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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mainstream Values

Mainstream Values
by Alfred Lehmberg

Mainstream values. One would expect them to be at least competent and forthright, or, sense, both common and refined. Not to be! There's too much "wrath of God Money" involved right down to who's publishing a backwater town's textbooks, or even who can work at all. This writer is a case in point. Does this wrath of God oppose enemies or manufacture them for the purposes of having an opposition? A distractor fashioned as a mechanism of use for the unelected string-puller...

What unsettling gloom must hang over the whole of our National existentiality, currently, the day-to-day reality lived... felt presence of the moment getting warmer in every news cycle. Nameless fears are abruptly named, impossible threats become possible threats, then probable, and what we thought we knew retreats to the wholly unknown. That's the ride we're on!

We would be relieved of all control of our personal lives.  Our aspirations to truth and beauty would be denied.  Even the hope of some personal satisfaction is increasingly discouraged under the threatened punishment of extreme prejudice.  Few persons of conscience or the remotest lucidity would debate the preceding.  Our liberty, real and imagined, is slip-sliding away. I say true.

Well—let's do what we can to force the issue, eh?  True, cognitive action and engagement betrayed, we've blithely allowed our current plight with our uninvolved and non-voting cultural complacency. We weren't voting. 

That's on us. 

What we perceive now could be something apart from a conclusively informational "mainstream," one stealthily hijacked to do the bidding of a pirating few. Argued is that this seems to be providing a clear and present danger to us, the revoltingly manipulated many.  Still, the harder they squeeze, though, mayhap the more of us slip through their fingers, as a late Princess once accurately reflected, also speaking truth to power.

Remember when Alexander just cleaved the impossible knot with his sword or how Monk Bruno, through a primitive telescope, perceived that he now intellectually soared, surely cleaved to the newly perceived endless heavens... truly leaving behind what others yet had so very far before them... It's not hard to understand why he'd rather burn at the stake than renounce his monumental insight... or how Alexander provided ready solutions to insolvable problems. Nothing's found so much as faced!

Grok this: UFOs, extant across seven categories on a huge evidentiary pathway, are pure sedition against this dodgy "Status Quo," alluded to, full stop. This could be a truism. It's archetype enough to be one for sure!   

For citation, Richard Dolan, credible UFO historian, is among those generally identifying, as the enemy of human spirit and humanity in the aggregate... this "Status Quo." It now serves duplicitous masters only, if it's ever done anything else.  The "privilege" of the few increasingly dictates the "treatment" of the many. This writer thought we were getting passed all that. No.

We may yet! Forcing the issue here, et sig al, are UFOs and their ancillaries... it would rather be like addressing some kind of existential chakra point or overall stress release mechanism... release from the dictates of the aforementioned "status quo"—for the individual, it is surmised.  That's a good thing, I'm betting... and there are other such cultural acupunctural chakras! Science is not alone even as it arrogantly pretends (that jealous function of reductionism again) that it is.

The individual is key, you see; it's the quality of the individual determining the quality of the whole cultural team.  Old Rome, BC, at its rational height, was composed of a middle class of many quality citizen individuals ruled by an august Senate, and they accomplished much... reached far a-field and plucked advancement and novelty out of the air before them... all that was perverted on the whims of tyrants, of course... remains any historical Caesar looking ahead to the quality of many individuals in 2007 would see millions of future citizens, common people... but citizens! All with the clear powers of the gods

...And that's with well-smoking brakes on, reader!  Tyrant Caesar, in the form of Autonomous and Self-involved Priests and Kings, still exists in a barely diminished capacity today, or we would be a HUGE middle class of quality citizens residing in the asteroid belt—a living ring around our Sun like a bracelet on the wrist of a cosmic god... and our mainstream, qualified by sterling fact and noble affect, would be worth more than a mere tinker/tyrant's damn!

Mainstream values? Lapdogs have no values. They do what's required for scratch and cookie. No, make the mainstream reflect the learned, legitimate, and efficacious aggregate that it was supposed to reflect... and the stars are ours!

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