and passed all rhyme and reason
it's best you steer another course, as 
"...comes, a brand new season."
...Rather, give in to toleration
and the peace that it can bring. 
Allow for our autonomy
that we're, each one, queen or king! 
 Concede to elevation 
for all the rank and file... 
see, there is an aspiration 
for their soul that's more worthwhile!
Give out the information that
we, BY RIGHT (!), should have. 
If GE™ drops a trillion, 
well that's a "shame," and too damn "bad"! 
Don't pretend to save us 
from some "awful," scary truth. 
Don't protect us from reality
just let it go! Cut loose!!
We'll "lose"... to gain a bigger prize 
beyond dissatisfaction! 
We'll "lose," and have the finer things 
we've lost to past distractions
 We'll lose... but gain humanity! 
 We'll find that "less is more." 
We'll open up a brave new realm
 and stride its new-found shore!
Our loss will be collective gain! 
Mere pennies for the stars! 
We'd be mining wealthy asteroids—
it's NOT a bridge too far!
What's "gone" provides for greater gain—
no more we'll bow and scrape! 
We shan't abuse our planet 
that we waste, befoul, and rape! 
No more phony "mastery," 
but righteous stewardship!  
No banal "authority" 
to give us grief and lip! 
  Religion's reprehensible 
when it's message dictates hate
We err, and err so hugely, 
to allow their dictates FATE!
Let each decide her own GLAD fate, 
with all her bases covered—
that power's "individual" 
is the wealth that we'll recover!
Every man defends his castle—
and every woman has her home; 
we earn it "just" for living, 
just for having "finger" bones
Everyone is safe and glad—
and health care is ASSURED. 
...And we're set free from TYRANNY 
to which we're presently detoured!

All One!

Here's where the hypocritical "right to lifers" facilitate true cultural failure, actually. We'd live a lot closer to a true Utopia if these "lifers" had the same respect and compassion for the aged, destitute, and infirm, those not of their Church, and living in abject squalor—forgetting the social mechanisms ensuring all that—let them have that same respect as they have for the unborn... and even the ill-conceived! 

"Right to life," sure, if that's what a person wants to call it, but no right to a quality life over the long haul... especially what with human beings, reproducing unrestrictedly like malodorous puppy farms, are encouraged by fundy halfwits to do the same! Any "Surface Area" has a "carrying capacity," morons! It can only support so many, sensibly!

...And for a ready illustration of the monumentally hypocritical? Consider two burning buildings hosting one newborn child and in the other burning building? A suitcase containing 10,000 viable embryos. You can only save one. Choose! No... what's the real issue here?

Respect the elder child, of any age or station, as much as you respect the unborn one, and preclude our flag's ablation. That's it in a poetic nutshell. No apologies.

Yeah, that's right—brought into this world, not ONLY a free lunch (!) but a free "bed" and "roof"... for life! Bringing a life into this world is a responsibility. These give back... what they give back. You make no judgment. You are not judged. Remains that everyone individually wants one's life to mean something, it is suspected. What they give back comes from that, eh?

Sure. An "Overreach." Suck it up. Our "class-biased top-down cultural obstinacy" necessitates that shooting to the moon is required just to get across the freaking street... That's how important the individual needs to be—unfettered by hunger, disease, and abuse—poised to make a self-actualized contribution to an appreciating culture respecting it in turn . . . for MERELY being brought into this cruel, uncaring, and unforgiving universe. Yes! We are our only salvation and have ever been that. It wasn't God running up the stairs of the burning Twin Towers in 2001. No... It was God, or the reliance on him, bringing them down, it's offered. We digress.

...FORGETTING, for a moment, that the aforementioned "overreach" will bring the saucers down... propel us to the stars... provoke something new acting productively in an unpredictable way. Presage our golden destiny... all this and more, good... AND bad... but we realize! We have EVER been... our own salvation. God only allows for us not to take responsibility for ourselves. If we had? We'd have already, and efficaciously, populated space and time. Perhaps even mastered both...

What tools, used to accomplish the preceding, are sitting in dusty repositories (?)—hidden away from the minds, hands, and hearts of those, we, the currently disrespected... those who have paid, and paid DEARLY for these tools, but who are, ironically, denied what would provide them the most relief and suspected benefit! If it's good for the rank and file... it's too good for us, it seems. Remains that solutions are at hand if hidden by that cloying "status quo"...

They are disallowed. They are derided. They are made illegal. They are proscribed. They are avoided. They are dismissed. An Example? 

Research into the use of entheogens and psychedelics in mental health applications and death preparation has long been forbidden and this is despite initial astonishing successes with these substances in the areas mentioned above, one of which is manufactured in our own bodies! If you could take what is inside you right now and sell it to the highest bidder you'd be arrested and incarcerated for trafficking a controlled substance of the highest category! How ironically insane is that?

Somebody knows, you see; somebody disrespecting you for your not knowing... while facilitating that very ignorance. A peculiar irony.

It's your right to "know."  It's your duty. It's your salvation.

Restore John Ford.


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