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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Beset By Fear

Beset by fears of vague unrest, 
most wallow in their squalid nests. 
Afraid of what they shall not see, 
they force their smiles ... pretend they're free...
Enslaved by their contrived indifference
—awash in lies—
they fake disinterest, 
but down along "avoided" halls 
more secrets lurk to "teach" us all.
Their cants and programs? Dumb and blind. 
Their *seasons* work their will on us! 
...Now comes "Christmas"—"Easter," plus...
Pay for dross and soulless kisses; 
despair their social emptinesses
Lose a home, but pay your taxes! 
Keep the "faith"—"it soothes, relaxes"—
so rewarding... *gold* to "God..." 
...your "Church's" too glib "winking nod...".
Though, forget what dances in our skies! 
Forget the saucers "Phil" decries. 
Forget the motion pictures taken—
radar, traces ... facts "forsaken"! 
Forget the witness you CAN'T know, 
because they're scared a "Phil" might crow... 
they're tarred and feathered, not adored... 
derided and disdained ... deplored!  
Ask Stan Friedman what "Phil Klass" did: 
he poisoned WELLS, and we don't kid!
Forget abductees right or wrong 
who sing the *same* peculiar song. 
Forget the legends we all know 
that aren't explained... they tilt and glow!  
These are but the facts perceived 
regarding things we've misconceived, 
so we endure the darker darks... 
'cause others keep our senses parked!
Forget the cosmos, deep and wide, 
an ocean where we float, untied
thinking that we know so well 
what *oceans* "are" or "how" they swell! 
We endure self-serving ethics
—as proud buffoons—
...depraved,  pathetic?
Forget the record painted there, 
where words are writ describing *their* 
..."peculiar"... place in space's grace, 
that wealth of knowledge leaves no trace?!  
Though, yes, of course, we'll leave a trace;  
that's as plain as "nose" on "face"!
Think of all the trash in orbit
An alien archaeologist's target   
Fertile records, extant there, 
communicate a truth, mon frère!
Forget traditions handed down 
by word of mouth before some clowns... 
usurped those legends... ...with their crosses
beads of prayer, and smoking joss sticks.  
History is a smoking rune, 
while we're but made a glib cartoon!
Forget the Earth is wounded, plainly! 
Forget what we consume insanely! 
Forget that we're a demon species 
rolling in our steaming feces!
Forget that we don't know a thing
we're swept along, unchallenging, 
by forces that we could control 
if we but heard "that bell which tolls"!
The kingdom we can sense at hand 
is tied to water, air, and land
It whispers from the dappled brooks 
where fishes swim before they're hooked... 
...to ease us from our need to worry...
to be concerned, or bothered—hurried!  
This is no mere faith, and then?  
What is "tested," is valued, friend!
Conjectured futures, strewn with flowers, 
we keep our heads and use new powers 
graciously— inspiring honor!—
respecting wealth at present squandered!
The skies are clear if off our knees; 
it's when we're strong, and brave and free
A bounty rains like cats and dogs 
when we depart an errant fog—
when we are honest, smart, and true 
our cherished dreams are then imbued!
...Though, we're beset by "stinging flies" 
we should abhor, detest—despise. 
...We're at the whim of liars, friend! 
We think we're free, but we pretend
Our ethics are in sad disgrace. 
What's "Right" is out of line and place
We cry and mope and act like steers 
while outrage festers far and near!
Something's wrong ... and we must shake it! 
We're not secure ... and MAGA  fakes it! 
They're the reason we're not jolly; 
it's their season, and their folly... 
sacrificing all our dreams 
for short-term gains we'd deem obscene!
Still—just look! The sky's ALIVE 
with "craft" that hovers, swoops, and dives
...And all creation holds its breath 
while we "campaign" and scream for death?
No, Virtue's for the taking, friend, 
paying freight that fronts our end! 
Looking up to see a saucer's 
just as real as reading Chaucer!
Ask some questions! What's the problem? 
...Getting tired eating pabulum? 
Bug the lawyers, and the cops
bug the news guys, never stop!
Make those bastards earn their living. 
If you screw up, they're unforgiving! 
Make them earn where we've paid dear, 
while they but profit from our fear.  
They are not a different species, 
that is so much steaming feces.  
They are far from our superior, 
they're psychopaths, and so? Inferior.

Saturday, March 04, 2023

UFO Pioneer: Major Donald Keyhoe and the Flatwoods Monster - Part 3 of 3


UFO Pioneer:   

Major Donald Keyhoe...

and the Flatwoods Monster

by Alfred Lehmberg (with Frank Feschino Jr)   PART 3 of 3

In January of 1953, Major Keyhoe contacted the Pentagon again and spoke to the USAF's top public liaison, Mr. Albert Chop. Keyhoe admonished Chop, "This [Flatwoods!] could get out of hand." It had, already, and quite literally, gotten "out of hand." Monday morning quarterbacking, sure, but there have been sixty years of unrequited “Mondays.”

Keyhoe then asked Chop, "Why doesn't the Air Force squelch it?" Chop retorted, "We've already said the object was a meteor." Keyhoe replied, "A lot of people don't believe it [that “it” was a meteor]. ...And the way this has built up, it's bad." One’s left wanting for a clearer idea on substantiations for the word, “bad”!

Alert! Bells should sound here for the reader! The “object” was “said” to be a “meteor”! More later. 

Chop insisted, "It'll die out." Keyhoe responded, "But people will remember it later if something breaks.

Come to it? It did break and to the tune of huge government and military involvements wholly unwarranted by terrified hillbillies scared 'o haints n' spooks around Holloween! Frank Feschino would flesh all that out as no one ever had, just connecting the no-leap dots ...and people have remembered! Sincerely, there is a "Flatwoods Monster" at all only a result of Feschino’s research... but the writer digresses…

Back to task, let’s now take a look at the info contained on the official Project Blue Book: "Project 10073 RECORD CARD" and its report on this alleged meteor... a meteor substantiated, it can be shown, in only the most suspicious of manners! To begin: the official record states that the time of the incident was as follows in its section three.

Project 10073 RECORD CARD

"3. Time: 1930 EST" which translates to [7:30 p.m. EST/8:30 p.m. EDT]. Section eleven states, "11. Comments. The West Virginia monster so-called. Actually, the object was the well-known Washington meteor of 12 Sep landing near Flatwoods, W.Va. Have confirmation from an Astronomy Club from Akron, Ohio. Letter from E.C. [blacked out] President-Akron Astr. Club." The following section twelve states, "12. Conclusion. [X] Was astronomical."

Well! There you have it, reader! This is the official explanation given by the USAF of the Flatwoods incident in its Project 10073 Record card. ...And we're done? No. That's only just the salad, let's hold off calling a waiter; we've got entries and desserts to get to.

The "Flatwoods Monster" was referred to, officially reported so, as "The West Virginia monster so-called" and it was said to be a "landed meteor." Remember that.

One final dropped shoe? There is one other document contained in the PBB files in reference to this alleged Sep 12 Flatwoods "meteor." It is the letter from the "Akron Astronomy Club" mentioned on the official "Project 10073 RECORD CARD." This is the Air Force's accredited source.

This is the "confirmation" letter sent to Project Blue Book establishing the sighting of this object as a "meteor" and the Air Force's single-source conclusion. It states, "EXAMPLE Typical Meteorite (Fireball). 12 Sep Fireball - September 12, 1952 - Flatwoods, W.Va." It also states the time of the sighting, "Time: Approximately 7:00 p.m. EST." ...But wait! What? Meteorites always land... you'd think an astronomer knows how that works?

Here, too, we would ask, reader, why is there an [approximate] thirty-minute time difference between the sighting of this alleged "meteor" in these two official documents? In actuality, cue ominous music! 

Feschino would find that this 30 minutes will smear itself into a much longer amount of time in the first place, closer to a full day when it’s measured… and what self-respecting meteor loiters around for an astonishing 30 minutes, in the second, forgetting the usual ones rudely loitering around never much longer than mere seconds in the third? Fractions of such, more likely. Eyeblinks? Most, one never sees at all...

NOTE: In a clearer interpretation of an evidentiary reality, this alleged "meteor" was actually two separate objects seen over various locations on different trajectories. These trajectories were bee-lined to prohibited airspaces—locations of extreme interest—nuclear and whatnot! Furthermore, tired of sneer quotes, they were NOT meteors, is the assertion! 

They were (at least!) two damaged UFOs on completely separate flightpaths… and one of these landed in Flatwoods—all evidence would seem to indicate! Remember, reader! The military had orders to shoot them down!

Oh! …And by the way! There are NO other astronomy records on the planet recording a meteor passing over Flatwoods, or that a meteorite landed in Flatwoods, WV—besides that suspicious card in the Project Blue Book files! Too? It seems odd that it would be Ohio Astronomy, no small distance away, to weigh in at all! We alluded to the meteor/meteorite issue... the reporting astronomer didn't seem to know the difference

Furthermore, an impact pit from a meteorite would be obvious and even to this day one has never been found in or around Flatwoods, its nearby vicinity, or anywhere else in Braxton County! Stanton Friedman has quipped in this writer's presence that they’d have had to rename the town to “Flattened-woods,” had one of the described size actually touched down

But wait, reader! Remember that second call Major Keyhoe made to Albert Chop in January of 1953? Chop gave him some additional information about the case. Here are the following details that Keyhoe received from Chop about the "Flatwoods Monster." Gird loins, reader, this rather kicks over rocks as it rips off scabs.

A). "First, the glowing object seen by Mrs. May and the boys was actually a meteor; It merely appeared to be landing when it disappeared over the hill." Well, at least he used the right word, eh?

NOTE: We observe that Chop stated, "appeared to be landing." This contradicts the Project Blue Book information in the Project 10073 Record Card, "landing near Flatwoods." ...These little rocks must be kicked over of needs. It's what the CSI (ever CSICOP!) would do!

Chop continues:

B). "Second, the group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. Underbrush below may have given the impression of a giant figure, and in their excitement, they may have imagined the rest." One can imagine Chop waving his hands.

...Let's digress a moment to add some gravid insult to abundant injury! In the early nineties, Joe Nickell—lapsed English teacher, draft-dodger, and malfeasant CSICOP debunker spokes-puppy—would fatuously assert his facile "appropriation" that the people of Flatwoods could not tell a common "barn owl" from a lighted "space alien," that they were sickened by some phantom miasma of noxious gas fumes from underlying coal deposits or seasonal plants (moonshine fumes?), and that they were, again, provincial bumpkins easily confused by a "well known" meteor event of September 12th... a meteor this writer reminds the reader is not academically recorded, anywhere, only sucked from a scientistic reductionist's prolapsed bum! 

No, the meteor was ever only an early offered supposition by the Air Force to explain irrepressible and annoying facts, and just like the Nickell further-appropriated owl and coal gas suppositions? Mere flatulence from cack-fodder and hopeful bat-squeeze! Cowardice bumpin' ugly with Truthlessness to issue that which should not live to see its first breath of credibility to start! The canted & weaponized supposition of partisans, even suggested authoritatively by an officiality... is not fact.

Stop right here! See? If a "meteor," reader, it was a meteor lingering in the sky for 21 hours and change from the Eastern seaboard all the way into Flatwoods, as we’ve already pointed out! Such must be so.

This writer recalls there was a sustained UFO activity over ten east coast states that day! This includes 116 documented and pinpointed locations made by 25 separate unidentified craft! Phantom meteors and barn owls don't punch this ticket!

Moreover, four of those UFOs were damaged and accounted for thirteen crash landings reported: 10 in West Virginia, 2 in Tennessee, and 1 in South Carolina! Additionally, there were eight other locations where UFOs actually touched down and made landings: 1 in West Virginia, 6 in Ohio, and 1 in Pennsylvania! (FTR: all of these exact locations are documented in Feschino's book. He has the receipts AND the meat!) 

Oh, and also for the record! While many of these UFOs traversed across the skies of the United States, some actually followed the flight path corridors of commercial airplanes! 

The Wilmington Del. Sunday Star reported the following on September 14, 1952, "Three commercial pilots told the CAA that meteor-like objects flashed by their planes. One pilot said one nearly hit his ship." These incidents occurred in the Wheeling, WV area. More, the Wheeling News-Register reported, "One pilot said an object had nearly clipped the wing of his craft." How was a window seat for that action and where were the reports of those meteors!

Also? If dogs and children are sickened, reader, by some "coal-gas produced miasma" or "pungent plant," it has not happened before, or since… and not geologically or botanically relevant, anyway! Science (and investigation!) rules out each

If an owl, reader... but come on! That's just ludicrous. "Thunderbirds" and "Rocs" are more myth and produce far less documentation! Verily, it seems to this writer that these excuses are but later meanspirited debunkerisms employed as a function of confounding Feschino’s astonishing revelations and reasoned assertions!

Moreover, these Flatwoods folk are with-it country people. They acquitted themselves well enough on National TV! They knew owls... barn, or those decidedly otherwise, unlike our Doctor "immaterial" Joe Nickell, that glabrous symbol once-avatar of all skeptical wisdom and incisive intelligence as it pertains to scientific inquiry... …pause for incredulous squirts & hearty giggles! He was an English teacher finally, as has been pointed out, and not Carl f'n Sagan!

NOTE: Chop used speculative words in his statements. Eyewitnesses, on the other hand, said the eyes actually resembled "portholes," which were the openings of the large head/helmet observed. Moreover, the body was described, from the beginning, as a large metal/mechanical figure approximately 12 feet tall which had lengthwise pipes surrounding the lower torso like pleats. Also reported was that these pipes emitted a noxious gas. 

Clawy arms” were never reported by eyewitnesses. Too, every eyewitness DID NOT imagine the same thing. Every eyewitness was at a different location along the path and had a separate point of view of the figure during their encounter. They would draw it later under inquisition, a word not used lightly! ...And none of these persons, living in Flatwoods for generations, knew what an owl looked like?

C). "Third, the boys' illness was a physical effect brought on by their fright."

NOTE: The boys and Mrs. May became sick when they inhaled the fumes emitted from the lower torso pipes of the figure. The eyewitnesses had sore throats and nearby witness Eugene Lemon vomited for hours after the encounter! Some of the boys had developed dark splotches on their skin needing medical attention! Most of the boys were so sick they had to leave school for a week! ...An otherwise healthy dog involved in the encounter, died.

D). "Fourth, the flattened grass and supposed tracks were made by the first villagers when they came to investigate."

NOTE: No. The locals DID NOT flatten the grass field of the small valley into “specific markings” with “well-defined” patterns; this includes the circular depression in the field where the craft had landed! One anxious and “anything but aliens” debunker, later on, would conjecture a drunk hillbilly cutting doughnuts in a pickup truck badly leaking its oil to explain the effusive substance discharge at the site. 

Nor did civilian traffic of any type leave the huge blown-over grass path that the "Monster" left as it hovered back and forth across the field, from its craft to the tree and back! Too, this writer recalls that news reporter Stewart, who arrived first at the May home shortly after the incident, had to forcibly coax two of the older boys to return to the site that night. Stewart told Feschino this tale about one of the boys, "Under his breath, he was crying like a whipped pup." 

Eventually, the boys showed Stewart the way and they went to the site with a small posse of armed local men and stayed for about 30 minutes. Stewart also stated, "We just spotlighted around because not one of us was inclined to hunt for something we didn't know what it was in the dark."

Moreover, after Stewart and his posse left the farm, the law finally arrived. The Sheriff, Robert Carr, did not go up to the site of the encounter that night because his accompanying police dogs refused to go onto the farm! Major Keyhoe stated, "When the sheriff arrived, a fog was settling over the hillside. Twice he tried to get his dogs to lead him to the spot where the monster was seen. Each time they ran away, howling, and he gave up until morning."

In a disappointing closing of what must be assessed as official betrayal, Donald Keyhoe disclosed the following information told to him by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the Chief of Project Blue Book back in 1952… we can recall from Part 2. You'll remember.  "Ed."

The following quote, made by Captain Ruppelt, appeared in Keyhoe's 1973 book, Aliens From Space (a free pdf can be found). He told Keyhoe, quite frankly, what can be taken as a broad admission of employed official policy wide-spread. To wit: "We're ordered to hide sightings when possible, but if a strong report does get out we have to publish a fast explanation—make up something to kill the report in a hurry. We must also ridicule the witness, especially if we can't figure a plausible answer." Maybe?  Read that last again.

Cut and print, reader! Someone fork the toast! 

"HIDE. LIE. KILL the story"! "RIDICULE" the witnesses! Official policy! Things are now as they were then, but NOW? You are there! Thanks, Major!

In conclusion, this writer offers that "official policy" was only ever an inconsequent and unbalanced morass of crass homocentric smarm, so not without the usual baseless debunkery, scientistic reductionism, and unscientific hubris... an initiative as insulting as it was superficial and as ill-informed as it was disingenuous! Doctor (immaterial, he's an English teacher ffs!) Joe Nickell (he actually passed out wooden nickels at one time!) was touted as the expert authority (?) where Feschino is not much referred to in the milieu except, derisively, as a base "enthusiast"! Nickell, like all of the officialdom, went to Flatwoods, once, to trash the story. Feschino has been researching the incident for coming up on three decades, incisively, exhaustively, and diligently. Feschino, on the other hand, continues to do due diligence!

Verily, the late Stanton Friedman thought Feschino had the right stuff! Friedman wrote fore and aft in all of Feschino's books! Moreover, Feschino is hugely respected by sincere UFO researchers in the community from Richard Dolan, through Whitley Strieber, to Robert Hastings! Search this site for "Feschino" or “Flatwoods” to get a flesh-out of the story… and be amazed with his seminal and landmark book; it’s glazed in detail

Too? Remember that the "Monster," whatever it was, was the END of the story. The real, and more interesting, beginning of the story is a really good case for an undeclared air war with ET after President Truman ordered the military to start shooting UFOs down in 1952. Joe didn’t mention any of that… did he. Closing, at last. Thanks, Major Keyhoe.

Please leave your comments.

In a postscript, Reader! This article is only the tip of the iceberg concerning Frank Feschino's investigation.

The most complete and detailed historical account of this fascinating incident can be purchased in Feschino’s book through his website: www.flatwoodsmonster.com

Monday, February 20, 2023

UFO Pioneer: Major Donald Keyhoe and the Flatwoods Monster - Part 2 of 3


UFO Pioneer: 

Major Donald Keyhoe... 

and the Flatwoods Monster

by Alfred Lehmberg (with Frank Feschino Jr)

 PART 2 of 3

Major Donald Keyhoe closely followed the Flatwoods Monster case from its beginning and from the moment it hit newspaper headlines around the country! Keyhoe would quickly use one of his Pentagon contacts in Washington (alluded to in Part 1) to get some additional information about this bizarre incident. Very shortly after the occurrence, then, Keyhoe called the Pentagon and spoke to the USAF Public Liaison, one Albert Chop. He would call Chop again later in January of 1953.

During his first phone call to Chop, Major Keyhoe was skeptical of the incident! It had received so much negative [and false!] publicity in the press! The more news coverage that the incident received, the more inaccurate that coverage had become, thus attempting to turn the "Flatwoods Monster" incident into some far-fetched backwoods hillbilly monster tale around the time of Halloween just to sell snacks, soap & sundries!

One example of this inaccurate news reportage that we'll expose appeared on September 15, 1952, in The Washington Daily Mail. There was a spin.

The headline read, "THE MONSTER OF BRAXTON COUNTY" and reported, "A short time after a meteorite—or something… blazed across this town [Flatwoods] last Friday and seemed to land nearby, an evil-smelling, green-bodied monster 12 feet tall with bulging eyes and clawy hands sent seven young citizens running for their lives." This writer is reminded of the plots of some of the more moronic Flatwoods videos on YouTube. This was a story caricature. A degraded retelling of a retelling... of a retelling. A ruse. A dodge. A distraction?

In Flying Saucers From Outer Space, Keyhoe had begun his Flatwoods explication by stating, "I found myself faced with another puzzle, the case of the Sutton Monster." He referred to the "monster" as the "Sutton Monster," because "Sutton" was the nearby county seat of Braxton County. The town of Flatwoods was so small, actually, that it was not even on most maps. 

Keyhoe continued, "Of all the eerie saucer stories, this was the weirdest. When the story first appeared, I put it down to hysteria. As a joke, I phoned Chop.

Kiddingly, he asked Chop, "How many intelligence officers are you rushing down to Sutton? Chop shot back, "You too? We're not even bothering to investigate. Several astronomers said a meteor went over there. Those people must have dreamed up the rest.

No, we subsequently discover. There was no "meteor," no "several meteorologists" reporting, and no one was "dreaming"!

Another example of inaccurate news reportage appeared on September 15, 1952, in the Fairmont Times. Their headline read, "Police Say Braxton Monster Product of Mass Hysteria," and stated, "Police laughed. They said the so-called monster had grown from seven to 17 feet tall in 24 hours. The 'flying saucer,' officers speculated, might have been a meteor crashing to earth." That "meteor" again! Moreover, the actuality was that the police were out all night on the twelfth answering bizzare calls all over the county! They weren't even answering phones in some cases this writer recalls Moreover, no one was "laughing."

On that same day, the Wheeling News-Register headline read, "Metallic Odor Indicates Meteor [wait... what?!]- Officers Shake heads Over W.Va. Ogre Tale" and stated, "Authorities said the 'flying saucer' which Mrs. May's sons saw was a meteorite." There it is again! 

No, we can only shake our heads from our catbird seat in the future… where we ponder a single phantom meteor lingering in the skies for 21 hours and change... and never existing in the first place!



On September 19, 1952, just seven days after the incident, eyewitness Mrs. May, eyewitness Eugene Lemon, and A. Lee Stewart, Jr. (the Sutton reporter who broke the story to the press), had appeared on a national television talk show in New York to tell of their "Flatwoods Monster" adventure. The Show was named, We the People and was hosted by hugely popular TV personality Daniel Seymour. It aired live across the Nation.

Well, when the obviously competent, intelligently sentient, and assiduously non-hillbilly witnesses talked to a live audience about their terrifying encounter, they shook the whole country profoundly and received a lot more attention. Ufological "Coal to Newcastle," but at that exact time in 1952, you see, the United States officiality was already panicking from the record amount of UFO sightings occurring steadily across the country (and world), overflying prohibited airspaces, and causing much official Sturm and Drang for the powers that be! All this happened, reader, by this writer’s watch and warrant

The Flatwoods incident was the JATO assist thrusting the “flying saucer” back into the spotlight! That the aforementioned powers were not amused but bemused at the prospect, is more understatement.

Major Keyhoe stated, "Then, Mrs. May and the Lemon boy appeared on We The People and retold their frightening experience. It was obvious they believed the monster was real, and a dozen papers and magazines sent writers to Sutton for new angles on the story.

Further on into his investigation Keyhoe also stated, "Later, from a source outside of the pentagon, I heard that intelligence had followed this up by sending two men in civilian clothes who posed as magazine writers while interviewing witnesses. Even if this was not true, and the Air Force denied it, their check through the [West Virginia] state police showed more interest than they had admitted." The reader can predict what's coming. It'll get here...

NOTE: Unprovoked, Mrs. May reported to Frank Feschino, Jr. the following incident occurring on Saturday, September 13, 1952—the day after their encounter. "Two men came and knocked on my door and they told me they were editors from Clarksburg. Well, they said they were reporters from Clarksburg at first and they would like to go up to the place where it happened. Freddie [her son] went up with me."

On-site then at the Fisher Farm, they questioned Mrs. May. She reported, "We were just talking about the... 'thing.'" As Mrs. May spoke to the two reporters in the field of the farm, one of them walked away to the nearby site of the encounter by the woods downslope and examined that area.

Mrs. May continued, "One stayed there with Freddie and me and one went across and down. Well, he was gone about 30 minutes and came back.

During that time, the wandering reporter had examined the site of the encounter near a big tree set along the path bordering the woods. On the site of the encounter, he found oil splattered throughout the area in the woods and along the path that had been expulsed from the "monster." The oily substance (not motor oil) was splattered across the landscape and also covered the tree branches. In the examination, the wanderer had become covered in this oily material.

Mrs. May reported to Feschino that, "He came back and said to the other guy, 'Now, what do you think Ed's gonna' think of this when we send these in for analysis?' That's just the way he said it. And he was covered. They had beautiful, nice suits on, with hats to match and he was striped. He looked like a zebra with oil." She added, "He was covered, on his arms, his legs, his hat, and everything. He had oil all over him."

Mrs. May had also told the men that this oily substance had also been sprayed on her own clothing during her encounter the night before. 

Now reader, a striking part of this interview with Mrs. May concerns the name that one of the men mentioned in front of her to his partner when he came back covered in oil, recall "Now, what do you think Ed's gonna' think of this when we send these in for analysis?" This was a curious coincidence, remembering what Keyhoe would report later in his book, Flying Saucers From Outer Space. We'll see that in just a moment, but another question. 

Who might Ed have been? For the record, was it mere coincidence that the name of the "Chief of Project Blue Book" at that time in 1952 was none other than, "Captain Edward J. Ruppelt"? Additionally, one must ask still one more question, “why would one reporter make this kind of statement to another reporter”?

"MonsterQuest film crew at the landing site.
Feschino is rightmost

Researcher Frank Feschino JR,
last century near the start of his research.
NOTE: On Sunday, September 14, 1952, the two men returned to Flatwoods and met with Mrs. May. They all returned back up to the site of the encounter on the Fisher farm. 

She told Frank Feschino, "Then the next day they came back and they begged apologies. They said they were from Washington, D.C. They said they were from Washington and they had flown in and rented a car and came up here."

Feschino asked, "Why do you think they didn't tell you the truth the first time?" She'd replied, "They were afraid that if they wanted information and we knew they were investigators we wouldn't tell them anything.

One of these men was adamant about getting a sample of the oil from Mrs. May's uniform. Mrs. May said, "They did go down to the house and scrape some oil out of my uniform... so, I guess they wanted it for analysis or something, to see what kind of oil it was."

Feschino then asked Mrs. May about her oil-stained uniform, "Did you keep it or throw it out?" She replied, "I kept it a while and then I think I threw it away.

Moreover, it seems that Major Keyhoe's "source outside of the Pentagon" was right, as Feschino's interview with Mrs. May has shown... but with a lot more information being told to Feschino by this key eyewitness. One thing was clear. These Flatwoods witnesses, any of them, were not bogus.

In Flying Saucers From Outer Space, Keyhoe made the following meaningful statement, "If the Air Force had sent investigators publicly in hope of killing the story, it might have backfired. Papers and magazines would have pictured the intelligence officers as making a serious investigation. It might seem like proof to some people that the Air Force was soberly impressed by the report, or at least the 'giants from space' were considered a strong possibility.

It sure seems possible that someone in a position of power was impressed with something. Later on, we would see proof that there was all manner of "impression" afoot! "Two guys from Washington" was the least of it!

Keyhoe wrote, "A strong possibility..." Yeah... quite so when we recall that there is enough space, time, and surface area suggested by our time machine sky above... well, to facilitate the substantiation of anything... from the thinkable to the wholly unthinkable, and beyond. Unspeakable, even. Not unspeakable because you won't; unspeakable because you can't. That's a good thing, still. Our fires, no matter how bright we'll build them, will always reveal but that larger darkness.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

UFO Pioneer: Major Donald Keyhoe and the Flatwoods Monster - Part 1 of 3

UFO Pioneer: 

Major Donald Keyhoe... 

and the Flatwoods Monster

by Alfred Lehmberg (with Frank Feschino Jr)

 PART 1. 

Among his too many to enumerate accomplishments, Major Donald E. Keyhoe was a Marine Corps pilot in the early 1920s. We could stop right there. Later, he's a pulp magazine writer and then a celebrated author who would become a key pioneer UFO researcher of the 1950s. We need to know who this fellow was.

Let this writer, a retired career military pilot and former Master Aviator, digress for a moment on the subject of Marine Corps pilots. The writer trained them in aviation procedures, air-combat skills, and knew them well enough for over two decades of periodic encounters to make an uncomplicated professional assessment. Provoked by cause? They'd as soon fly up the ass of a thundercloud as down the barrel of a big gun. Men "not to be trifled with" will be the takeaway and the close of this digression.

In 1956, Mr. Keyhoe co-founded the "National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena." This was the serious-minded civilian UFO group led by many prominent and well-respected professionals. Shortly after NICAP's formation, Mr. Keyhoe became its Director in 1957. This was a NICAP, we'll recall, before it turned cloudy and became the lapdog of classified intelligence interests.

Keyhoe was all this, yet, how many people remember this man? Who is now aware of his monumental, even seminal, accomplishments?

Let us begin here, then, to talk a little about this brave nascent ufologist, Mr. Keyhoe, and his illustrious, history-making, and multi-faceted career. This would be a career leading him to become a pioneer UFO researcher and highly prominent figure in the ufological field! Why, he should be as famous as J. Allen Hynek. This is equally true for other men and women in at the ufological beginning and now largely forgotten...

Donald E. Keyhoe was born in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1897. He grew up in that area and then, young and feeling the need for 20th Century speed? He entered the United States Naval Academy.


Keyhoe received his B.S. degree in 1919 and was then commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. ...Just lookin' at 'im you know he's a bad-ass! This writer suspects that no one ever called him "keyhole"! Well, maybe once.

Later, in 1922 while in Guam, Keyhoe was in a serious plane crash and severely injured his arm. This incapacitated him and made him unable to further serve... he was so advised...

He would dabble in writing during his convalescence, later returning to active duty, stubbornly, with the Marines… but this was short-lived. He was forced to medically retire in 1923 because of his crash injury.

Subsequent to his service with the Marines, Mr. Keyhoe continued his writing beyond mere hobby status. He wrote four compelling stories between 1925 and 1927 proudly published by a very popular pulp magazine of the time titled, Weird Tales. This writer has some of these old pulps, including Keyhoe!

He also worked as the editor of the Coast and Geodetic Survey publications and was later employed by the Aeronautics Branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This initiative was to be the predecessor to the F.A.A.

In 1927, serendipity would strike! The Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics sponsored the world-famous pilot Charles A. Lindberg's coast-to-coast 48-state tour across America! This was of course after his celebrated solo, nonstop, and trans-Atlantic flight earlier that year. True story! This tour promoted air mail and burgeoning air passenger services and was at their very tap-root!

Colonel Lindbergh flew his legendary plane, of course, "The Spirit of St. Louis," to all 48 states! He was accompanied by another plane staffed with a small group called, "The Tour Party."

Among that group of hand-picked men called upon to assist Lindbergh on his flight across America... was our Mr. Donald Keyhoe, then the assistant to the Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Dept. of Commerce at that time.

In his first book, published in 1928, Flying with Lindbergh, Donald Keyhoe stated that one Secretary MacCracken told him, "You will be Colonel Lindbergh's aide... unless of course, you don't want to make this tour..." Keyhoe would retort anxiously that, "There was not a man in the Department of Commerce who would not leap at that chance."

As Keyhoe stated in his book, the tour was a total success (...this writer remembering our now transonic air and spacecraft, its result!). "The entire journey," he had written, "had been made in 260 flying hours, or the equivalent of eleven flying days...We had seen each of the forty-eight states." This highly experienced former aviator can report that this aerial excursion would have been a monumental, even superhuman, effort of legendary aviational acumen!

Despite some inclement flying conditions across the country and several drawbacks on that tour, Keyhoe stated," The success of that almost spectacular journey was due to the personality of Charles A. Lindbergh." We would, of course, later find out other interesting facts about the "personality" of Mr. Lindbergh, but this is now, and that was then. Lindbergh had more than earned his fame at the time. Follows photos of the period.

Top Photo is titled, "THE TOUR PARTY," an insert photo opposite of page 123 in Keyhoe's book, Flying with Lindbergh. Mr. Keyhoe is standing far left and Colonel Lindbergh is standing center. Center Photo: NYT newspaper. Bottom photo: Col. Lindbergh and his plane.




Major Keyhoe then left his job with the Department of Commerce and became a freelance writer. He penned numerous aviation adventure stories and a series of fiction and non-fiction tales for pulps, magazines, and various publications starting in 1931. He'd write on through the 1940s.

During World War II, Mr. Keyhoe rejoined the U.S. Marines and was stationed with a naval aviation training division. He retired with the rank of Major by war's end.

After Donald Keyhoe returned to civilian life he would become interested in this new and puzzling "flying saucer phenomenon" of the late 1940s! UFOs were, and steadily, being reported with increasing regularity throughout the press and all over the civilized world! Intelligent attention was begged and called for!

Keyhoe would then begin to research the phenomenon in earnest. His initiative here at the very nascence of ufology would evolve into the very beginning of humanity's on-again/off-again "serious" investigation into UFOs and their ancillaries... still existing today!

Keyhoe dug deep into some well-known cases from that era! This included the 1948 Mantell crash case and the 1948 Gorman UFO dogfight case, both of which involved fighter planes.

Because of Major Keyhoe's strong military aviation background, his accrued Lindbergh-imprimatur, and the many influential people he worked with and for, he had, over time, collected many important contacts inside the government. This included connections in the Pentagon and in military circles, including the USAF, where he had access to some pretty compelling UFO case files.

After Keyhoe, in his own words, spent "eight months of intense investigation," into the UFO topic, he wrote a lengthy trail-blazing article for TRUE Magazine appearing in their December 1949 issue. It was entitled "The Flying Saucers Are Real."

Major Keyhoe wrote a staggeringly straightforward opening to that article! Astounding, as bold as it was bald: "For the past 175 years, the planet Earth has been under systematic close-range examination by living, intelligent observers from another planet."

BAM! Eh, reader?

This statement, and the entire contents of the article aforementioned, had forever embedded Keyhoe—not only into the history books of the "flying saucer" community, but the huge public audience who had read it, breath abated, themselves! After all, this was THE Major Keyhoe, writing in the renowned and highly popular TRUE Magazine, a magazine having no small credibility for the time

This was the beginning, then, of Keyhoe's UFO investigative career! UFOS would become a hot public property under Keyhoe's tutelage as interest in the sightings of UFOs was steadily spreading across the planet... as we've pointed out.

With the viral success of his article and the additional information he had acquired, Keyhoe expanded his TRUE article into a groundbreaking book with the same title, The Flying Saucers Are Real! This was published in 1950. Mr. Keyhoe then wrote another blockbuster book, Flying Saucers From Outer Space, published in 1953. This was the book gaining him recognition as a true civilian "pioneer authority" on UFOs.

Keyhoe would go on to write four more UFO books between 1955 and 1973. Many will say that his 1953 book, Flying Saucers From Outer Space, was his best.

In Major Keyhoe's book Flying Saucers From Outer Space, Keyhoe writes about a close encounter case particularly catching his attention and in which he gives some important information concerning that highly strange incident. He had to keep going back on this one. This one just wasn't adding up. 

This case was to be the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter of September 12, 1952... and loosed are curiosity's dogs!

(END OF PART 1 of 3.)

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Psychopathic Percussions

You may hear the *strangest* music, 
but its syncopated beat 
will absolve you of all fearfulness. 
When you're fearless, you're complete
The tunes are self-evolving 
and appear at once sublime, 
Remembered, then, they are such 
as brought from Terry's* mind.
M's "land" has no locality
it's everywhere at once; 
see, everything's connected, and once "there"?  
There is "free lunch."
...Elevation's certain 
if one's open to his song 
in our universe of ...wonder... 
far from want or rage or wrong!  
Time is its vibration 
and "vibration" is a "music";
 Too? That music is a blessing sent 
since all sense dances to it!
Though... if one then listens closely 
for the notes to fall their way?  
Discordant songs of psychopaths 
prove the order of the day! 
Know its "concert of collusion" 
for the "chords" that they will stroke... 
with their "self-invested orchestras": 
Jealous Corporates! The "Anti-woke."
Their music is self-serving, 
duplicitous—a lie.  
It's all about a "bottom line" 
to serve too few, is why.  
It's all about a "trickle up"
—the gulf's divide is plain—
so some can live apart and dry 
while we endure hard rain.
See? Their music's badly written. 
It's not using all its notes. 
Songs disrespecting happiness?  
Music smashing all your hopes?!  
...Likely, not the way its 'sposed to be. 
Better music is well-known! 
...But we're beset by psychopaths 
who conduct the cruelest tone.
...Pray listen to their voices, though, 
for they blend in ways unplanned
A glimmer of some truth portends—
it's music, understand!? 
Music has an inner voice, 
transcending any lie. 
Too, music leads to everything! 
That "math's the path" is why...
...And, it's music that will always work, 
will always proffer truth; 
"told to be then, understood
it's then believed"—of use!
Finally, it is beautiful!  
It transcends all obfuscation.  
Above concerns considered?  
It has the right vibration!
So we "listen," then; 
who plays bad tunes
Yes, all we have—a pity—
conducted by sure psychopaths 
who express a shadow's bidding... 
These conduct an "orchestra" 
to buttress status quos; 
the musicians, then, are in the tank... 
...and bought.  That's on the nose.
Let's grok alluded orchestras 
and parse them out real fine.  
Let's analyze their music, friend, 
before that's made a crime!
Let's examine pitch and tone 
re-tuning errant strings, 
and make a better music 
than a "one percent" would sing.
...The HORNS, then: played by News folk, 
though their key is flat and dull; 
aggrandizing solos 
are the "focus" they'd extol.
At best, "whores of shallow aspect," 
reporting not... (the bastards!)
Betraying public trusts, one finds, 
they're serving other masters!
They move a tune along alright, 
you'd almost think they care
though it comes up short of climax—
denouement is never "there."  
Mythic Swinton blew the clearer note; 
he had to drink to do it—
he knew that they had all sold out... 
and blew that tune!  All knew it.
He hit the righteous high notes! 
His music sweet and clear, 
he should have been a frontman, 
he sang so hard and dear. 
Though, we just rolled our "blind eyes" up, 
pretended a mistake... 
awaited safer *music* 
which we lapped up for our fate.
The STRINGS are plucked by charmless "priests" 
who moan their shallow dirge. 
They play upon the guilt produced 
on harps that but discourage
They whip us with their hair shirt bows 
and guilt us with their strings. 
Then, fleecing their respective flocks, 
become religious kings.
Theists pluck "dour movements" 
from their strings composed of gut, 
thus provoking ardent churchsters' weeping wail! 
...and that's just nuts!
They whimper hopeless harmonies 
of meaningless dichotomies 
insuring only futures where 
We fall into their traps! Their snares!
They don't police their ranks at all, 
and do us ALL so wrong. 
Their songs are rank extortion 
built to string us all along! 
These songs are self-enriching 
and produce no pangs of guilt... 
for the many who just cash on in
eroding mental health!
The REEDS? They're paid politicos 
who must whistle from their stumps... 
...just exactly what a "public" wants to hear
the facile chumps! 
They listen to their horns and strings, 
then harshly hum their spins on things: 
a beatified corpocracy... 
they but pump!
On gravy trains, they'd rather be, 
they laugh at you and promise—tease! 
They keep their hand within your pocket, 
lifting cash and keys or lockets... 
looting from your stuff they'll buy 
that music for their comfort's eye!
Some reeds split off like missiles! 
"Truth at last"(!), you cheer and whistle! 
But these are reeds soon locked away 
if they refuse "their" piece to play! 
...Johnny Ford was such a "reed" 
(I hope that, soon, he might be freed...)!
An unpleasant cacophony, 
this mixture of strings—
of brass or of reeds 
and more *curious* things. 
The movement is hollow; 
it is tuneless—discordant; 
it settles for short term 
and forgets long importance. 
It limps through its song 
like it's missing the notes. 
Forbidden to play them? 
Songs sound like a joke.
...And who's this *Forbidder*? 
Who "conducts" from the shadows? 
Who's the arranger—
this snake without glasnost? 
What is his end, 
and how is that measured. 
Who wins again (?); 
whose nest has it feathered?
Good music it's not, 
but your *beat* is still good—
and the notes they don't play 
ARE a symphony, dude! 
...And that's your paid ticket! 
You hear what's NOT there! 
That music is better 
(...trades Clem for Astaire)!
See? It's you who adds percussion! 
It's you producing heat! 
It's you producing rhythm... 
Individuals tapping feet. 
It's you distilling truth from fear. 
It's you to play and croon. 
It's you providing heart and soul—
who keeps that beat in tune!
...So, hear your own music! 
Refuse their contrived! 
Look for those sweet notes! 
Be on guard for their jive. 
Make new connections 
and wake up, refreshed! 
Tolerate more that the 
Concrescence is looming, 
and what do we find? 
That their music's awful
but your music's fine!

*Terence McKenna's Land

  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-pish...

  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bop - but'-ton, dada--dada
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-pash...

  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Tink! Tink!
  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Ta Tink! Tink!
  • Bu-dot, but ot in dada! Pa-tinkity! Tink! 
boom, pa-boom, pa-boom, pa-boom-ba-posh... 

  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada!
  • Bip.Boop.Bap - but'-ton, bada--dada... 
(wait for it...)

...Taditity boom!

Restore John Ford!

Grok In Fullness


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