Sunday, May 12, 2013

...Between The Stars...

I sense divergent consciousness (see...betwixt the stars you're free!)—as speculation pushes me beyond what science "sees." ...And not the science we'd respect, but the science of the niggardly. The science of the narrow minded "skep-dick's" insipidity.  The science of the autocrat.  The science of the scammed.  The science choosing pessimism: the science of the damned.  The science of the psychopath.  The science sans all sense; the science of the tyrannous; the science of offense... 
You want (, sneer!) some quick example—I provide you just two men! (...Our "thanks" to Aristotle for the women who aren't factored in...) These couldn't be more polarized, each stares across a gulf... at the ethics of the other, with but ONE concerned with self:
See, scientists like Edison are a sullen, craven lot. Scientists like Tesla ARE shafted, ruinednot?  Think! Which of these provided scope and efficacious living and which of these had mankind's throat for cruelties unrelenting?  Which declined to poverty, and which one was enriched; which one championed humankind, and which the S. O. Bitch?
Tesla might have freed "folk-kind." Thomas wanted "wage slaves." Tesla reached beyond himself, and Thomas was, at best, put paid?  Tesla took the higher path and Thomas took the low-road; had Tom, perforce, cooperated?  We'd ALL be on the high-road.  We'd populate the solar system; we'd be among the stars and sensing other consciousness with conscience much like ours.
Oh, they'll purr "impartiality," those men of "sacred" science; they wear their cloak so admirably, convinced of its reliance. They smirk and point around themselves at the grandeur of their work, like it's them who gives the gold ring at the "ride," and you're the jerk.  But these are bald reductionists and Cartesian to the core.  Materialistic cravens in denial: that's their score.  They're not the ones pronouncing from experience... they'd discount.  They're epic in denial as regards what they're about!  See, by discounting your experience as such that "cannot be"  they're dismissive of an evidence for a truth that lives and breathes.
So... they, then, look away from what you've seen with sober eyes! They ridicule the stuff there flying high in night cloaked skies. Ignoring what they want to (too addicted to their dollars), their knots are cinched up high and fast; they've leashes on their collars!
"Somewhere there is other life, as smart or smarter." (yeah!) They all admit this frequently in a yarn they've spun so well.
"...But 'they're' not 'here,' is their advice, "they cannot make the trip"! ...And why? "...Well, WE can't do it"! What hubris, then, is THIS?
I think there's more than they'd let on. I think their thoughts... "impounded." I'd think that they're not living UP... what they have propounded! I think they're NOT impartial. I think they're falsely proud. I think they have forgotten what the ancients proved out LOUD!
Pyramids and monuments aligned with unseen stars—the knowledge of ones solar system—what planets were and are!  That there was "one grand asteroid belt" and other planets where: the colors were acknowledged blue and green, but twins, so paired.*
They are "water giants," and like "the belt"... beyond our sight; so how the hell'd they "know" that—what they somehow "knew" to write?
I think our science sells us short (... facilitates bruised knees!). I think they think they're centered, but they're thinking begs disease. I think they lead us down the SLOPE of errant primrose paths. I think they wound egregiously—do disservice at the last.  See, they dismiss what they won't look at.  They deny and look away.  They presuppose their answers.  They'll facilitate foul play: They'll "book burn," gerrymander, use a logic they'd decry, and sheriff errant status quos to pontificate their lie!
I'm a conscious mote of conscience and I want to know the truth... good or bad it's likely preferable to our *scientist's* abuse. See, Plato knew the difference; he included what's not measured; Aristotle flogs his hubris to diminish what's unmeasured. We should reexamine Plato for imagination's value, and diminish Aristotle... who has mislead, duped, or failed you.
See, he discounts what's not predicted, 
anomalous and not repeated; 
his cant a bias, it precludes: 
the novelty he'd disabuse.
The FACT that "something's" happening is apparent in the "word." Written and historical it's there—you may have heard.   Evidence, in categories, "lives and breathes" in sevens; writ in ink and carved in stone, it's wisdom as of heaven...
Though... this is stuff NOT learned in schools 
where we are trained to be mere tools... 
bereft of our identities, 
and shoved to callusedbloody knees! 
We would stand upon our feet, 
and live what's REAL—a real feat!
We would ask the bigger questions, 
but include our heart's suggestions. 
Build to last for just rewards 
and breed less folks, for less is MORE!
Very few are "hurt" ...Some churches...
those "self-loathing"—suppressing urges... 
...they've deployed in unfair ways 
to cripple spirits they've betrayed
Bad news won't improve with age. 
Crass denial never pays.
Change is coming, not all bad, 
much of it will make you glad; 
find all the misery that is caused 
is caused by those who set proud jaws!
Prepare for new foundations which are pushed up by degrees. Prepare to leap to settled feet, and rest your callused knees.
  Prepare to have the skies spread wide 
with bracing winds of change denied... 
by those who live upon the flesh 
of these who're sans some clue or guess!
Feel its fingers touch your face, 
and pull you to a higher place 
(that you have earned for being born!) 
you stand respected and (yes!) reborn
"Soar and cleave," be unafraid! 
Be filled with purpose, bright—ablaze!
You're the center of it all! 
You have a will!  You've heard the call!
You're important! You understand! 
Your culture's nothing but a plan... 
to keep you down and worthless, beaten—
useful as their neutered cretin!
Take a breath and feel virtue. 
Let new winds of change alert you! 
Know that you are not alone 
to bear what changes change proposed.
You are the "divergent consciousness"—one finds—between the stars! And just like me you know there's MORE; you're lucid, plus? You ARE!
*...Neptune and Uranus, planets ever impossible to see with the unaided eye because of the terrible distances involved, are called twin water giants because they are composed largely of water, roughly the same size, and ...giants.  They have distinctive hues; however, one  tending to green and the other blue.  Green Uranus is rolled over on its side, struck down and featureless as if dead; Blue Neptune is erect and alive, surfing frozen Blue Oceans. We knew all this once, recorded many thousands of years ago by the Sumerians; how did we know? I'm reminded, inexplicably, that human beings are only at their best when things are at their worst; we've yet to master our decadence.

We locally demonstrate the just preceding, disaster after natural disaster, tirelessly, over and over again, but NOT taking advantage of those times where we are at our very best... given transient conditions provide their very worst.  If we reversed that to a degree... acted a little more noble in good times, we might not be tormented so tragically in the bad... we all know that's true.

...Later on, then, some *David* covets someone else's very desirable ass, the *rules* aren't flexible enough for rational sharing any more (even of an inexhaustible resource, I might add, remembering Tesla above)—reptile brained prerogatives work out their conveniently short-sighted calculations, the general suffering is increased, and the status quo is refurbished. We must like it that way.

It's clear we have to struggle against something to stay sharp—to remain fit... ...but we grind against each other while the common exterior problem continues to kick our unbalanced and misdirected ass; we are diminished by our struggle instead of being strengthened by it.  Is that the plan?

It doesn't have to be that way... we should be living on healthy island planetoids, pregnant with satisfaction and vitality ... endless gardens of technological *magic* out in the asteroid belt—by now ... but for the ubiquitous tyrannies and pernicious pogroms of the conspiring and *convenient* sociopath... or neo-conservative and psychopathic niggard, but we'd already alluded to Dick Cheney recently. Piss on that guy, eh? Sincerely!

You know what?  The more words you have at your disposal the better you can describe your own world back to yourself...  ...Restore John Ford!