Friday, May 29, 2015

Inevitable Alternatives And Key Individuals

Inevitable Alternatives And Key Individuals
by Alfred Lehmberg (From UFO Magazine)
Many of us in a ufological C-list rank and file are dismissively chided by the experienced and legitimate researchers in our community as "armchair Ufologists": persons apart from being taken seriously because we have not done any field research. 
Klasskurtxians or Pelicanists, on the other hand, plus other ax-grinders... knee-jerk debunkers by any stripe or name... accuse our alleged "woo-woo" credulity and too eagerly impugned intellectual openness—a result, ironically, of doing that same field research—as that which is reflexively and by definition dismissible. Our "unbiased," "fetterless," and wholly "credulous" investigation, these sneer, would then ultimately indicate to us that UFOs are so much bunk...  
Heavy sigh.  Damned if don't or do!
Upon conducting a small research of my own I discover, rather predictably, the inevitable alternative.  Verily, my personal experience reveals a path untold by the preceding factions, whatever the provenance of their "aisle side"... separating us, those individuals sincerely curious and genuinely truth seeking... from the efficacious persons the aforementioned "rank and file" should read and watch respectfully... ...and the immediately preceding's polar antithesis: those who should be reviled, despised, and wholly loathed for the intellectual cowards that they are, out of hand!  I'll leave it to the reader who is who.
This writer observes that the former could be more encouraging to the flock they serve and that the latter are just unbravely and self-servingly wrong, in heart and mind...  See? Your individual "investigation," reader, can be positively taken and to a degree the reader can determine themselves.  Remember that the only ones who really needs to be dissuaded or convinced as regards the ufological "such and so" are the individual readers themselves.  The individual is key!
It is not as unusual or as difficult as one might believe.  Moreover, the results of ones personal analysis may not prove to debunk UFOs, and more importantly, the conjectured occupants of same... without regard to how this *other* is manifested in a considered "real" or existential world.  Flying saucers remain real, eh?  Seven monstrous categories say so.
Provenance is not the issue and may be misled conjecture anyway.  "Actuality" of the body's felt presence is the issue.  Here and now.  The moment.
That said, the former might provide a short if comprehensive syllabus outlining a process whereby interested persons might more successfully perform their small research.  This is forgetting that the aforementioned can be accomplished merely answering the questions who, what, where, how, when, and for the angle "why," when possible, to the best of ones ability.  This has been done to a degree, true, but suspect mainstream opposition is an implacable foe, and those initiatives are frozen and scattered in that opposition's wind.
The latter? These can just settle in with a nice steaming cup 'o "shut the f__k up."  Where truth is told in a manner to be understood?  It will be believed.
As I said... I've performed such an individual "research."  Oh, it's a grain of sand compared to Frank Feschino's 20 year old, very assiduously documented and cited... then illustrated research regarding the 1950s military UFO "Flap," to be sure, but it was a research, nonetheless.  It provided convincing personal answers to... Who.  What.  When.  Where.  How.  And lastly, that angle with regard to a "Why," even outside the parameters of diverse real persons observing a bona fide UFO and then having the sacked stone to report it.   
Here's what happened.
I was looking around in some old UFO Report text files late last century that I had downloaded from a BBS.  I'd come across an episode highlighting the name of a small town within proverbial spittin' distance from me here in southeast Alabama.  I have promised the key person involved they would not be implicated so I will not directly ID the town, just give you salient details of it.
Several people in this small Alabama town observed a UFO.  I have the text of the article concerning the whole incident plus other documentation, but there is no requirement to believe this ol' ex soldier, I'm doing this for me, remember.  You're just welcome on the ride, is all.  Buckle up and extinguish all smoking materials.
Anyway, intrigued by the proximity of this event, I called the local town's newspaper to see if there was anything to the news article I'd found in those text files—and wouldn't  you just know it?  There was!
In fact it was quite a little tempest in a tea pot, for all that, and I do not mean to diminish it. Not at  all, for what it really was, reader, was a story about courage, integrity, and standing up in the face of authority when it belittles you... or, suggests that you are misrepresenting, mistaken, or mentally ill... when it's you compelled to make a report to lawful authority after observing the highly strange!    
The original story was, of course, doomed to go nowhere.  
I suspect that there are stories like this happening all over the United States, every day.  These are stories dying as a result of being too close to the "informational bone" and challenging of our "slack cultural relevancy."  Moreover, these stories cannot easily be confirmed by the reader and are more easily filed away under amusing occurrences, belittling their importance for cause!  Still, this was a bona fide ufological tempest, close by, even if it was in a teapot...
...Besides, I was between quarters at college.  I had time, motive, and opportunity to play investigator (folks, I'm no Hercule Perot); as I said, I called the editor at the local paper. 
It turned out the fellow I reached was a talkative sort, and imagine any chief of a small town American rag; a hamster couldn't pass gas in his town without him knowing about it!  
He talked about the  witness, at last, and I am actually a little chagrined to report... that "X" (the person of provenance in the affair) was a long standing and respected-pillar-of-the-community type further showing historical stability with a responsible job in State government! 
The Editor went on: apparently "X" was driving with a friend at night and had seen a UFO in the sky, a banana shaped object spinning like a crazed boomerang or dervish!  The object (...not a bird, bolide, booster, or balloon...) had swooped back and forth in front of their moving car while utilizing unfeasible speeds and impossible direction  changes... and then it just disappeared! 
The editor added, further, that there were other reports that night from other credible witnesses at similar times.  Multiple sightings of the UFO would be reported along a path which could be traced on a map! 
Then the editor talked a short time about the rest of the story... regarding an amusingly satisfying related  situation precipitating some police embarrassment over their not taking  "X"'s  UFO report seriously enough when "X" made it!  A-ha!
Apparently,  the police had mildly ridiculed "X" about the incident, and "X" went through the small-town roof as a result.  The tempest escalated to a reported melee at the county police level, but with the mayor of the effected town brought into tow, "X" secured a complete retraction of the ridicule and a public apology from the police officers involved. This elicited more newspaper coverage, in turn, and a cartoon was produced illustrating the chagrined police chief being dragged down the street by a UFO, saying into a cell phone words to the effect that he had every future intention of taking UFO reports seriously!
See, reader?  You don't have to stand pat for a load of crap from a smirking authority!  
Well, "Great Story," and I thought that was the end of it, but then he abruptly added that if I "wanted" (!!!) I could talk to "X" myself, and here is "X" 's  home phone number!  I asked him—after I got the number—how he could do that, and he said that "X" did not say not to. Ok!  Works for me!
Well, I called "X", got a machine—left my tale of explanation, credentials, number, and sincerity ... I even said "don't feel bad" if you don't return the call. 
I got no return call; embarrassed, I have to report I hoped "X" felt bad... 
I waited a couple of weeks; I didn't want to be the *obnoxious* media—if I wasn't getting paid for it!—and I was just getting ripe to phone back and see if the message was even received... when "X" finally returned my call! 
"X" wanted to know "how in hell" I got the number!  I ratted the editor out (he didn't say not to), then countered with a barrage of apology, quick assurances of sincerity, and that I would make no trouble.  "X" cooled out. 
After making me promise that I would not identify "X,"  "X" confirmed a large, crazily wheeling boomerang shape that zipped hither and yon in front of them like something "X" had never before seen! "X" said it was a CRAFT!
Additionally, there is something that you have to  understand about "X,"   "X" lives right in the middle of some of the most intensively flown uncontrolled airspace in the known universe, and has lived there the whole of a respected life. 
Anyone who has heard of Fort Rucker, home of Army Aviation, knows that the World comes to Fort Rucker to fly helicopters, day, night and all weather.  "X" had cut teeth on aircraft of all types and knew the difference 'twixt something identified and something "NOT," in her familiar Alabama Skies.
"X" went on to say that the police apology story was overblown; it didn't happen as stridently as the editor had said, but that it was irritating not to be taken  seriously by someone who's salary "X" helped to pay.
God bless  "X", eh? 
Closing, "X" expressed appreciation if I could provide no further bother on this subject, as it was kind of embarrassing—but that I seemed like a good sport, and I had "done America so proud in the (first) Gulf war..."...
I had to allow that I spent the duration of that war at Fort Rucker itself,  teaching the men and women preparing to participate themselves how to fly in combat.  "X" said that that was OK, I'd done my part—my whole point being that this person was a credentialed, reliable, and respectable person.  Moreover, this was a person able to communicate to me that something incredible was, in fact, witnessed by that credible person, and that real UFO's are existent to one more person I know.  For me, incredible!
See?  Quality persons all over the world are having these encounters regularly, reader!  Not happening to you, you can bet that it is happening to someone around you... perhaps even to someone close to you. 
Eyes peeled for such, you can investigate same!  Yes!  ...Perform a valuable research, and tell the story. 
Moreover, you don't have to swallow crap from authority when you do the brave thing and report an anomaly.  Consider, a small bravery now precludes, perhaps, that consummate bravery required later on!  Live on your feet or die on your knees!
Lastly, the result of your courage will be an ability to hold your head up in a substantively understanding way with the honored "big dogs" of ufology, plus, avail yourself the corresponding pleasure of serving up the "steaming cup" alluded to earlier for those *others* wholly deserving it!  You'll also get a leg up on the future accelerating inexorably towards you... regardless, but that's a story for another issue.

Less is more, eh?  Read on.