Sunday, October 01, 2017

...Take Yours Back...

Here's, then, something clever all the "agencies" must know. It's what keeps them up your backside; it's what drives them up your nose...

It's what keeps them in your business as you try to measure up. But, the scale's always changing. One considers giving up...

The harshest device, a contrivance of culture. Control all the *spice*, is the way that it's done. Compel all the motes to relinquish their freedom to a club, they're persuaded, that will "make the spice run"!

Though... consider the power in personal thought… Power driving nails—swinging hammers. Power that de-complicates the dirty, dangerous job. Power that can slap a face... distress 'the man' to stammers...

See, a person's key, my friend, 
in word and thought and deed. 
It's always been that true—that coldly simple
A team can do what's grand
but do not fail to understand: 
It's the person on a team who makes it twinkle.

This is your importance. This is how you're owed freedom! 
This is why you're "key." YOU MAKE THINGS WORK

Apart from folks like you, the system crumbles from our view. Yet, you're made to feel useless, disdained—their dirt!

Here is where the irony explodes what they'd keep secret and then puts a stunning truth right in the street! Privilege has no privilege where the least withhold providing what it is provides the privileged all their heat!

You are yourself (yes, you alone!) the object that they seek! It's to you they turn their energies. It's to you they wail and shriek. Without you they are doomed to helpless squalors you'd endure were you turned out on an iceberg on command or their adjure!

It's to you they print their papers! It's to you they run their ads. It's to you manipulations they contrive to drive you mad.

See, it's you who buys the car, spends your money, pays the bills… See, it's you they have to fool... to keep you paying! ...And it wouldn't be half bad if they gave some back, it's sad, but the richest must get richer... continue soulless preying.

Yet, it's you who roofs their house, sets their tiles, tends their landscape. It's you who builds the places they inhabit. You must feel no contentment, and enjoy their harsh resentment! See, they charge for ground you'd walk on, friend. They really "let you have it"!

Sure, there're lots of "you"; it's the system; they invent it! If there are lots and lots of "you"? YOU lose your value! You're, then, easier to control as they continue to extol... a system working hard... disallow you!

A smaller population, then, has more respect to savor. The sparser mote has value more in kind. Effort you've expended is to find "the man" dependent... ...on the mercies of your grace, he's shocked to find!

It all comes down to you, and that's the message that you're feeling. It's down to you and freedom you give up. It's you who drives the truck, swings the hammer, spends your bucks... ...It's you with concrete power in your hand so on a cusp!

This is why our "watchers" are in enigmatic "hiding." This is why they won't be "meeting" heads of state. This is why we must atone; we are, by no means, all "alone." This is why we would progress! It's not too late...

Satisfaction is freedom. You just give it over, never expecting to have to take it back.

Your training is against it! The rules are writ against you. But if you want satisfaction's freedom, if you need satisfaction's freedom—if you expect satisfaction's freedom... you're going to have to take it... ...take it back

See, "a chain is as strong as its weakest link" you're quickly reminded by the system.  Though, consider.  That's an admission that the individual matters!  The team-member to provoke the failure alluded to is also the team-member who potentially ensures a success with some new idea individually generated!  In other words, that by now tired old saw, but more proof positive that the individual is key.

Yeah yeah yeah... there is no "I" in team... but there is a "me"!  You just get creative with the letter order and selection... or check the A's interior where it languished all along, eh?