Friday, February 16, 2018

Heating Frogs

It comes to me, now, just all at once; I've been too nice with you! Please! Reiterate your "wounded" lost respect. You'd sneer faux-schadenfreude, then presume that you'd done penance. All you were, were frightened kiddies turning into your own parents!

You whimpered dreading whistles passed your existential graveyards, and you pumped inflated hubris' conceit. Your arrogance was baseless based on privilege and convenience. Your fires grew your shadows! You'd keep them small in weakness.

Though,  this is not a good thing and is quite apart from sane.  Some change, indeed's, required, am I right?  Just as toilets need their flushing, some "traditions" need their pruning; a "changelessness" is static death! Extinction's, ever, looming!*

See, the truthful, gone ignored, will grow too large to hide before you, so the hammers of your gods begin their swing? Remember, you had had your chance... if college was your luck, but you only wanted  "payoff" so your "college" blew. It sucked.

You did, indeed in fact, learn nothing of a world beyond your senses, a world real in nameless shadows unperceived. Potential opportunities are but from the Shadows drawn; so, one makes their fires bigger... but you knew that all along.

For all pontificaters, or your harshest blithe conservative, for all those stuffy nose-up false pretenders: The class you so desire wouldn't have you on a bet! You see, if YOU were there, you'd take THEIR place; but you don't get that yet!

It's why the tree called "Knowledge" and her sister tree named "Life," those trees in "perfect" Eden—out of bounds?  A "gang" of Gods forbade them when they said, as much, themselves... we could "live," like them, to "know," be, then... ...Gods as well!

...And that is why you won't see "Godhood," know life beyond a moment, see spacetime grow and swell... its cosmic flowers. Consciousness a flicker and at destination reached? The truth still well before you... well beyond what you'd beseeched...

The Gods then, ever laughing, cast aspersions knowing privilege, knowing gifts they could bestow our conscious minds. Jealous of their treasures and protective of their privilege, they are the spitting image of their makers, so offensive.

Contrived, the rules, control the "gravid" masses! The rules are then their servants ... do their bidding. So tell me you're OK with all their crass manipulation. Tell me that this feels good, this slowest strangulation...

Heat a frog in water, slowly inching up degrees… Heat too quick; the frog gets wise and hops! Heat the frog just slow enough…and watch it not get shook.  See, the frog will stay there floating 'til he croaks his last and cooks!

Abide the autocratic—at your peril—with indifference! It won't be long they've made their way to you. Where's respect/consideration then, when you're the one who needs it! That slope to hell is paved with oil, and still, we'd lube and grease it!

Don't tell me that your church can see the truest demons clearly. Don't tell me that there's nothing in my sky! Don't tell me the police are even-handed—non-diseased—when their records are completely filled with Sodom-sans-surcease!

...Yet, still, we have potential... ...and a "better's" never been! We can talk out loud and clear ...until we're heard?  Will huge machines arrive perforce to grind us up to gristle... ...when one points out hypocrisies, rings a bell, or blows a whistle?

Advising intuition will ensure this not be so. Our masses have salvation made, Ourselves.  Looms, at last, concrescence and a yet unguessed on fate.  All "trends" straight up, we're rocket-borne, ourselves?  We recreate!

Some won't want to hear it... ...that it all comes down to them. They just don't want to hear they're on the blame line! But there's payin' for the playin'... ...which comes due... we don't know when… and it may be that they're prayin' for... some chance... to try again?

God might be up for a "do-over," as unlikely as that should be.

I'm asked, "If you think things are so much better "now" than they were "then," why are you still bumping your gums"?

Simply? Because *things* could so EASILY be... so much better... still, forgetting this current tendency to backslide to hyper-androcracy, hyper-autocracy, and hyper-hypocrisy! Contemplate theocracy... 

...But you have to give up, seriously give in—to get real.  See, we never get to the destinations of our imaginations... but we can still enjoy and be enlivened by "points of interest" along the way!  The only important thing? The single thing that matters? 

The quality of our associations on that path at hand. Love is all there is at the end, in fact all there ever was in an existential chaos turning on a dime but keeping change... where we're all we have and still refuse one another a requisite kindness. All acquisition, arrogance, and hubris deserts its adherent,  scurrying like faithless cowards to cloistered corners fecund with their shallow and pathetic spoor. 

A spot-on Robert Anton Wilson, on his deathbed, was not wrong on this point.  I say true. Read on.


*You think it's not?