Saturday, June 25, 2016

...Justifying Our Quarantine...

A buddy of mine is trying to quit... ...The lying embrace of tobacco. He’s fit to be tied, madder than spit, and pounding the chubbier tacos.
He’s slapping his pockets for matches or lights. He’s avoiding old friends like the plague. He’s quicker to upset, more willing to fight; mere "comments" are seen as red flags.
I quit long ago, the smoking, I mean. Though, I still have my own “Nick” addiction. I’ll live without lips in the worst of my dreams, still cursed with *their* lying affliction!
Cursed by the man in the "house on the hill." Cursed by unsavory investors. Cursed by big business, so bloated and shrill. Cursed, especially, by evil... adjudicators!
What’s this to do with our "watchers from space"? Why talk about this here? Well, what would you think of a life form, for instance... that fed on its own—flaccid—rear!
See, that’s the way watchers must find us, I bet—the stronger preying on the weaker? We’re vapid, short-sighted, gravid with pus—at the whim of these predating freakers.
Too we’ve given our doctors a weapon against us. They who prescribe nicotine at a premium! And what of antacids they sell at cost *plus*? Aren't doctors awash in *our* media’s encomium!
The watchers were watching in baffled befuddlement when John Swinton took the podium—a little high? He told the—black—truth in a flash of astonishment! For this he’s admired, and by some, most despised.
This is the media as paid by tobacco... who made billions running their ads! They made billions more, then, incognito... ...When they didn’t report it as deadly, or bad!
We’re caught in the throes of their monstrous addiction. You could call it a legal cartel. For decades we’ve suffered egregious attritions. I’m for pushing a button... to send them to HELL!


...They do seem to be ~so~ enjoying the trip!
Christ, but how can someone profit from all this misery? Where’s your money, brothers and sisters? Are you an investor in the misery? Do you toil and travail to keep so much of it around you?
...Bet you don't... why would you. It's not in your best interest.
But...'s hard not to be the facilitator of evil when you regularly take a prescription antacid you don't need, or a scripted cholesterol drug which is superfluous. Medically? We saw off a finger on our right hand and try to grow its replacement on our left...
Really a mandatory choice between corporate lawyers (et al?) and mosquitoes... sincerely... push a mere button, and they all go away? I would have to save the mosquitoes for better assurances I was doing the right thing, you know?
“Wait, you idiot, they’re human beings”!
No... No, my friend. No, they are ~not~... they are reptiles predating on the reader's parents and their children.


Oh damn, I cleaned out Congress, too... ...and most of the Supreme Court... and a goodly portion of the Executive Branch... ...well, let’s do it right this time. Let's SEE if what goes around comes around!
Doctors? Police Officers? Any closed or semi-closed Institution having a hit television series produced about it–beware! There are buttons for varieties of ~you~, too.
All that said, the "Watchers" are aghast...
"They ~feed~ on themselves!" Watchers wonder, "What would they feed on if we let them out here"?
This Just in: Jimmy Carter once said there's no doubt in his mind that Al Gore was elected president of these United States sixteen years ago...
If true, and how could it not be? Bless you, sir.
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Odd Observation #16

Wrong, Wrong Minded, And Wrongly Motivated Wooden Nickels

Odd Observation #16
by Alfred Lehmberg

...Stationary periodic flashers of remarkable brilliance.

...Thought quick fast-walkers.

...Slowly moving "foraging insect in and amongst the stellar shrubbery" types.

...A couple of very unlikely "due-westers"*... These were a few of the sky observations I'd made since my subsequent report.

...And one startling observation here on Earth... a one-time friend of mine (a friend thought WELL within the realm of transparent innocence) was reportedly being stalked, bugged, and otherwise harassed by agents of a shadowy opposition, though, that's not what I want to talk about. 

I'll just want to hang that out there (used later perhaps given the lay of the land) to illustrate the point of my contention regarding one Dr. Joe Nickell, a ranking CSIcopian, and what he once expressed on SDI (Strange Days Indeed) in June of 2002 about ufologists "wasting their lives" in the pursuit of a paranormal "ephemera." 

Well, he couldn't be more WRONG. He couldn't be more wrong-MINDED. He couldn't be more wrongly MOTIVATED.  Such is the supposition of an intellectual sophistry and unwarranted superciliousness leavened into lives which can have no meaning save the dictates of covetous number-squeezers and celibate hypocrites in long black dresses: two sides of the same coin tossed in a hand beyond all humility and larded with unwarranted hubris.  Posted!

He "couldn't be more wrong" because he is the complete antithesis of what he would otherwise give every indication that he must be!  That persona is one of an educated man "going where the data leads." In the crusade of science's light?  Mmmmmm-no.

He is not data led. Stanton Friedman, the late Richard Hall, Jerome Clark, and Jerry Cohen... forgetting David Rudiak and UFO history's all but forgotten Jean Van Gemert, and Brian Zeiler... these give an abundant argument that he (and the rest of his imagination-less clan) is not remotely circumspect regards this milieu of the unusual... WHY he is not circumspect , and HOW he is not circumspect.

To start, he is wrong because he says he does "science" but will do NO science which requires him to rethink his shaky position (he has to be right EVERY SINGLE TIME where this writer only has to be right only ONCE). He is loath to redo work ineffectively and unconvincingly done (his ufological research is canted, reactionary, and demonstrably facile and bogus). He is steadfast only in not giving up on a wrong conviction (UFOs are, too, real in any sense of the word!). 

He is wrong because his philosophical predilection is to a too rigid conservatism based on too many steps cherry-picking data stepping laterally and too many steps of cognitive dissonance BACK, obliterating the too conservative (some would argue cowardly) reluctance to take a step forward

Another essay map if I wished it so, he is hugely wrong in spirit, he is demonstrably wrong in letter, and he is decidedly wrong in principle. Moreover, he IS the corrupted mainstream, and so a ready symbol or tool for all the ill-employed wrongness that that implies.

Dr. Nickells is wrong-MINDED for similar reasons. His inexorable entrenched position is soaked in the mire of staid and intellectual rot... forgetting the National decay via our traditional academic authoritarianismHe typifies the self-aggrandizing conceit of the lettered with broad proclamations as bereft of support (but in lettered vapidness) as they are of consistent logic. See the named references above for exquisite detail!

He is repelled by the more open-minded authoritative and too forgiving of the laughable gaffs of his authoritarian CSIcopian brethren. I'd suspect a Limbaugh Republican bent to his social politics, too: "no love" masquerading as "tough love" and "no research" masquerading as "investigation enough." Resolved: he is thoughtless denial  personified, masquerading as thoughtful apperception...

Finally, Dr. Nickells is wrongly MOTIVATED because his impetus implies mindless support for the suspect status quo of the "stealthily non-forthcoming," so... where's the beef? No, "intellectually beefless," and based on the paramount in limit tests for credulity: it facilitates blind acceptance of professional (all but closed) institutions in medicine, law, and "science" (agencies preying on the masses like wolves on wildebeest).  Squeezers and dress-wearers aforementioned.

Moreover, it empowers cold blooded institutions that have always had something OTHER than the public's best interest at their cold and dark hearts.  These are institutions hard wired to early, vociferous, and strident dismissal for the contrary individual with a new idea. 

It doesn't matter that the odd idea ironically ensures the continuing power of the (all but closed) institutions (and the men by which they are perpetuated) who would dismiss them. A similar devil of easy intellectual complacency and unexamined cognitive dissonance truly has Dr. Nickells (and his turbid ilk) by his arrogantly officious shirttails and dust dry short hairs.

Along these lines (bear with me!) and a long time ago, the Lists were abuzz with talk about an "A" list film regarding Keel's "Mothman Prophesies" and their relevance to ufology as a whole (as it presently exists in a National if not global consciousness). With respect, I think that everyone missed a point about that movie that I'd  discovered once the brou~ha had died down and I actually rented the film to see for myself. 

Reflection on that motion picture indicates a portrait of a toxic mechanism in society, as typified by Dr. Nickells, giving dark substance to the "waste of life" that someone might be blighted with, in pursuit of a very ephemeral and paranormal ufology, for example. This is to say that Dr. Nickells may be right, ironically, but certainly not the way HE thinks, and only for reasons which he and his spurious and back-stepping ilk are pointedly responsible for!

Will Patten, a deceptively effective character actor, played the part of a very simple and aptly named middle-aged man (a composite, actually), Gordon Smallwood. Smallwood was confronted with an actual anomalous manifestation that "apparently" drove him to the loss of job and family, likely insanity, and then, finally, death. 

Richard Gere was able to escape a similar fate by denying the "anomaly," at last, when he would not take a call from his "dead wife" and tore the phone out of the wall to throw it angrily (a symbol of what's out of the "box") across the room and away from him out of fear, revulsion, and loathing. The lesson here would be one of pragmatic denial then, to assure "continued normalcy," ... "comfort" in a contrived and insentient invention of reality, and comfortable "acceptance" by one's peers, subordinates, and superiors on their faces where one complies with the jealous status quo.  That's living dangerously and pointlessly this old man has discovered.  I digress.

But WHY were the characters driven to insanity or close to it, and to such terrific loss, REALLY? 

Some would say that it was the enigmatic "devil" that made them crazy or their flirtation with the unknowable was the strange agent taking them to the brink or over same. That answer seems too easy, anymore.

Forgetting there is something as "unenglishable" as it is "unabolishable" underlying these phenomena, something much more creatively agenda-led may be likely: Smallwood its enigmatic scapegoat... and what's more dismissably guileful than a UFO stuffed with anomalous and discountable "Mothmen"... What is THAT but the reflexive and all too abject DENIAL of those things "outside the box" by a shallowly depthless and intellectually cyclopean CSIcopia, or its equally effective clones, also extant enemies of novelty and imagination...  

Consider, reader, that it is these persons critically regarded who are myopically motivated by an existential "heat death" in a future near or far, prophesized by the fuzzifying figures of the rarest of elite mathematicians... but that those figures are disintegrating before that elite like a logicless mist as they're parsed and sieved beyond the capacity of the strainer's imagination to encompass them. These conceive to perceive only an arrow of implacable time pointing to an existential and inescapable meaninglessness... the bleakest of bleached bleaks by way of that inexorably desolate and frozen fate reportedly at the absolute zero of time's unspeakable and dreaded end...  

Well, in a universe clearly evolving, by their own admission, from the very simple to the vastly complex... will DNA, raging against the dying of the light, make itself immune to Thermodyne's 2nd Law?  I suspect that remains to be seen. Bunky's mind; however, is made up. 

No, these charge vehemently!  "History's a random walk entirely by chance and the end approaching is a gaping maw of the darkest cold meaninglessness !"

That's not this writer's intuition, perhaps awash in my own hubris... enthralled in a personal fable of "meaningfulness" each individual can grasp for themselves... especially if they had the support of empathetic fellows... and there's the rub!

What if the Patten and Gere characters had been able to consult an enlightened consortium of lettered persons, a Bizarro CSICOP if the reader allows (one that didn't automatically presume a subject's dementia?!) regarding their highly unusual experiences? Quite simply, they would not have had to shoulder the burden of it ALONE and been driven to the excesses they were compelled to act out! 

Had they been remotely respected for their reports, instead of ostracized and marginalized, they wouldn't have been driven to be the loss enduring, introverted, pathetic, tragic, and suicidal characters that they portrayed in the film!  Humanely treated, they would have just been more DATA for a problem's solution!  Hell, the only lettered person in the picture's communicational equation was a Doctor that was HIMSELF ostracized and marginalized for looking too deeply into the light that may "be," where there is no choice between living a normal life... and never finding answers searching for what teasingly refuses to be found.

Who is the cause of the OSTRACISM and MARGINALIZATION, the reflexive ridicule, and the readily employed smirking sneers? Well... that would be what we reap as a result of the intrepid Dr. Nickells and his intransigent clan of not-so-merry or open-minded, scientific, creative... even clever or imaginative men and fewer women (to the credit of womankind)! 

What MAY have started out as an efficacious device to root out charlatans and chicanery, and was supported by such noted personalities (individuals I add) as Steve Allen and Carl Sagan, becomes what we have today: the mainstream's instrument of easy paranormal denial and intellectual backstepping.  Such is unquestionably so.

It is the fraud THEY perpetrate... that people should be on their guard for, FIRST!  ...NOT the wishful thinker or the crackpot dreamer encountered in the unnecessary if well facilitated "informational void." 

Oh sure, be on guard for them, too, just FIRST be on guard for CSIcop, a craven mouthpiece for a status quo unconcerned with the greatest good for the greatest number, the efficacious individual with a new twist or idea, or an individual person's right to "know," ...or to be informed regarding aspects of society justifiably challenged by what only gets weirder and weirder.

...Proof that CSIcop's a fraud?

Well... remember the "bugged," "followed," and otherwise "transparently innocent man" harassed by "dark agents" of the conjectured second civilization? It's situations contrived like this begging the question why they would need to be hoaxed at all except to provide for a discredit and plausible deniability of UFOs... which remain to be buttressed by seven categories of vetted evidence in the face of that lone hoaxer, harrassed, bugged and followed.

Turns out that the person alluded too would more likely be me and not the person to whom I had been providing support and who had embroiled me in a humiliating hoax. Indications were that that was on the level, too. Truly.  I can be wrong, and such was so!  

Dismissal first demands the even-handed investigation! Still, I'm perplexed by that ride... Why did _I_ have to take it?  I was approached and recruited into a ufological tempest arguably the beginning of the end for Budd Hopkins and by extension the very questionable David Jacobs, though I digress again.

CSIcoppers, in their artless turn, would reflexively deny every aspect of the odd, out of the box, experiences of a genuine experiencer, experiences which are (without a doubt) the only thing that would lure the interest of these interested agencies who, by considered report, stalk and threaten, stalk and threaten us all.  One fraud does not obviate or make indication that an entire milieu is fraudulent.  Even the CSIcopian would protest making conclusions on a small sample size; one is the smallest as can be found.

The corpocracy which has become our government MUST know facts and details about UFOs and their appellate issues that it does not admit, hence the very real and frightening harassment by spurious activists... among others, maybe even my betrayer.  No informed consent here.

CSIcopia has strong ties to our special-interest hijacked mainstream, is my intuition. Its parent non-elected 2nd government knows at least some of the truth? Ipso? CSIcop, the mainstreams lap-dog, is a fraud!  

Given its name and brand change to "CSI"? It's pretty plain when you go where the data leads.  Such seems decidedly so.

That's enough... eh? I remain watching our sky. Read on!

*A "satellite" traveling due west is likely not a satellite... 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ameri~ka The Brutish Rule!

America In Divisive Distress And Courting Disaster!

Ameri~ka The Brutish Rule?
By Alfred Lehmberg

This essay is about UFOs only in as much as current political behavior must inspire reasonable trepidation in a UFO's conjectured occupants as it regards contact with our irksome politicality.  We earn, and decisively, our conjectured quarantine... ...Buckle in.

To start, the wife is a wee bit upset with me as it stands, I say true! She won't avoid being more non-plussed upon finding out about the present controversy I'd engage, or otherwise whack with an outraged literary stick. ...But hey, as you'll come to see, I really do love her and so could do nothing less and remain a proper husband. 

My wife ~is~ an innocent in all this. She's never been to a paranormal chat room, surfed internet fringe forums, made an online friend, constructed a website, or contributed to a special interest internet group. The technology only very peripherally exists in her "meat-space" world. She has other—more traditional if no less valid—interests.

She is ambivalent to UFOs—if concerned regards my interest—a moderate/centrist politically, and she's blissfully unaware regarding a global affectation of an *internet* to move, touch, sway, and stir upon the collective sensibilities of the people who choose to plug themselves into it. Seriously, if I don't tell her myself, she'll likely never even hear of this essay. Her internet innocence is that complete.

Additionally, to further ornament the point, she's spent almost half of a century as the valued wife of a retired military officer who spent 25 years, herself, driving a bus for a federally funded school system without accident or incident. In that referenced time she went out of her way to pay her taxes, was always clean, forever thrifty, gracefully respectful, and certainly brave. 

She still is. She hasn't changed!  Her adopted country; however, seems to have taken some bad options and morphed into something altogether different... ...if... familiar...

More point ornamentation. Her husband had had many top-secret military clearances whilst on active duty as a career aviation officer, so, as a German National, she'd been through numerous Government Intel sieves in her own right over the years. She'd had to jump a huge hurdle agency-wise when we were married, 43 years ago, to get the clean bill of intelligence-health she obviously enjoyed. To wit: I was never denied clearance of any type for any reason and was even on operative stand-by for nuclear surety missions.

So what do I do to turn her crank so hard? I make it sound like I must be using or trafficking in controlled substances, be part of some radical political effort, involved with a terrorist cell, or cultivating some kind of twitchy internet sexual activity...

Well... no, no, no, no, and (...Let me think...) no, reader. At this point evidence for any of the preceding or remotely similar activity would have to be planted, frankly. Put a fine point on that. It may come up again!

What did I do, then?

Well, in a nut-shell, when he had a 90% approval rating post 9-11, I once wrote rather glaringly that our very certainly faux-mandated, apparently vote-thieving, and obviously ethically bankrupt and now former CIC, George W. Bush ( there's no mistake...) was a "dumb-assed-dry-drunk-double-deserter with an inferiority complex, a paucity of intellect, and delusions of dangerous grandeur."

That scared her. She remains "scared." Should she be?  If so, why? Here's the rest of the story.

She's a German National, remember. A resident alien. She was born in 1950 and raised in West Germany to a maturity decidedly foreign, if acceptably so, to the sensibility of a garden-variety American citizen. Her father was a German artillery Captain who was captured early to spend the war as a guest of the US at Fort Campbell Kentucky. Her mother worked in photo intelligence and image interpretation during the war. Nothing twitchy there, then, or later... nothing that precluded, at any rate, the top military clearances I've already mentioned. She's no member of Paperclip.

Let's cut to the chase...

Her mother and father told her many of the dark, dark tales about what it was like in Germany prior to and during the awful war years. Her now deceased second father, at that time a keenly edged 86 and a retired Regional Finance Minister—a survivor of the Winter War seeing duty on the Russian front, additionally—is able to draw... ...comparisons. Others, numerous friends and relatives of contemporary and advanced years that she regularly talks to over there in the "old world", are making the same unsettling... comparisons. Is there a comparison?

Their concern, fretfully reflected in the apprehension of my wife, is that the United States seems to be aping the same kinds of *attitudes*, *behaviors*, predilections*, and *activities* they'd seen before—the same kinds of hateful emotional fire, political irrationality, and nationalistic mayhem and malevolence. The same kinds of blurring of church and state. The same kinds of voter fraud and voter suppression. The same kinds of "rights" reduction.

The same kinds?  ...As Nazi Germany?  ...Ouch!

The same (...much worse, actually!) intelligence surveillance. The same cruel Machiavellianism. The same unilateralism. The same predatory corporatism. The same institutional duplicity. The same gnawing and depressing fear, worried care to thought and speech...

The same kinds of hell, reader... as was provided by Nazi Germany's Fascists of last Century. Is it the same?

I report, now, that they see in us the rise of what they themselves endured in the previous 30's and 40's, can sense the same approaching catastrophe that that behavior traditionally precipitates, and feel that their concern is more that appropriately justified. Is their fear justified?

My wife is fearful of an eventual Republican-league *Gestapo*, cheerfully facilitated by a powerful and sizable minority of adoring if deluded and terrorized sycophants, breaking down our door and dragging us away for re-education camps, imprisonment/torture, or even arbitrary execution.

She's worried about the continuance of our hard won military pension upon which we must depend. She's worried about the falsely punitive attentions of predatory institutions, corrupt agencies, and a rogue government hijacked by demonstrable criminal elements. She's worried about future persecutions imposed upon us at the whim of lawless sociopaths and their willing functionaries.

She's worried about us being falsely identified as an enemy of a 21st Century fascist state, and dealt with accordingly, outside of any law, so with the obligatory extreme prejudice. A true innocent in every respect, should my wife of 42 years be worried?

Fascism is defined as a system of *government* marked by centralization of authority under a *dictator* (preferred figurehead), harshly stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of even lawful opposition through crafted terror, and the use of manipulating censorship or propaganda. It is typically characterized by belligerent nationalism or some kind of baseless racism and sexually motivated hatred. Ultimately, it is a whole political philosophy or movement based upon or advocating such a sorry system for even sorrier State.

Moreover, it has a penchant for an oppressively dictatorial control mechanism that is passionately, even joyfully, prosecuted. It likes what it does.

It puts corporate entities in charge of Government, combines state and church into a *sturch* or *chate* resembling neither, and it is the jealous enemy of an individual's desired freedom. It engages in adventurous wars of empire, as it profits from them, and it lavishly rewards the predatory few at the terrible expense of the manufactured many. It is a singular and perfidious evil in all ways, all matters, and at all levels.

It HATES liberalism and egalitarianism. It abhors a bill of individual/human rights. It detests due process and equality under the law. It loathes independent thinking. Do we as a Nation begin to resemble any part of the preceding?

I'm a writer of admitted small talent, but a writer nonetheless. I'm also an educated, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen/retired soldier/officer and combat Vet. I'm intellectually placed, medially, near the top of the aggregate bell curve... nothing really special or pointedly seditious about me according to the references I'd mentioned (forgetting a proudly admitted cant to liberal philosophies if not politics) ... but I'm detecting a resemblance.

Friends of mine far smarter than myself and more professionally experienced and educated than myself detect a resemblance. Persons abundantly experienced with the full-blown examples of same... detect a resemblance. Some of us have to squint the eye a little harder than others, thank your God of choice, but a resemblance seems plain, regardless. Is there a resemblance?

Why would I shoot off my mouth and tempt fate, then, if there were? The answer is obvious.

How could I not, reader? How could I close my eyes and harden my heart to something I know, historically, would threaten me (and mine) right along with you (and yours)... something that would ponderously grow, eventually and certainly (!), to metastasize like the foulest National cancer, later (soon!), if not now?

How could I have any respect for myself, feel confident about the quality of life for my children and grandchildren, or live a proudly valued life on my own... if I didn't speak up now before our seeming National wretchedness was a foregone and egregious conclusion? 

How could I remain silent if I recognized that the present day was quickly becoming the antithesis of everything I had learned in school, defended in combat, and internalized in college about these glorious United States and the brave grace of its conjectured contribution to progressive civilization?  I believed these manipulating lies regarding "home of the free" and "land of the brave"!  Freedom's leader!  

I would make that manipulating lie so, efficaciously, of, by, and for the people! How could I not speak up, reader?  How can you remain silent?

I'm a writer like I said. I've a spotless record, top drawer references, decorations, citations, and awards... I'm a quality citizen, an intelligent patriot, and I have given my life in service to our nation as a career military officer and certified (...if underemployed...) public school teacher. I've been a proper *boy scout*, reader, as I've written before, if one with teeth.

No, I've not changed in the interim, become traitorous, or gone, in any way, bad. I've been consistent. Not so my Nation, seemingly.

Conversely, it seems to be my Nation, threateningly and unsettlingly, which changes, worryingly, around me! It's taken a hard right turn to convenient and authoritarian ~brutishness~ I can neither respect, rationally support, or remotely admire.

Truly, my nation seems to abandon me, not me it. Hijacked by an apparently if ironically faithless gang of neo-con political radicals scurrilously bent on using our Democracy to destroy that same Democracy... (another talent of the fascist!) these co-opted mechanisms of government betray me, deceive me, are disloyal to me!

...Who the hell am I?

I am you, reader! I'm another guy on site heating our culture's boiler-water. I'm one of the ones, along with you, paying the big freight in blood, sweat, and time! I'm one of the ones, along with you, at the whim of powerful sociopaths hard-wired to discount us, and so by ready extension, you, reader! This is regardless where you think you come down for a political positioning left or right of center. Still, to an ironically vast minority... you're just another steer in the herd they prey upon, even as they pretend to lead your prayer!

I look around myself and see widespread and pointedly unheralded voter fraud (!), political murderousness (!), and life/career-destroying dirty tricks! I see hijacked mainstreams, rollbacks of middle-class nurturing New Deal social programs, and insentient journalists pretending to be oblivious to it all! I see murdered investigative reporters, mindless network TV programs, rampant censorship, and the easy/ignorant complacency of the very purposely dumb-downed to all of this.

I see docile-herd-producing educational systems, insultingly banal and duplicitous textbooks, and all of this atrocity of patent disrespect is officiated by brain-dead and dispirited reproductionist teachers numbingly teaching too many students with too little resources. I see managed illness not cures, multinational corporations without the remotest civil responsibility, and the business of America as only unrestricted, and therefore historically dangerous, business.

Verily, I see hungry men jailed for stealing metaphoric bread while rich men are rewarded for stealing factories producing same...I see no less than the death of our National soul, the corruption of our finest ideals, and the radical rightwing degradation of all the better principles and ethics to which we should adhere, or why had Abortions gone demonstrably UP during a Bush Crime Family watch by a percentage recorded in double digits?  The answer might surprise... Down in an Obama Administration not so ironically...  I digress.

I'm not the only one seeing such. Given a conjectured potential for all the aforementioned, I won't be the only one persecuted for reporting it either, presumably. ...If I am to be persecuted. 

Am I to be persecuted?

Yes, my wife is scared and angry with me for stirring this unsettling mess with my equally scared—but outraged—literary stick. Though fear remains... maybe if I'm just a little bit brave now, raise my voice with others, now... others seeing the same kind of wrongness and egregiousness, NOW...

...Maybe I won't have to be consummately brave (...brave to death!) later on. That's my hope; however, wishful; that's my wish; however, hopeful...

I'll keep you posted. If things start getting dicey for me, if it looks like I'm getting singled out for Special High-Intensity Trouble of a "persecutorial" (sic) nature, I'll try to let you know. I mean there shouldn't be any trouble, you know? It's still America, isn't it?

Or is it? Is it Ameri~ka, and we just have yet to cop to it?

I wonder... "America the beautiful" or "Ameri~ka, the brutish rule"? How hard do you have to squint your eye, reader? How scared are you? How afraid?

Be very afraid, frankly, and speak out. You just might save us all. The country you'd save would be your own.

Read on.

Friday, June 10, 2016

UFOs: The Secret History

Provenance Is!
by Alfred Lehmberg

Commentary Regarding David Cherniack's Startling Documentary:

UFOs: The Secret History

Presuming that tediously insentient lack of an understandable if pointless terror, does the reader's mouth begin to curl into a smile if the subject of UFOs comes up in general conversation? Why?What's your provenance as regards that sneer?

Is it, on reflection, a facile familiarity with the "kinds" of person usually involved with UFOs?  You don't condescend to diddle with cognitive "bumpkins" and other mal-sapient "critters"? You are loath to trifling with "mouth-breathers" and "trailer trash"? Does any of this provoke your, decidedly, too ready smirk? 

Is it, perhaps, your own personal "wealth" of "knowledge" on the topic of UFOs?  You'd read a few books on the subject, ostensively from lettered persons effortlessly dismissing the phenomena as the "misled, led by the misleading, and inspired, in turn, by the mentally ill."  

UFOs, you lugubriously lube, are a thing contrived of ourselves, you think.  They are, you announce, a prosecuted con self-invented in a vicious circle of false flags, patent hoaxes, and lucrative frauds?  ...Got it all figured out, right?

I suspect not.  See? We, even the most educated and erudite of us—especially the most educated and erudite—may be lulled into a false sense of security regarding a mere 200 years of Cartesian Reductionism—read "Science"—not remotely out of regularly soiled diapers yet as time's crow flies! 

This is abundantly evidenced, it would seem, by proud science's abject failure to address, understand, or even acknowledge UFOs buttressed by thousands of years of history... while forgetting, altogether, another five clear categories of other compelling evidence.  I refer also to evidence of the UFO's physicality, reader, vis a vis cited instances numbering into the thousands as chronicled by Allen Hynek protégé, Ted Phillips!  ...Google them.

Working starships, proton pistols, or protein cyber-torpondos?  No. As a helpful metaphor, infants (nascent humanity, remember, barely 200 years into their flirtation with scientific reductionism as noted just above) don't often come in contact with, or remotely understand, side-arms, racecars, or EBEs... even if they do come in contact with them. 

Too, they can't reach the "pedals" of motorcars—if they knew what they were—lack the strength to pull the "hammer" back on your garden-variety gat, and would suckle the nipple right off an EBE if the good stuff came from it.  I sense, here, a pervasive similarity across scale.  Existentiality is a fractal expression.

You know bupkis, reader. Me too, I'm quick to point out, even where reflective regarding same. Still, most don't know they don't know bupkis.  Tragically, they are not even trying to know that they are, most assuredly, entirely bereft of even bupkis.  I'm not that sorry if this is a bubble buster. I know it's a tough wade. You're a better person for it, really.  A stronger person.  A braver person...  Oh, and fear not. 

Don't think I know bupkis as I've just taken pains to point out!  Still, I know I know not.  That's a chip worth something.

This brings me to the subject of Film Documentaries and, finally, one documentary in particular.

David Cherniack has produced a film documentary titled UFOs: The Secret History and we'll get to it after a short if scenic diversion from that path.   The film, to step off, is a product of such luminosity, depth, and intelligence that it caused this writer, for the first time, to question what a film documentary really is, at all.  

What's its hallmark?  Walk with me a little.  [I gesture to indicate a path of visible wonders and astonishments leavened by cautious articles provoking trepidations of justified fear. The billows loom.]  ...Can't have profit, even an intellectual one, reader, without risk. 

We very quickly discover on this path that a film documentary is a very different kind of article, altogether, from any other film or historical genre.  See, a film documentary aspires to be a cinematic "document" in the historical record.  Presuming it does not cross the line into propaganda, which I must digress to say is a bald endeavor to hijack and misuse the same devices and mechanisms of the sincere documentary to lie, manipulate, coerce, or mislead, thereby performing very contrary duty and predictably limiting that Doc's historical shelf-life

Film documentary, then, is positively effective at changing minds because the lion's share of the observer's sensory apparatus is involved in an effortlessly passive activity camouflaged as an "entertainment," eh? 

See?  As an "entertainment" it more effortlessly penetrates.  New ideas can be justifiably introduced.  Innovative memes are efficaciously proffered.  Open Minds are progressively changed.

At its most artistically inspiring, then, film documentary is "Cinema Verite," the French for "cinema truth."  It is a worthy aspiration allowing the inclusion the artist's construction of artifice within the work to effectively highlight what might not have been easily seen or even possible to be seen before.

In pursuit of that end, a documentary must distinguish film whose purpose is to inform, report, explain, or describe from those films whose purpose is to persuade or argue a "case."  The aforementioned "propaganda" would describe an effort crossing a "line" or going too "far." Lying, in the pursuit of a propagandistic agenda...

David Cherniack does not contrive a propaganda, by any stretch, nor does he try to "persuade" or "argue."  His demonstrable effort is that abundantly informational report describing... that which needs explanation, eh?  Is Cherniack's production not, then, every bit of the previously described "Cinema Verite"?  Shall it not then qualify as a Cinema truth?  Who or what disqualifies it?

Only the conflicted observer, reader.  Only that reader without imagination, courage, or progressive aspect.  See, Cherniack has ever demonstrated a deep and abiding respect for aggregate humanity, only, in many substantive works prosecuted over more than a few decades of dyed in the wool Cinema Verite, reader!  Google him

Truly, Cherniack aspires to document a historic portrait of our humanity in a manner that lasts—precisely because it is not propaganda.  That's why you better listen to him.  A historical treatment with shelf life, then, Cherniack's production has a good shot at foreseeing the future... our future.

Additionally, even if true, it is not sufficient to say that this is the best documentary film on UFOs ever made.  Others have produced films as compelling, as accurate, and as justifiably convincing.  Cherniack's effort, though, stands apart because he wasn't trying to be compelling and convincing... but was very compelling and abundantly convincing, still.  A spoonful of sincerity's sugar helps the medicine go down.

In operation, Cherniack takes ufological facts as well known as they are uncontested and demonstrates, astonishingly, a cosmic affair as unsettling as it is enigmatic—as embarrassing as it is shameful!  See, UFOs, Cherniack amply demonstrates, are not ridiculed, dismissed, and ignored by the mainstream simply because the sum total of same is exclusively "M-cubistic,"—or the inspired activities of the "misled, misleading, and mentally ill"!  It's a lot more humiliating than that... 

Allow a quick digression:  "M cubed" is an excuse beginning to seem decidedly facile, on reflection.  Especially so, given evidentiary categories including a detailed history covering thousands of years, vetted antique art and pre-digital photographs depicting same, or well scrutinized and evaluated anecdotal accounts from quality individuals unknown to one another regarding the same incident.  Forget thousands of cases, already mentioned, where UFOs have left physical traces, reader! The data are, conservatively, monumental.  Simply monumental!

No, that pesky "MUD"—mainstream ufological denial—earlier alluded to, is predicated, instead, upon the complacency, the incompetence, the convenience, and the cowardice, reader, inspired by "other" persons with an "agenda," you know? 

These are, of course, persons who tell four and five-star generals where the bear goes through the buckwheat! I don't allude to Presidents... 

"MUD" is further invented by persons enthralled with corporate entities who direct proxy Premiers and Presidents in their "big-picture" affairs.  "MUD" is additionally falsified by that which is loath to give up present positions of very lucrative power and control.

"MUD" is the same thing devaluing our dollar so it can gouge us for essentials.  "MUD" is identical to the thing poisoning our food, inventing bogus and harmful pharmaceuticals, and embroiling us in senselessly psychopathic wars.  "MUD" is that entity with the reptile brain nurtured at the heart of most corporations; it defines the awful sanity of the serial sociopath and is the perfect vehicle through which the individual can choose to sacrifice conscience, compassion, and consideration.  It's not you.  "It's the company," eh?  Here is the author of your ufological ridicule, reader. Why?

Well, UFOs, perhaps the ultimate sedition, end-run all that.  The canted cultural argle-bargle is driven away to the wailing lament of lick-spittles and fanboys.  Control barriers come down and that's fine where everyone can take care of themselves and provide for power and survival needs in some comfort. See, it's the UFOs pointing, perhaps, to just that kind of personal autonomy... ...then what teams we can make, eh?  I begin to digress.

This seems the "barn," then, to which Cherniack's horses stampede, even as he does not report that barn as the destination.  It remains; the track ahead of his charging herd seems well littered with hoof prints and road spoor, still.  Consequently, it seems abundantly clear that an accommodating "stretch" to the "barn" is not required, nor must one do more than merely step—jumping is not necessary—to that barn's conclusion.

Concluding, it remains that this is the "one" film everyone needs to see regarding UFOs.  I say this even given the inclusion of Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs.  Hell, I loved them myself when this film was made... time would wound, but who knew it at the time? 

Remains, the film is a true silver bullet for one's ufological ignorance.  The observer is only improved thereby and is additionally relieved of the remotest need to smirk and giggle... about which they know nothing.  One must walk to talk.

Be improved and choose same.  Let Cherniack's film be a first step, then, on that rewarding journey to an elevation and enlightenment we're so wrongly trained to regard with dread and trepidation. That's not all it is!  It's a future that we will make beyond the manipulations of Gods and Devils!  It's a future, looming, regardless.

Read on. 

Gravy For Goose And Gander

Gravy For Goose And Gander
by Alfred Lehmberg

I expect CSIcopian Dragons and out slithers mere garden salamanders. Their moist little skins glisten sickly with the mossy dampness of the dead, sodden, and necrotic leaves sustaining them. Salamanders thinking they're men... default jewels in the crown of creation.  Titans in the cosmos and straddling it like the Colossus. Not so much.
Out in the open, see, they soon start to desiccate and so must whine and moan, otherwise protest that you retreat into the smothering, light negating, and moldy rot... with them, then respect their rules and tolerate their prerequisites... abide their censure ...approve their dismissals ...countenance their activities... support their actions ...validate their reductionist's scientistic (sic) faith.
Roll over for the "conventional wisdom" sports-fans... BOHICA, once again!
Screw that! Considering how they've contrived to betray the public trust with the officious, airlessly-educated, and duplicitous mind games they reflexively insist upon playing... (I've got a spot  rarely seeing sun for which they can pucker-up, btw!) their bland refusal to become remotely educated upon that which they would so faux-authoritatively denounce (in the duplicitous and accommodating mainstream), effectively challenges the very efficacy of that covertly authoritarian criticism they'd glibly proffer to begin with. These are, of course, regarding matters outlining the highly strange, matters upon which they would remain wholly ignorant! It's easier that way.
Though, how can that work?  How can that  be remotely accepted?
No, Reductionists should recuse themselves regarding that which they refuse to review.
Granted, their prerequisites would be fine if you want to ape the aforementioned salamander, with all respect to real salamanders, everywhere. These are cognitively superior, I digress momentarily, to your garden variety klasskurtxian "debunker" amphibian newt in every way...
...But I'm a man, a human, specifically, decidedly mammalian! I aspire to the creative, the progressive, and the forward thinking! I perceive a cultural dead-end to the slimy path of the overspecialized moist-skinned skepti-newt slitherer, a dank reptilian precursor of reflex negativity or old school 19th-century philosophy... and so the well rewarded, if sullenly jealous, watch-fob for same.  Such seems abundantly so by my watch and warrant!
...These pompous pelicanists, these smirking duplicitous who artfully collude to woefully conspire, preclude our emergence into the inexorable future; these mal-aspiring and label dodging CSIcopians... arrogant authoritarians who only assume the cloak of "legitimacy" and then occlude our sensibilities with the misused and so then smothering folds of it! Suffocating, these folds! Smothering.
Example?  Consider Occam's Razor, an admonition to refrain from complicating a hypothesis without need.  The persons alluded to, too often take this to mean that the correct answer is always the simplest or most prosaic one.  "Don't look for zebras where horses are present, these chant." No!
Three things. One, complicating the hypothesis, for cause, is, of course, allowed! Two, what if it comes to be that Zebras are even minimally possible, and horses can be ruled out? "Hypothesis complicating" seems called for. Three, it must be noted with no small concern that there is a decided reluctance to even consider the notion of "Zebras," at all. Even with substantive evidence that such is so...
"Suffocating," is kind
See, I suspect these errant—even if well meaning—"two-percenters" have but crawled out on one of the lower reductionist-Cartesian branches of the aggregate "conceptual tree." Having mapped out and minimally categorized same and perhaps even close to the end of some small branch, they delude themselves that they are rather at the top of the conceptual tree itself! They don't see the actual reality of only nearing the end of but one of the tree's decidedly minor branches—a twig, even!  Talk about forests for trees...
I offer that this is a conservative estimate of a minimalist's gross Cartesian materialism and that it does not serve us.  My intuition is that I say true.
Verily, these are inveterate and obdurate mal-invertebrates or other short-sighted, so errant, oxygen thieves... disingenuously fussing gene swarms bereft of humility and imagination, and that's the nicest thing I care to say about them.  ...So smug in their faux-scientistic (sic) superiority to wear their unwarranted hubris like slickly glabrous cocoons.
Verily, who do these think they are? How long shall we suffer their deceitful programs and dishonest prosecutions in this field already rocky with the imprecision and indecisiveness they've precipitated and nurtured in their gross reptilian corporate pursuits: screwing each other over for a percentage and creating the needless information vacuum alluded to?  Search  a conscience if one is available.
Sincerely, when will we banish them from our considerations, boycott their somewhat less than Promethean (ironically) publishing houses and let their metaphoric books pile up to molder into the dead and slimy leaves that they resemble and under which the "salamanders" can hide?
What will be the artifice of their eventual invalidation, their ironic slide into similarity with the discredited eugenicists, Flat Earth Societies, and Phrenology adherents of the past—their manufactured and well sustained voids producing them and *sciences* like them—those tired, now unsupported, and legitimately (?) invalidated "sciences" of the too murky and duplicitous near past... dead branches on conception's tree.  One is begged to wonder what remains to be discredited!
Sturgeon's Law is applied.  90% at the least!
Verily! The present is already the past as the future accelerates asymptotically to the present onrushing!  By my watch and warrant, this seems true!
See, not only does this canted and conflicted "science" of the card carrying CSIcopian—even before he was called a CSIcopian—often misstep, err grandly, and grossly confuse the issue (consider Eugenics and its staid Aristotelian thinking (the refined science at any cost of Nazi monster Dr. Mengele), ...aping a pompous masquerade of "process" and "order" and *peer review*... it is allowed to blunt, obstruct, impede, thwart, and frustrate the honest, progressive, and far-reaching efforts of other, more gifted, individuals... ...or maybe the reader's never heard of Nicola Tesla or Robert Reich!
Many worthy men and women languish unjustly on that ash heap of history, casualties in the pursuit of "science" as a "corporate religion."  There must be better science.
....And folks, think where we could be given that the fruit of our human genius availed itself more equitability to an aggregate "you and me" humanity... ...Our star could wear our glittering stellar civilizations like rings and bracelets. I digress.
It's clear that Debunkers could be a lot more tentative with their rejections, circumspect with their dismissals, and careful with their derisive refutations and knee-jerk refusals! Why, given they don't investigate what they airily dismiss, they might give them up altogether!
Verily, their "rejections" are always premature, their "dismissals" invariably inopportune, and their "refutations and refusals" too overtly (suspiciously!) negative. Increasingly, they only achieve an aggregate ineffectiveness with much of the population they'd, ironically, want to convince because they are so stridently arrogant with regard to the shallow proclamations of their own unsubstantiated, if touted, effectiveness!  Close your mouth, your astonishment is not appropriate.
Yeah yeah yeah...We've cell phones and hypersonic flight, sure... but we stand on the very precipice of abject and avoidable apocalypse!
Additionally, they sow the seeds for their eventual rejection and horrific failure. Good thing, too! Their failure is finally our aggregate advancement, I feel, from the reptilian society we ape presently to the mammalian society we are biologically, even if only presently, as individuals!
One knows what those skepto-guys are at the bottom of... search your feelings, reader! Debunkers in a legion of varied flavors are at the bottom of every bit of torturous behavior we practice on one another and afflicting humankind today, frankly!
Fundamentalism, be it scientistic (sic) or God's revealed word, is the bane on which we are poisoned for a mouthbreather's solace, a mouth-breather unable to perceive that his salvation is only ever a result of his fellow man's righteous desire to do as done unto. God's not required.
No. It's our brothers and sisters who might draw our faith, then, as it's them energizing the civilization upon which we must depend.  It's disingenuous to dismiss them as some jealous God's instrument, energized undependablely by His distracted handwaving.  Your whole way of life is dependent on the graces of your fellows, reader.  People and science can be reliably depended upon.  Gods and sciences manufactured to do the bidding of their manufacturers, not so much.

My well searched feelings don't indicate an overstated case; that is my intuition. Dissatisfaction abounds where the soul is sacrificed for crass pecuniary gain.  Even the "winners" are bereft of satisfaction, we know, as their triumphs become ashes in their mouths... pursuant to new dangerous and unwarranted triumphs in order to remove that taste made worse with every new pecuniary or toxic success!
This includes being swept up in the insanities of similar fundamentalist reactionaries of every stripe and flavor, an accommodating overpopulation of people kept purposefully ignorant (and terror-stricken!) about vital aspects of their individual lives by these reactionaries, and then even exacerbating the ongoing and increasing science supported "death of the individual," and the respect for same, with artful dodges to crass remunerations and base pecuniary interests just alluded too, facilitating ONLY the minority if conscienceless shareholder of a skeptibunky initiative!
"Interesting" times loom, eh?
The incredible irony is that these same obverted klasskurtxians would profess to be the default champion of the antithesis of these religious treasons and scientistic (sic) betrayals outlined! That's irony you can pump up like a football and punt!
They decry overpopulation, but, realizing that overpopulation ensures that you don't have to pay any one person too much respect—always someone available to replace the "trouble-maker"—they won't vociferously credit how dire the eventual consequences of that overpopulation must be! They decry fundy religiosity but won't credit the new archeology competently refuting that religiosity or their own fundamentalism! They decry the dumbing down of the aggregate population but still support the corporate educational philosophies of employee production; philosophies not shy about sacrificing every human consideration necessary to maximize efficiency for profit... profits not reasonably shared, I add!
Overpopulation and a numbingly incessant mal-education via media, institution, agency and government... all to ensure the seeming inevitable death of the creating individual, increase punishment for thinking out of the box, and increase persecution for other victimless alternative self-expressions and creative enterprises... This is no less than the systematic extermination of the cognitively sovereign  individual, reader!
...CSIcopian pelicanists and *faith-based* debunkers help to orchestrate the social symphonies of their inhuman masters... Corporate Multinational Behemoths who care as little for them, actually, as the individual human being they would, handily... even gleefully, wipe out! Search your feelings!
Again, I don't believe I overstate my case. These errant CSIcopians are likely more wrongly motivated across broader fronts than we even suspect! They're against, for example, an alternative nutritional medical approach and four-square behind the big pharmaceutical companies and their passionate desire to manage a profitable disease rather than cure it. They're reflexively dismissive with regard to alternate power sources and so, at least indirectly, are proponents of big oil and the continued rape of our spaceship planet! The reader can think of other examples where the seriously erring scientistic (sic) CSIcopian very ironically fronts for the old regressive over the new progressive. Plus: they're the darling of the entirely disingenuous corporate mainstream!
Could it be that they (these professional denialists criticized) are the invention of the mainstream, created to obfuscate, complicate, and otherwise obliterate an interest in the ufological, or any other peek behind that jealously guarded "curtain," and not the mere lap-dog as I suggested earlier? Who's to tell, the mainstream persecutions continue virtually unabated for those of us getting a sense... of some "reality" significantly greater than the one a CSIcopian would allow, is this writer's feeling!
A chicken or egg discussion is moot. That there is a scurrilous symbiotic relationship is plain, but "what foul beast slouches off to [that CSIcopian] Bethlehem to be born," again, indeed?
I'm pretty hard on the debunker... I see him as an abject retreat from the enlightened and individually powerful beings that more human individuals might eventually become! He is a dangerous anachronism, an intellectual troglodyte, a fading ink stamp in a cultural passport where the borders have come down. I see him as the knowing or unknowing agent of the scales on our reality perceiving eyes and the calluses on our subjugated knees!
Exclusion preferred to inclusion. Competition preferred to cooperation.  The pecuniary preferred to principle.  Looming Society Suicide.
Further, I come to see it as lunacy that his DENIALS and PROTESTATIONS and DEMANDS for proof (proof he'd never accept anyway!) are remotely entertained as anything other than a time-gaining dodge to slow his advancement into a future he knows is coming, move evidentiary goal posts, or... worse, be that "special kind of person" willing to continue to profit, for as long as is possible, at the dear expense of others he couldn't care less about.
In the interests of balance, some would say that there are good people in CSIcop, just like there are good doctors, priests, cops, and even lawyers... with but a corrupted few getting the all the negative headlines... yeah-yeah-yeah...
Well, I've a hot flash for the reader! There are few good doctors, priests, cops, and even lawyers... or CSIcopians... who, if they don't stridently condemn, in furious prosecution, those in their institution's midst who make the transgressions alluded to? They should be condemned as equally guilty. I move that they are!
I was, largely, not guilty in my profession as a professional soldier. If I was the kink, I self-evaluated and made changes.  Below me,  and contemporarily, I'd, and fairly, unkink. Above me, and using the chain of command, I'd make a "thru / to" report from the field. Whistleblow, in other ways.

In 23 years there were three of these incidents resulting in relief for cause of superior officers. No, this didn't make me inordinately popular with command, but as I've already pointed out, where's it writ large that I have to get ulcers for the unethical, illegal, irresponsible, and unwarranted actions of others?
I don't care if you're Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Greenjeans, or bunny rabbit. Some similarity and similar reactions remain for our regarded klasskurtxian above, awash in unearned hubris, unjustified pride, and unwarranted privilege for declaring himself as the default arbiter of that which is, and studiously uninvestigated.
As a consequence, they'd suffer consequences for the more active perpetrator. Sorry, not!  The CSICOPian would be as generous with me, and gravy is gravy for goose AND gander. Balance requires that I'll allow him no less.
Restore John Ford
Read on.