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Saturday, December 09, 2017

..Bell Toll...

There's more to life than recreation—
more, perhaps, than procreation!
There's more completing ones whole life
that goes ignored in baseless fright!

Yet, we would cleave to old traditions, 
suffering their impositions, 
and clinging to the lies we're told, 
we fool ourselves we're in control.

See, I don't mean to frighten you 
with what I have to tell, 
and if what I say is threatening (?), 
then I don't mean to ring that bell... 
...but not excused is ignorance of all that comes to play... 
not forgotten in the quietness we need to end our day.

See, I observe these "pretty" lies
we've swallowed down through tides and times, 
as we have been discounted, friend!
That's the sum of all pretense! 
Distracted by mere liars—all— 
bastards sans all sack and ball, 
we succumb to their distractions
and condone their gross infractions!

There's more to life than hate and love.
There's balance, knowledge... ...skies above!
We would find that there's respect
that's been ignored and in neglect,
and in our rush to PAY their toll
we cannot hear the BELLS which toll...

These tolling bells? 

The UFOs which danced across our skies of old, 
and they're behind a sullen curtain 
cast across our eyes, be certain. 
Shilled, the "mainstream's" obfuscations, 
prosecuted obscurations. 
They're the grease for our distraction— 
the lens they use in their diffraction.

There's more to life that we're denied, 
They're not "insuring safety," Clyde! 
We endure manipulations, foul disease—gross infestations, 
all at the whim of those who *know* 
the way the tortured winds must blow... 

These tolling bells include our Earth, 
abused and frankly dying, cursed, 
and if one should listen carefully? 
One hears her moan, incessantly. 
She's running out of patience, friend. 
The planet's sick; yet, we pretend!
ALL her species lose distinction; 
All must face the same extinction! 
There is much we've LOST... ...forgotten 
(cloaked by *science* spoiled and rotten!)... 
...we might've used to elevate... 
...our souls or spirits ...plus our fate!

These tolling bells include ourselves and power found within!
We're more than sacks of water held in bags of greasy skin!
...Though, produced like stock or cattle 
we are treated just like slaves... 
beneath concerned respect we've earned... 
PRODUCING... ...but not paid! 

We deserve a new respect, 
a real deal "they" neglect... 
valid info we can use 
to stop the madness they've construed! 

These tolling bells include religion corrupted and contrived, 
that tool of fundamentalists who confuse our facile lives. 
All the Jews or Christians... and the Moslems... are abusers. 
Their faith has gone untested, their philosophies diffusers.

Yet, they are living indecision—
manipulated in precision! 
Too, they are way off balance, friend, 
and stoke the failure they portend!

Who are "they"? One well might ask, to WHICH am I referring? 
The question, asked, is presupposed. The answers are disturbing.
They exist, the ones referred, their affect has been plain! 
So, to even ask the question's to infer that they've little "brain"!

These have ears but they don't hear 
the cries of hungry people here; 
they have eyes but they don't see 
the horror of their specious creed. 
They don't FEEL as we do, 
we're WELL "beneath contempt," it's true.

We're mere tools that they abuse. 
We're "shined on" with a showy ruse. 
"Them"? They are called the "SOCIOPATHIC," 
they are "them": called Psychopathic!
One can't let such call the shots!
We must resist! It's all we've got!


One remembers that you have to be quite sane to be a proper psychopath. ...Ya just wanna, is all. Given opportunity, you will. It may be that, like other behaviors, this is on a behavior on a sliding scale. There's a smear of psychopathy... including even you and me. Remains, leadership sans empathetic and inclusive fairness is not advised. As it's been said: all is is chaos, we've each other, only... kind, be.

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