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Monday, November 13, 2023

Abominable, Inchoate, And Uncouth

Ollie North *sells* drugs to kids... 
then gets a TV show! 
This is what an *ET* sees 
as "tortured Earth" coasts by below—
indifference to the suffering, 
kingpins making "plans" 
...fools polluting living water 
and scourging living land.
Consider, then, how we behave—
how the "few" abuse the "most." 
These sow humiliation
are, in no way, gracious folk!  
Our lives? Mere defecation 
that they push down with their feet... 
upon the heads of innocence, 
they'd treat like senseless meat!
...And we would have the *ET* "land" 
to suffer equal treatment? 
We would question their reluctance 
to abandon safe "concealment"?
Well, no... I hardly think so; 
no, that logic is absurd. 
 My thought is such that thought, as such
...is better off deterred.
 We would chance engagement 
with a "killer," "rapist"—worse
Well, an *ET*, sure, won't either...see...
they've watched us "blame" and "curse"!
 They've watched us now for many years 
from a hoary "long ago." 
 We've not employed "best practice." 
 Now, we're reaping what we've sown...
Our wage? I think it likely they'd avoid us... 
just precluding our embarrassment
Our guilt is just contained, now, as it is. 
...Imagine, for a moment, 
that they land, abruptly *visit*—
and we find that their first act's... 
...to give a quiz
They ask the shaming questions 
of the "folks not in the street": 
 Why are schools so damned exclusive
Isn't "truth" a basic need? 
 Why do children use old textbooks 
and why in turn discount their need, 
or lie—at best: "implode" it?
Where does a child's guilt come from
Don't we push it in their faces, 
and then impugn the "interested" 
who'd would visit "taboo" places?
Why promote "true child abuse" 
producing "balls and shoes" 
for children who have privileges 
the producers are refused? 
Why suffer abject hunger 
just to keep your burger stands? 
Why single-serve your foodstuffs, 
laying waste... just... "out of hand"?
Don't you hear the Earth? She's shrieking
Don't you know you drive her MAD?  
Do you know—you make her mad enough (?) 
she'll TURN on you, and bad!
Offended... is she striking back (!), 
with "climate change"—"EBOLA"? 
Your answer is to pump more oil, 
ship munitions to Guerrillas
Cranking up "those" factories 
that provide for Earth's abuse, 
so a precious few can pick capped teeth 
with diamond studded spruce!
Cornered, she attacks you, friend, 
like any living beast—
like any man or woman 
who's betrayed and lives besieged!
And DYING? We die with her!!! 
...And we'll choke on our own grime! 
A "gift" for all our children... 
...who will hate us for our crime!
I hear new protests every day 
(bet *ET* hears them, too?). 
People wonder *consequences,* 
"what's going on"—what's *true*?
See? You won't read it in a magazine 
if it interferes with sales
It's not picked up in papers... 
if an *inconvenient* tale
You won't hear it on the telly, 
or your short-wave crystal set... 
if it crosses moneyed interests; 
that's a sure thing—odds on bet!
It's these *least* abusing most of us 
to hazardous effect! 
We're stumped by errant systems 
and a culture we'd detest! 
It's standing on the shoulders 
of the masses down below, 
unfortunates, their chins in shit... 
that we've just dumped and thrown!
It's MOST of us beneath respect; 
it's most of us who suffer; 
it's persecution sans regret 
we have for ONE ANOTHER!
Why would *ET* ask for THAT
They'd figure they're mere "strangers." 
...We gut and screw our own... like that?!  
Why—we'd put them through our manglers!
It explains their "obfuscation" 
while remaining "omnipresent"? 
You hear and see them every day; 
you won't get THROUGH without it. 
Dim whispers in the media, 
a contention of the truth—
that we are not, at all, alone... 
Mark! We should not feel aloof!
You hear it on talk radio; 
you hear it by the by; 
you hear it from "real" fundies, 
but you burn in hell to try!  
You hear it from your Mom and Dad, 
but it won't change a thing—
they've figured out their "futures" 
and they've "planned" what it will bring.
You hear it from the mainstream, 
whoring tongues in pretty cheeks. 
You hear judicious whistles, 
or the rumored "lies" and "leaks."  
Contrarily, there's Wiki-leaks 
or YouTube, et sig al.  
Instruments with numbered days 
where psychos make the call...
You hear their misdirection! 
More? You hear it without end! 
You hear when you don't want to, 
as some vetted shall contend. 
See, science shills its "system" 
to mislead us from "without"
we too reluctant clueless
as to what it's all about. 
Though, and every bit as clueless 
as the "unwashed" they would scourge? 
They're fallible, officious
and contemptibly converged
There must be a better way
—where "grasp" can meet some "reach"—
where we become more conscious... 
and prepared for different speech!
Really!  Gather friends together
and relieve a righteous want! 
Salvation's toleration
when we read from different "fonts."
We should give "suckers" "even breaks," 
and kiss each other's cheeks. 
Muslim, Jew? Embrace us all—
conservatives to freaks!  
Demand the "more forthcoming" 
as "the way" we do things now!  
See, one's not allowed to persecute 
the deaths of sacred cows!
Have interest and respect for ALL... 
on world / global scales, 
and the "star folk" will approach us... 
perhaps invite us on their trail!
...Can you dig it? We may scare them
We may keep them from our sight! 
We might shock them with our attitudes 
and infuse them with our fright! 
We might terrify them spitless; 
we might revolt them altogether!  
They could find us très disgusting... 
even suitable to wether!
Perhaps their strange technologies 
may be gifts too great to chance
on backwoods country bumpkins we portray
so they're askance
Perhaps they're close to "whackin'" us 
(...perhaps been done before?!). 
Perhaps "extermination" is our 
"meter, foot, and score." 
If it is... we sure deserve it 
for the "liberties" we take
—for abusing one another out of meanness—
Goodness sakes!
...For savaged Earth, when we know better; 
hey, its beasts all have more honor
The multi-verse awaits us—
we continue our dishonor.
Yes, we may have to cop... 
to some distressed and awful truth: 
that our behaviors are abominable
inchoate and uncouth!


Indict NOW For Crimes Against
Sentience and Humanity!

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