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Sunday, March 04, 2018

UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries

UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries
by Alfred Lehmberg

...Wanna know what UFOs are really all about? Jacques Vallee and the late Terence McKenna shared an inside take on the matter. UFOs are real, but they are two very astonishing things among other astonishing things, the two inform.

First, UFOs disguise themselves as an alien invasion of sorts so we don't get too needlessly worked up and upset with regard to what they really are, to start. Let that frost your short hairs!  

Alien encounters "extant" are just not "alien enough," it seems.  Aliens must be a lotlotweirder than they appear, or they wouldn't be alien.

Secondly? UFOs exist to very convincingly demonstrate to us, from time to time, that Science—not mere scientists, mind you, flawed as they are, but the institution of science itself—has some very serious shortcomings that we human beings are reluctant to consider in a real world... and don't remotely cop to!

Our hubris is unjustified. Our arrogance unwarranted. Our ego? Laughable.

We're not knowing what UFOs are, understand... and may be currently unable to understand. Understand? There's a point of view indicating that we are only primates making mouth noises. We can be as an especially insentient and toxic yeast only dreaming we are as gods... of any stripe. That may be the alien view. 

Lost balls in the tall grass, ourselves, and at a total loss as to what UFOs are then, we can at least know what they do! What they do is embarrass science and give it a systemic wedgie. There's your cut to the chase. 

UFOs dissolve boundaries, edifices laboriously erected over time, if perhaps exceeding their shelf life as relevant or even just as a crumbling cultural artifact. Could that be their purpose: to deflate our hubris?

One is advised to know a tree by its fruit and if the fruit is ordinarily assessed as "nourishing" and "tasteful"... is it? Is it really? What nourishing and tasteful quality does fundamentalist religion harbor. It's invisible to this writer.

Something else boundary dissolving? Consider the internet, a sole cultural mechanism of a 1st category civilization making some aspects of humanity closer to UFOs than their own pasts? Maybe encouraged by "the UFO" to remember the history as a function of growing us the fup up? Verily, everything we know about our history is likely wrong.

Wanna know what's really dangerous about the boundary-dissolving internet? It is that it is boundary dissolving. Boundaries, remember, go up for a reason, true enough, full Stop. 

It remains; however, what to do with uptight, wholly uninformed, minimally serving, and decidedly unjust "reasons"... reasons not submitting themselves for debate or discussion by an always favored if autocratic and androcratic convention of stunning hypocrisy and unfair convenience. Abundant fairness there

...And those boundaries, even justified, loathe coming down. Beyond the boundaries?  Remains that frontier! "All invention and novelty," put as succinctly as possible. ...Just try not to cut yourselves with the new tools in undiscovered drawers...

Total surveillance and near utter lack of privacy. Scary and dangerous. Maybe, something else entirely. Walk with me.

Consider you had and/or will have: LAPTOP, breast pocket, or headbandimplantreal-time full motion video and CD quality sound in a little *transmitting* station via your cell phone. Everyone is their own TV station with a worldwide reach.

It's hard for anything to threaten you in that kind of *personal* pervasive surveillance, and surveillance of and by others. Watchers *watched* and home a castle, even? UFOs witnessed as they appear in real time? Video records of crimes committed? What man in black visits you at your door or in a deserted parking lot... who would threaten you or harass you while being watched as much as they would presume to watch?

Stalin wouldn't have been allowed to starve millions of his people in a pissy fit of petulant pique, and we won't stand for it when our own starvation, spiritual and otherwise, is pushed up in our face sooner rather than later by the conflated corporate Cardinals of industrygovernmentand "church."

China takes a lot of heat for its paltry surveillance by the rest of the world in the "T" Square incident… Rodney King burst a true cultural pustule when he exposed a very real and obligatory police brutality via HIS videotaping. More imagination: how much crack can be sold on a street corner when the transaction is being recorded seventy or eighty times? About the only place you will escape the passive and pervasive surveillance is in a place you have designated to be your own home (castle)—perhaps as it should be.

I want the bastard who pops me to be on somebody's film somewhere. Like it was at Waco.

Yeah, that's right ... Waco. Anybody should be able to live any way they want to—within very broad parameters... don't insult yourself wallowing in the up-tight absurd... heralding toxic if nonexistent countercultures or bizarre sexual initiatives or toxic proclivity—ANY WAY THEY WANT TO, as long as it is not forcing a "system" to make me, or any contrary individual, live that way, TOO... ...it's fine! After that, a line is crossed.  Informed adult consent and protection under the law, a law no one can be above, eh?

How bad can passive surveillance be if it must also, by definition, keep tabs on the man who makes his surveillance of me? Then, maybe we both stay off each other's ass a bit more.

Such our lives could be beyond the boundaries of unjust mechanism and taking a lesson from the UFO... our hubris is unjustified and we are conversely served by a humility of humble sense and aspired sensibility. It's not rocket science... even if one Dr. Ben Carson shows it might be brain surgery.

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Regan Lee said...

I appreciate your thinking Alfred! (linked to it.)

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Oooo...! Thank you so much!

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