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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Abused By Culture

I once was "Columbus" when I was a kid. 
The third grade—a school play. 
I "sailed the blue" 
to "claim" our New Shores! 
I was "heroic." 
Verily, I saved the day!
...All the kids were in cute costumes... 
to perpetuate the lying**
... Parent's "oooos" and "aaaaahs" 
just filled the room; 
...we rather should be crying.
So it's repeated, 
the myth inculcated... 
too, even at this time
Classrooms still proliferate
teach egregious... hateful lies.
"Well, you gotta teach ‘em something," 
...As to that, I must agree. 
"...And we have to keep it 'positive'..." 
...Now, there's revealed disease!
Anything that’s "covered up..." 
is an unclean wound, effuse. 
From UFOs to CRT! 
Call it: "cultural abuse"!
Lie to kids? 
You make them hate you! 
Lie to kids? 
You make them soft
...Lie to kids, 
and they’ll desert you, 
shine you on, 
and flip you off!*
An "AlienView" 
groks Columbus more clearly, 
encumbered by the old-Party Line.  
See, Columbus, informed
KNEW the world was round... 
as smart money thought 
at the time!**  
...But how did he employ it?   
How'd he make that work for him?  
...And know he took the low road, friend!  
He was egregious, psychoticgrim.
Wealth and Power: 
the cruelest of drivers! 
Christ: to OK the "obtuse"
There was no "near mutiny enroute"! 
Columbus employed some "horrific abuse"!**  
"Rape" will not describe it, 
falling well short of the mark.  
"Pillage" won't approach it, 
Apocalypse! Vicious and stark!
...See, know the facts, and witness horror 
with the nose hacked from the face 
of a child morally superior 
to her conquering barbarian race... 
Slavery and torture and genocide
Raping and pillage and plunder
Blood was the coinage that Chris was about! 
...And his "cover-up" hulls us asunder!
Know: Chris handed Natives the bill of a hawk!  
He said, "Fill this up with gold."  
"I'll fill my ships with your largess... 
...With your flesh, I’ll pack my hold"!**
"...And do just what I tell you... 
...find me gold... imp! Best Submit
...Yes, do it if it kills you! 
...Or chance your child for it!"
Columbus was a monster!  
Don’t say it was the "times"!  
The "Watchers" have recorded it!  
It's in Chris's hand, not mine**!
...Too, don’t believe it for a second—
"that he died alone, and broke." 
He died a "one-percenter," friend.** 
The myth's our tragic joke.

This is why we've NOT nice things!
Why aliens don't land!
...Not honest with our own damned selves!
Self-betrayal! Understand? 
*The observation of this trained, certified, and experienced educator, career military officer, and decorated veteran...

**Bobby Rowe, Ph.D. Anthropology... confirmed also by the very googleable Drs. James W. Loewen and Michael Parenti...


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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I'm taking "WOKE" back!

It's offered one must,
of needs and for cause, actually.

I'm taking "WOKE" back!

by Alfred Lehmberg

Woke? Let’s take “woke” back, eh? See, plain is that, in considered moderation, employed respectfully in thoughtfulness... and not used disingenuously for short-gain political points? It’s a great concept and a worthy initiative. Then, it is an initiative unfairly and suspiciously maligned. Suspiciously maligned even as it is efficacy already demonstrated as old many thousands of years ago.

See, in a world where a current "political correctness" BEGAN as a sane sociological reflection on the state of our societies and the real-time evolution of desired efficacies in those societies and between those societies… I'm already losing you...

Long story short, a new conjecture (but not so new, actually!) was outlined for the facilitation of those aforementioned efficacies! Shortly, what might it be like for our aggregate society if we didn’t immediately express as pricks (read, anxious portraits of what passes for your reflexively insensitive and uninformed, so dick-moving a-holethat first round fired, to others encountered! 

No. We ASPIRED to be persons, instead, who took a moment to consider another’s validated sensibilities before acting out with our usual nasty, and heretofore likely unsupported, behavioral toxicity... 

Revealed, then! Political Correctness! Not a cudgel, not a smear, not a cancelation, not an insult dismissive in intent and missing the point by the obligatory parsec, anyway (this writer bets purposely so!). 

No. Rather a suggested tool for a better, more productive, and more satisfying way of living where stuff is real and it's “100%” most of the f'n time!

Now, we regard this new word, “Woke.” It takes inordinate heat. It takes inordinate heat because black people conceived of it... one is compelled by the concept to consider personal responsibilities and liabilities with one's suggested new conscience regarded and considered. Liability is a hard sell, and sometimes a person's rage is equivalent to how spot on the unflattering criticisms of their self-serving motivations, are.

Woke. Unpack needlessly clenched hams. The reader is guilty only where they feel entirely guiltless.

Woke. One would presume “awake,” and not “asleep.” Conscious as opposed to unconscious. With-it, un-pedestrian. Hip, and not regressively square. Complete. Self-actualized. Arrived. The ordinary aspiration to those things. Mazlo, a true seminal psychologist went on and on about the mindset of wokeness, it is proposed.  "There," with there, there, eh? Not searching for answers before facing the ones already extant, follow? One supportive level is created before the other, of supportive needs.

Sure, it can go bad. Sometimes? Sometimes, it’s taken there.

“Woke” had its provenance, see, as an intelligently empathetic initiative considering a metacognition’s (or, thinking about thinking's!) positive effect on expressed behavior, and its regarded overview on base “consciousness,” attendant to all this before us as a "social efficacy amplifier," OK? We refine our social calculus to reduce psychotic slings and arrows employed unjustifiably by persons "unaccountable."

…This hopes for the awakening of one’s now profoundly re-considered “conscience” (see the woke?) aspiring to a new “conscientiousness,” easier social satisfactions, and that these now possible efficacious freedoms could be achieved, right now? Think of it! Freedom from FEAR, fear and loathing!

An aspiration to be one's better self. Doing as would be done! How are these not constructive initiatives? How are these, even, not true Christian initiatives?! See what I mean about “not so new? “Doing unto others as one would be done by” is OLD, reader, and transcends Christianity by many thousands of years—was, in fact, just another of Christianity’s unadmitted appropriations.

“Political correctness” and “woke.” These are just two irrighteously disrespected concepts (actually just one when you think about it!) we regard on the way to an evaluation of the current practice of taking related concepts, those “perhaps only flawed,” and then those “full-on and fulsomely FUBAR,” but regarding them as alike, equivalent, and equal. Both-sides!

"Extremes" are to blame, always? “Whatever” one finds on the extreme “right,” howsoever egregious, must also exist on the left? Blame is equally shared? The center is the only sensible place to be [you know, like it's possible to be on both sides of the Edmund Pettus Bridge!]? Verily, this will only be the reality in some adjacent spacetime dimension where Jeffery Dahmer is roughly equivalent to Wolfgang Puck and they are treated precisely the same! Politically equal.

That’s our corporate media primarily interested in selling ad-space for soap, dicey pharms, and boner pills… and so, one sees, more interested in keeping the consumer watching than reporting nuanced, elevating, and informing (read, perhaps even boring!) news. Such has been so.

Nope-nope-nope-nope… nope! We shall not "both sides" the issue and equivocate "merely flawed" with "full-on FUBAR" ...futilely aspire to some bull-shiznit "balance" which has only ever been taken for weakness by the side funded and otherwise facilitated by the worst persons on the planet, anyway... persons ever only ushering a horrible new oligarchic fascism and institutional crime into our day to day! Those guys! Yeah, I’ll see your too well-maligned George Soros and raise you an evil Theil, a dastardly DeVos, a four-letter Koch, and a scurvy Mercer!

So, recaptured now as a positive appellation aspired to by the conscious? Woke! Verily, better “woke” than hopelessly and even tragically “wonked,” or: hyper-religious & anti-science, inclusive America hating & unblinkingly hypocritical, sexually bigoted & horrifically racist, but embracing the fascist autocratic for the death of the rule of balanced law, law ruled to be the same for everyone!

…Not being played out very much currently when we recall that Susan McDougal of "Whitewater" fame did a tedious eighteen months behind bars for ignoring a subpoena—du jour behavior of the GOP elite… facilitated by hypocrites and Republicans (if repeating myself!) in THEIR bona fide witch hunts and dead horse abuse, to get the Clintons. That failed, too.

Consider, of the two? The perspicacious person would sooner be "woke" than "wonked." Woke is an aspiration to sentience, elevation, ascendency, and true enlightenment! True happiness, fulfilled and satisfied. Wonked is wallowing in one's own cognitive deconstructive filth and needless fear. 

It’s a choice. One can defecate in bed like Amber and just push it down with their disrespected feet, or be, instead, the enlightened America most of us would more constructively and sentiently have. Again, a choice. Choice, always.

Woke is right-winger kryptonite! It's why they hate it!

Sunday, May 08, 2022

...Something Better Than Bitter...

...That chance to touch the beautiful—
perhaps brush it with your lips... 
it's the august of all passions— 
sheer agape all would wish. 
That one might even kiss it—
though it's "reach" beyond one's "grasp"—
instills in us some hope perceived, 
discounting protests gasped!
...See, then I'm less than bitter! 
Song leavens stony hearts... 
Still, you can PROVOKE me, friend, 
and I'll take you quite apart! 
...And YES, I will be charmless 
when I eat your smirking face; 
as I see it you’re the problem, 
frankly ... a discredit to our race!
That'd be the human race,
that single race extant...
The race we call humanity.
That race of us existent...
Still...you make it hard to love you 
where your ethics are despised, 
where hypocrites, abounding, 
thumping "bibles"—ooze and slide!  
Where psychopaths among you 
teach the least of us their fear 
and then cobble legislation—
they've contrived—as profiteers.
...Too, I wouldn't change a "wit" nor "hair" 
you'd gladly change on me. 
I'd not restrict your freedoms 
judging what you would, or be.  
...But, you take that as your license 
to impose your toxic will, 
assassinate intelligence—
just impose psychotic filth!
Defending to a sullen death 
your right to be a fink, 
it's when I'm made against "the law," 
you'd try that tack, I think. 
Then everything is YOUR way—
with "Jesus" in our schools. 
The schools transmute to prisons, 
and we live the *golden* rule. 
And not that smarmy bromide re: 
the "doing unto others", 
but it's "he who has the gold who rules," 
is where you are, I'd gather.
... But for chance to touch the beauty 
I'd be blinded by her light; 
Her's just might be the face of God! 
I suspect this is our right
...And blowing off "you can't do that
from persons tacking right—
they prosecute their bitterness—
I'll pay that price... alright?
For, light there is aplenty 
when we see who burns with shame—
when we cop to the perception 
who must lose so they can gain. 
And the LIES to keep it going 
so that we won't see the truth: 
that jealous lords contrive stern rules, 
but remain from them, aloof!
There's more than Clinton's penis 
to the fabric of our lives. 
There is more that could engage us, 
and there's less we should despise!
The skies are filled with "glowing lights"! 
They travel inner space! 
Some just might be people, 
but their provenance—what's their place? 
It just may be they're not from here
but we don't look—they disappear
made ashamed to ask good questions, 
so ridiculed, we make "retractions":
"No one's going to laugh at me"! 
Unlike John Ford? You would be "free"...
And that's the secret: lacking courage
Right or wrong protecting coinage; 
like, dumping on those far from here 
your toxic wastes... without a tear!
Resent it when you're finally told? 
The message is then killed/controlled
All your shame is drained from you 
and splashed on those who cannot choose!
The market losing chunks of value? 
Lost some savings, can't eat cashews? 
Someone has it, rest assured, 
it's stolen "fair and square," I've heard!
The market "burps" and loses "value"? 
Someone wins... they've sold YOU out, though...
A "secret service" selling crack... 
to school kids yet without the knack 
for knowing when they're sacrificed... 
on Corporate alters... "price is right"!
...Yeah, Ollie North could lie straight-faced 
and earn my rage—profound distaste—
that, welling up with righteous bile—
the thousands that he harmed, defiled—
he gave the 'right' their ammunition, 
"welfare cheats" the admonition. 
"Let them all decay—attrition!" 
...Would that I could force contrition!!

Yet, I will be touching beauty... 
I've discovered in the fight! 
I revel in revealing what 
some truth shows with its light!
...And as bitter as I'm made to feel 
or as angry as I get, 
I'm happy that I'm blessed to find 
what's real precludes all threat!  
So you can call me "woo-woo" 
and pretend I need a net; 
I'm not the one who's lying 
to himself, friend; you can bet!
I'm not the one regressing 
to the dankness of my cave
I'm not the one with unshod feet, 
mere chattel, or a slave...
I'm not the one with bigotries... 
happy others keep their knees... 
so I can pray to concrete gods 
who do my bidding, on my nod?
No! I'm the one who's had enough! 
I'll spit right in your eye
Most send me their protection, friend; 
I soar... or glide... but fly
You rasp I have no humor, 
or that bitterness derides 
whatever makes my message 
give you lesions, welts, or hives!
No, some read my songs for pleasure, 
some say they sing of love. 
Some say they are inspired 
by example, churlish one!
Some say that I have courage, 
that I write the way "it is"—
Like Robert Crumb (cartoonist?), 
but I "draw" where words don't miss.
Most say that they laugh with me—
blowing good beer through their nose—
some touch and share their own songs 
or their haiku or their prose. 
One said he hopes his kid grows up 
to hear my kind of sound—
so, dismissed as paranoiac? 
That dog won't hunt, I've found.

...Restore John Ford!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

We Toast John Ford

A Toast...

Hear again: I make this toast 
to he who "waits" to rot or roast...
He who's stripped all civil rights
by criminals... as is their "right."
...One we've left to willful predators... 
lawyers, doctorsbad faith creditors! 
Those who smiled and took his home; 
those who labeledshoved him prone!  
Those who "represented" him, 
and in so doing—did him in!
Those who, even, drove him crazy—
terrified, then scared you lazy! 
Masters of their obfuscations, 
lying with foul osculations, 
the darkest of the glad dark lords—
those who torture our John Ford!
Yes! They make him out a killer 
(...likely them with bloody hands...), 
and they keep John Ford in lock-down 
as if HE'S the guilty man! 
"They," say that Ford's a horror 
"who's been brought to lawful heel." 
...Though, they say (and do!) 
a lot of things... 
like lie and cheat or steal!
John is more than metaphor, 
brought to heel and on the floor... 
awash in "water" to his nose—
stripped of all but prison clothes!
He'll lay awake for hearing screams 
of those bereft their cherished dreams. 
Humanity is muted—dulled, 
wishes washed away... annulled.
Honored goals sans all potential, 
a victim of the influential; 
very lost and all alone—
to lay awake...
...hear cell-block moans...
Perhaps the inmates slap him down 
and treat him like a snitch! 
Perhaps a few've gone "all the way," 
to use him like their bitch! 
Perhaps his life's in danger 
from assassins in the shadow
John Ford must live a hell on earth, 
we're thinking, but we can't know...
...Unless, of course, YOU "fall afoul" 
to ask the "man" a question, 
but the answer's "inconvenient" 
so he prosecutes aggression!
Then, it's YOU to wear Ford's shoes... 
to walk his tortured mile. 
Then it's You who shall not matter, 
stripped of substance, grace—defiled. 
Then it's you the "misbegotten" 
the one betrayed and then *forgotten* 
...held apart to suffer hugely... 
played a fool like tools and stooges...
...Still...we toast Ford's, hapless, innocence... 
We toast this person fallen! 
We toast John Ford—and others—
who are WRONGED and forced chapfallen...
We toast these persecuted. 
We toast them one and all—
the ones who have the strength to spit, 
Forced down on knees to crawl. 
We toast courageous Johnny Ford, 
I curse, revealed, his dark realm lords. 
I'd toast the light a trial brings, 
and toast he wins... wins... everything!
We toast this dissolution 
of corrupt machines and boards; 
We toast a grand new future 
where, at last, John Ford's restored!
We toast to lost indifference
We toast the truth be told! 
We toast this confirmation 
of injustice we behold!
We toast with ardent fervor 
if John slips beneath their waves, 
that his plight is heard by "power"...
Those still free to hear this rave!
Ford's been wronged a long, long time.
...Remains that he is us.
It's two decades and some change.
Release, as HE is US!!
We toast the few supporting him; 
We toast that there'll be more! 
We toast that Ford's triumphant... 
...And Yes! Restored and... more!

Rewarded, even! 

Restore John Ford!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Political Rebranding As Duplicitous Lifestyle

Political Rebranding 
As Duplicitous Lifestyle
by Alfred Lehmberg

There may be nowhere to run. There may be no “reinvention.” There may be no “third way.” There may be no being politically “independent,” or even the entertaining of a serious, if nascent, “third party” in an American political reality. 

This is but what the GOP does to divorce itself from its ever fulsome failures. Failures like Nixon, Reagan, The Bush pair, and then mob boss TЯUMP. These fatuously fail, let the Dems save the day, steal the next election, and then repeat its purposed failure obstructing all the way... but always effusively denying the factual history of crime and hypocrisy committed in the name of the Party for an autocratic, psychotic... and re-invented God, to double down on that past failure!

We're a two-party affair, presently, additional parties are only parasites on the bodies of their hosts, weakening one or the other.  ...And “centrism”? That's a laugh if a sad one! 

Can the reader even imagine that David Brooks touted and so then mythical political centrist of his storied yore? “Yeah… sometimes I vote no school lunches and sometimes I vote the kids can eat… you know, for BALANCE”! That’s just not a thing.

No, there is no blame for “Both Sides,” only one side, if one is fair. “Both Sides,” is an invented Brooksian distortion for the fatter cat and its corporate reptiles so they can all read something duplicitously uplifting in the New York Times. 

No, no both sides, only both-sider-isms. Yes.

There is only both-sides fallacious “ism”… an especially obnoxious “ism” cooked up by the most deplorably fascistic people* on the planet to justify their psychopathy, legislate their intolerance, promote their social psychosis, provide for the legitimization of their racism and color supremacy, and legislate their cruel bigotries, sexual and otherwise! That's the plan, and there is (and has been) no foul mendaciousness that this “side” won't sink to, to secure it... no Commandment it won't break! The evidence is there and stark! So stark that it requires no citation.

It gets worse. It would have to, given the conservative’s revolting tactics, and those “tactics” gladly employed by the GOP for decades.

An example? Well, how about their faux accusations of a fatuous and wholly ludicrous “liberal intolerance”? You know, for the regressive proclivities of their mad God-given “Conservatism,” to start! Conservatives forget that they have unconscionably and even criminally maligned those same progressive liberals as America-hating sexual predators and baby-eating Satan Worshipers, by and large, in a lurid if ironic projection one suspects—without so much as a punch-back from offended Dems! 

Democrats loathe punching down, one supposes. Their opposition thrives on it! 

These liberals have been, if altogether baselessly, decried for spurious decades… and to this day, the reader is reminded! To this day and ever apart from ALL evidence!

Remains, the libs can stand tall, still, because none of that diseased wing-nut slander or mendacious libel is REMOTELY true! Really! 

None.  Of.  It! 

Consider... how far did the right ever get to bringing Hillary Clinton down after spending half a billion dollars in 30 years trying to do just that, grabbing the first thing pulled from the air? Such unconscionable waste!

Moreover, liberals can clearly point out that the ballyhooed “intolerance” accused by the whining and whinging conservatives is as misidentified, misused, and misappropriated as is their concept of “patriotism”! See, it’s NOT liberal intolerance! No. How can it be?

Consider this. How is the one who truly aspires to an ascendant, sane, sentient, and socially constructive world view comport herself when confronted with the regressive, insane, insentient, and anti-social opposition we've outlined? In other words, how is this person expected to be tolerant of, say, those openly friendly to the avowed enemies of the United States? How does one countenance, allow for, or incorporate that unconscionable?

Then, how does one get consensus with the glad sexual bigot happy to legislate on the vaginas of complete strangers, unmindful and uncaring of the personal circumstances vexing these people—including rape and incest, all while promoting a systemization providing for the fulsome lack of reproductive health care, as regards those aforementioned vaginas, in the first place

Consider, then, the looming accusations regarding Florida's public school teachers! It's proclaimed they are sexually abusing their students, by way of sentient sex education, vis a vis Governor DeSantis' senselessly toothsome “Don't Say Gay” bill! How does one “make nice” with the person down for that spurious accusation? No... the lack of respect for "personhood" is stupifying, insulting, and horrific in implication. How does one just abide such as summarized? 

Revealed! How does one tolerate the conservative’s easy complacency with regard to our befouled air and water, faith-based religious reactions to evolving communicable diseases, and obvious climate change looming like a rushing freight? How does one sit and break bread with conservatives senselessly voting against their own best interests to elect persons only ever interested in autocracy, authoritarianism, the death of Democracy, but that further enrichment of the plutocratic wolves of the societally parasitic 1%?  One reads where Koch Enterprises still trades with Putin's Russia...

All this, while promoting the “errant Religulous stupid” to exacerbate worsening slave’s wages, unaffordable housing, and nonexistent health care! Actualized, the death of Social Security and Medicare, the manufacture of an unprotected and defenseless citizenry rendered prey to unaccountable transnationals or domestic corporate reptiles, already gravid with racism... a new serf class willing to do anything for anything… and all supported by the rankest Nazism? How does one get “halfway” to any of that?

How is one expected to be in the same room with, say, the glad and unrepentant white supremacist? Finally, where is that progressively extended wish for civility, cooperation, and consensus not taken for weakness by the right—virulently attacked for same by the opposition outlined, that opposition, of course, not remotely interested in consensus or cooperation, at the start? 

"Centrist" Obama provided for every example of this in HIS eight-year slog with that same disingenuous “opposition.” He wanted to work with them and they gave him the finger. Cut and print.

Another example? Consider the constructive concepts of a sensible “political correctness” of the golden rule, “woke” consciousness leading to sensible conscience, or even a “critical race theory” exploring how racism might be institutionalized and codified... cooked into the DNA of our Nation and so therefore much more resistant to be able to change from it! Worth a look and the aspiration for same, eh?  

But, no! These are all sentient initiatives distorted and weaponized by the “right” to cement their unconstructive, futureless, and democracy-withering racist autocracies! Verily, these Conservative initiatives to degrade, deride, and otherwise defile constructive liberal initiatives of good faith defy any toleration, actually. No… This writer points out that there can be no toleration of rabies, either!

Better political minds than this writer’s (lookin’ at you, DG&BG!) further point out that there can be no "both sides" to the Edmund Pettus bridge! See, one “side” of working United States citizens wanted to vote unmolested in free and fair elections. The other “side” was opposed to that. Where is the “middle” ground? Where is that sensible center? Where are Both sides at fault?

Clearly! They haven’t and they DON’T! 

One side MAY be flawed, honored reader, but the other side is decidedly FUBAR, a morass of mythical bigotries and so wholly unrecognizable as a political entity of competence, reasonability, and sanity that belief ” is wholly buggered! Subsequently, it handily and certifiably disqualifies itself from all governance down to “road-kill guy”—so must be removed from the body politic like a burst appendix… and for the same reasons! Voted out, impeached, or arrested and charged!

As has been pointed out before by the alluded to Driftglass: if the reader looks around the bus they’re on and the barechested driver is wearing buffalo horns and sports a TЯUMP back tattoo… if there are Nazis to the left of you or supremacists to the right… if there’s a low chant of “blood” and “soil” thrumming busily around you like toxic gas? Well, you might be, like your chosen company or troop, a conscious-less traitor and conscience-less drooling prolapse of a human being, yourself

Take a different bus. Save yourself... and the rest of us.

See, and ironically, “Intolerance” is what YOU are, have been, and will continue to be! Newt “trained” you and Rush fed you the toxic ammunition! That ammunition is still funded and forthcoming by the likes of Mr. Koch, Sean, Laura, and Tucker! 

See, you are the obstacle to humanity’s aspiration to greatness! Your claim to the higher moral ground, moreover, is as ludicrous as it is unsupportable and as tedious as it is hypocritical! That’s plain as a face’s nose… you know, that thing you’d cut off for happy spite just to “own the libs”

No Lipstick for pigs. Porcine is as porcine does. We know this. Indubitably! You're the owned snowflake!

Resolved: “Conservatives” are the problem, the dysfunction, and they must shoulder the lion’s share of the blame for all our woes! More lipstick is righteously denied. 

Centrism’s both-sidery? It’s a craven and self-interested money-loving so pecuniary lie of miscreants, cheats, and scurvy thieves. Pigs and lipstick, remember? Besides! They admit this, themselves! [28 million and change, hits!]

See, this is what you can do, believing the baseless rumors while ignoring the cited facts, with your invented Prosperity Jesus' glabrous indulgences, eh? All that’s said mindful of a certain political correctness while aspiring to be as woke as a big bag of French dark roast! This writer spits in that triggered eye and charges for the wash!

It can even, reader, be boiled down all the way to the flawed if sensible... and its inexplicably honored opposition... the wholly insensible, wildly inconsistent, markedly hypocritical, decidedly racist and anti-science, baldly bigoted and anti-American, then even treasonous... opposition! Or, that with which the centrist would have us find "common ground..."

Critical Race Theory? That’s but a truth we’re all going to have to embrace... better sooner than later, n'est ce pas? All that said? 

Gylany! Learn it. Know it. Live it. Love it! Restore John Ford! Read on!
*Newt Gingrich & ilk, David Brooks & ilk, Rush Limbaugh & ilk, a plethora of wing-nut billionaires of descending magnitude, the whole of the GOP, FOX News, OAN, NewsMax, ...this list is interminable... and consummately vile.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Finding's Looking

Outside, I couldn't see "them," 
so then went inside again... 
occluded by my thoughts 
on "what they are."
Occlusion was depression,
This was what some "clouds" can do...
Ignoring, in their hubris...
"moving stars." 
I reflected on the hiding 
of this "thing" so large or vast ... 
exceeding any measure 
of a section or a class
and the suffocation's woeful 
like I'm underneath some heel; 
the atmosphere is cloistered 
like I cannot "breathe" or "feel"...
Do I feel... imposition 
that the sky somehow projects? 
The clouds becomes a metaphor 
for: "that you shan't detect"? 
So then, cut off by malevolence 
to the fullness of one's life (!), 
we feel withered, drawn, emulsified
or whittled by its knife...
"Craft" leap and dance 
behind those clouds (!), 
each one a different color, 
 it's like color in a spectrograph, 
but then wider, Brighter—FULLER!! 
...See, these boil ultra-violet! 
Then, they simmer infrared! 
They churn in colors one shan't see! 
One's mind is blown instead!
Still, I'm sans all "observation" 
under soggy, humid clouds. 
There's a harshness to the "atmosphere" 
which, then, foams uncalled for... ...doubt...
I shall not spread my human arms, 
and cleave the heavens unalarmed 
while... "fathers" of convenient "place" 
destroy my planet for their "faith"?!
Things aren't the way 
we thought they were 
while hidden by those clouds, 
mon frère!
Everything is out of locus, 
has no meaning... is sans all focus!
This drives that "look with longing" 
for some "easy answers," friend! 
It makes one want to go along
give in, and just pretend ... 
that "we are but alone in space"! 
We are IT! Just usOUR RACE (?!), 
and we, of course ("creation's jewel"), 
are not just gangs of... grinning ghouls!
...We have substance, we have smarts
we have sense ... Friend, we have hearts
That we would have a spotless spirit 
or make some aspiration near it? 
That justice is, most times, at hand (!)... 
that freedom's where we make that stand?
...But not the kind from autocrats,
their lumpen fools... or plutocrats!
Those neo-con's need high-colonics... 
...for FASCIST's sickness—sadly chronic!
...Clinton was a vapid cheater 
who betrayed his only wife 
(...but produced a healthy kid, yet, still!)... 
with no additions to our strife.
I preferred him, even knowing 
he's the left arm of some "beast," 
he didn't take my money, 
or kill my friends, at least! 
He didn't cut school lunches 
while he lauded "family values"! 
...And he didn't cleave the country twain 
for "profit" or "what have you"!
Now, Reagan ruined Carter, 
Bush's lies would heap that stage... 
TЯUMP's massive trickle "ups" of bucks 
should fill us all with rage!  
It's these monsters who were "cheated" 
t'would be breaking down our doors—
dragged to bloody streets become 
a "vicious killing floor"...!  
Though, THEY ...our "erstwhile 'statesman,'" 
these just OOZE benign neglect
While Clinton "was an Ogre"?  
Why... 'cause he liked his penis wet?!
...Now we stand beyond all help 
for actions made by Bush's whelp, 
a dry-drunk sans all nuanced sense, 
"deserting twice from combat," yes!
All this, extant, while stars explode 
and flying saucers swoop and glow... 
but travel in their way, mysterious—
pulsing through our skies, imperious!
Reality's a fevered scream! 
Do space-folk dream more "cosmic" dreams... 
in manners we shall not determine? 
We don't grok! That's predetermined!
Everyday *these* people pray 
for unborn babies, "save their day," 
but once they're born (?!) 
forgot, forlorn... 
...they better feel that Christian horn!
Or? "Reviled and shut out from life—
a victim's "double standard" strife... 
These took their licking, 
kept on "ticking," 
so fill our jails, 
barely flinching!"
Wait a moment! What is this?
Depression's wane? A shot at bliss? 

...Yes, blown away those clouds, glad fate (!!!), 
Sky's clearing saw "Orion's" gait! 
...He strode across the starry sky 
like flying diamonds, soaring high!
...And there, beside huge Betelgeuse, 
a -flicker- blinked alive, abstruse (!), 
to swim so grandly predawn air—
a UFO was blandly there!
...Just a point of light that moved
my glass dispels a plane with crew... 
the circle of unblinking light 
moves WEST against a starfield, bright!
...And I saw it, it was there (!), 
moving weirdly here to... "where"?! 
Flashing lights in nonattendance!! 
Breaking major laws ...some business!
See, no "flash" to its position? 
Well, its "flash" avoids collision
One's flashing light's, of needs, required
"colliding planes" are not desired!
See, it's "wrong" when you can't see these; 
By law, light's measured 
proceeds, these...
port and starboard's red and green's 
required light, so more, it seems!
UFOs shan't have these lights
Announcing presence there at night...
...So, oft times then, these are hidden... 
by some tyranny of clouds, unbidden! 
Though now, it* can be seen so plain 
sans ragged/rancid doubt's refrain!!  
The sky is mind perceived as such 
...but filled with more than "stars," yes, MUCH!
...Though, awash in contradictions 
you're betrayed... strange "interdictions."
Impositions with agenda
Inefficacious, so not a friend... yeah... 
Anomaly unmasked, by Thor!
...(Your god of choice where less is more)... 
but, this is why you "sign your contract"!
The future is an autodidact!
It builds from what has gone before,
...from what was which we might deplore! 
At present it has black-paned windows 
and exploding hidden doors, akimbo! 
Still, digging up the truth-soaked ground 
is what we should be doing, proud
Do it 'fore it "needs" it, friend! 
It's our honor at the end!

  • When you look? You find! Sincerely!
  • Restore John Ford!
* — that... those. Them. Them, plain as spots on apples replete in history, and seven anxious categories of same.

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