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Sunday, October 22, 2023

There Are These Maps...

There Are These Maps...
There Are These Maps...
There Are These Maps...
There Are These Maps...
There Are These Maps...
There Are These Maps...

by Alfred Lehmberg

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This is a short discussion on a map of West Virginia illustrated with a timeline of cited UFO events. What is so astonishing about this initiative is this: were these illustrated maps to be a depiction of UFOs comprising their activities in an area for over a decade... it would be impressively compelling enough! It must wholly shock the observer were they to find that only a year is depicted!! A month's depiction and it's impossibly difficult to even get your head around... a day is simply inconceivable... but how about an hour and some minutes in change?! Such was so...

According to the September 12, 1952 Project Blue Book records, the flaming UFO that flew west over the Capitol was the "well-known Washington area meteor." The Akron Astronomy Club report stated this "FIREBALL" was sighted at "Approximately 7:00 P.M. E.S.T."  Note that!

This same report also stated the length of time it was sighted. The object was recorded as having a "Duration: 5-6 seconds."  Note that, reader!

See, contrary to the Air Force's evaluations and findings of this alleged single Fireball meteor, Frank Feschino, Jr. discovered wrinkles to the "obvious otherwise."  That "duration of 5-6 seconds" was to endure quite a stretch!

For years, reader, Feschino searched for and compiled Sept. 12, 1952 UFO reports from various documented sources. Feschino worked diligently with other researchers, archivists, historians, and librarians to find a wealth of information contained in obscure national and regional newspaper articles from which named Newspapers were quoting. These articles gave information about the numerous UFOs, sky objects, flying saucers, mysterious lights or so-called meteors, unquestionably seen on that day and reported to credible authority.

Feschino continued his research and also found several magazine articles containing valuable information about the mysterious UFOs of September 12, 1952. The details are huge!

Throughout his investigation, Feschino even spoke to first-hand UFO witnesses from around the country who had sighted UFOs that night. Furthermore, some of the most abundant UFO information Feschino found was actually contained in the heretofore unsifted civilian and military reports of the September 12, 1952 Project Blue Book files.

Feschino compiled his data and then separated all of the UFO sightings from around the country into categories by state. Painstakingly, he then plotted all of the location points of these UFO sightings and by using the reported times of the sightings and their flight path trajectories, Feschino was able to determine a series of definite patterns!!!

See reader, by piecing together a meticulous timeline of documented events occurring that night, Feschino was able to discover that there were actually several different UFOs on several different flight paths, flying in various states of damage and disarray across the United States! This timeline told a very different story than the "single Fireball meteor" explanation as explained by Project Blue Book officials.

On September 12, 1952, several UFOs were sighted over nine eastern states during 21-hours of sustained UFO activity!  Down where weird rubber meets the weirder road?  

Most of the ufological activity occurred in right around an hour, in and around Flatwoods! These sightings CANNOT be attributed to a lone Fireball meteor only "said" to have passed over Washington D.C. that night at 7:00 PM. EST. for a duration of 5-6 seconds.  

Meteors don't hang in the air for almost a full day, eh?

Feschino plotted 102 locations—yellow stars on the above maps—where witnesses sighted and reported different UFOs flying directly over the following eastern region states of the country:

1. Delaware
2. Maryland
3. North Carolina
4. Ohio
5. Pennsylvania
6. Tennessee
7. Virginia
8. Washington D.C.
9. West Virginia

...Additional states where UFOs were sighted on September 12, 1952:

10. California
11. Illinois

...Curiously, the Project Blue Book records did not include the sightings occurring over Delaware, Ohio, or Tennessee.

Documentation also shows that on September 12, 1952, American civilians and Military officials in those nine east states, reported UFO sightings to the following:

1. The Pentagon
2. USAF Bases
3. The Air Defense Command Headquarters located at Ent AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
4. The United States Navy
5. State Police Headquarters
6. Local Police Headquarters
7. Airports
8. Civil Aeronautics Administration
9. Newspaper offices
10. Government Agencies
11. The FBI

Moreover, Feschino's documentation also shows that four of the UFOs passing over the United States that night, had displayed different characteristics than the others.

These four UFOs had pieces falling from them, were exploding, on fire, displayed sparkling showers, all while flying, erratically, at tree top level.  Quite the whirling dervish of a "meteor," eh? 

Furthermore, it was documented that a commercial airline pilot actually reported a UFO nearly clipping the wing off his passenger plane near Wheeling, WV. that night!  This "meteor" was actually one of the four damaged UFOs.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that even though these objects were flying quickly at very low levels, NOT one sonic boom was recorded anywhere that night!  See, this fact also discounts a meteor.

Though, all four of these UFOs had one major common factor.  All four of the objects made crash-landings and then took off again. Combined, these objects crash-landed a total of twelve times in two different states.

In conclusion, these four objects are suggested to be heavily damaged UFOs and definitely NOT meteors. To date, NO meteoric impact pits have yet to be found in those areas.

See reader, the "well-known Washington area meteor of 12 September." was actually one of the four damaged UFOs that night... I repeat again for emphasis. It passed over the Capitol on a western heading at about 7:00 P.M. EST.

It continued west, flew over Virginia, passed over West Virginia, redirected south over the state, and then flew over Flatwoods. Shortly after, it was sighted by a group of boys who went to investigate the landing site...

The rest is HISTORY...

Sunday, October 08, 2023

At The End Of Corporate Equations

You! ...And there are so many more!

At The End Of Corporate Equations 

by Alfred Lehmberg

Consider what's at the end of all those busy corporate "equations" and "algorithms," folks. You. Well, me, too, but you shouldn't care bunny-pants about me. ...Remains, everybody. Certainly, you and yours... ...You and yours. Ah... you and yours. How like me and mine...

Ironic, isn't it, that given our corpocracy's utter dependence on our kind attention, their regard for us STILL manifests itself in such disrespectful, desultory, and damaging ways? See, these rather conveniently presume that we are like them, reader, one supposes, or would be... 

Studies show; however, that it may be as little as three in a hundred constituting "them." The rest? Well, we aspire to conscience.

You are the decided majority if in that majority... and don't think they don't know it!

See? It's not about their concern for us, even where that would serve them, astonishingly! It's not about our best interests, and it's not about the welfare of our immortal souls or a collection of immortal souls! No! 

It's only about our individual validation of them that is the issue, our validation of their faith... be it religious or corporate. ...Same thing? Religions and Corporations... yeah, they may be required, only, couldn't they be less reptilian and more mammalian? Sure! That's just the raw choice!

Currently, it's only about how useful we are in that unending "struggle" they've contrived over decades to keep their own water hot, it's discovered, by tricking us into keeping it hot... FOR them. Look at their legacy of corporate "bothsidering" media! It conflates "perhaps flawed" with "full-on FUBAR" for a zero-sum when the bald antithesis of that is ABUNDANTLY obvious! 

The world we live in is only about THEIR validation and comfort; it's never been about ours. They have ever just tried to whittle that down! Fair play, we discover, is inimical to their best interests. Ours is beneath their concern, consideration, and contempt. They've the gold-making rules codified into law, in their corner.  Nice bit of extremist engineering there, boy howdy, but have you met the Freedom Caucus, doing good work for years... not.

See, our best interests cost them money. It matters not to them that their investment likely returns to them with huge interest down the road.

Why? To facilitate that one-sided struggle—to enrich themselves on levels most cannot imagine! They have harnessed the unctuous power of timeless *ceremony* and ageless *tradition*! These are weaponized into cultural mechanisms employed in their self-interested social manipulations! They weaponize that faith and patriotism and use it against the faithful and the patriotic... Regard our Supreme Court of the United States and most of Congress!

Then they facilitate—through unassailable corporate behemoths now legislated as citizen beings (corporations are people too? "citizens" united, my crepey old ass!)—corrupt faux-religious institutions, and finally, these closed institution's too willing, even if unknowing shills. Their lamenting fanboys.

These scabrous entities are not conflicted by anything as unprofitable as conscience... or compassion... or goodwill (except when these can be used to deceive and manipulate... and why they are the enemies of the "woke" concept), and they busily prosecute their contempt and lack of respect for the rank and file with the "slings and arrows" of their contrived misfortunes... serving only to diminish those serving them as they themselves are grievously enriched.  Look at ANY televangelist? Say it's not so... then wonder where Trade Unions and their healthy middle classes have gone!

Truly, we must bite the hand that "feeds" us; it's in everyone's best interest! They're not just finding this out. They've KNOWN this! WE'RE just finding this out!

See, there's MORE to Earth and Heaven, even, than once honored Flags—made flaccid—and Constitutional parchments—made brittle—as key and critical as these Flags and Constitutions are! More key and critical than we know... and more than we can know! Flags (and we SHOULD be under but one flag as homo-sapiens!) and Constitutions, we find, are about cooperation, shared goals... synergy!

Consider, now: UFOs! 

Discomfiting as these may be, this citizen of the world must also perceive the opportunity for humanity to depart the planet efficaciously while we can still leave it a garden, and mine the asteroid belt... turn it into a bracelet of humanity around our star... UFOs seem to be a conduit to all that and become an "air" that we as a Nation would do well to begin to breathe, at last

Why? Well, I suspect the problems of Creeds, Religions, Flags, and Constitutions, in the face of revealed UFOs, just work themselves out straight up and right off, don't you think? There's the rub we find.  

The "leaders," alluded to above, require a status quo of insentient senselessness! This is providing the essential cultural rigidity inculcated so as to persist in their profit in that manner to which they have become tragically accustomed... since Reagan, as was poetically outlined just above.  Sad but true. Reagan is the pretty lie.

Lately, some of these conflicted individuals (who gleefully front for the aforementioned outdated traditions and irrelevant ceremonies alluded to above) have used our public forums to grind pig-metal axes and prosecute their duplicitous agendas. For my part I'm never at a loss in my depressed amazement for these portentous pundits, these fulsome faith pushers, or these pompous "scientistic (sic)" proselytizers. ...Where have all the scientific gone?

The former fairly ooze that cloying musk (pi) of a closed-loop, so faux-ardent, sincerity, sincere seeming compassion, and a seeming compassionate ardency... so sincere—and they can still pull that off with their trust-funded noses in the air! 

...Though, the irredeemable dearth of all that ardent sincerity, sincere compassion, and compassionate ardency fly in the face of all imagination, reason, and intelligence where our rubber meets their road! See, we're Status Quo Stockholm sufferers, we suck it up like air, still.  It's all we have or are allowed. Where not breathing is not an option, one will try to breathe what's there to breathe...

Too, one could almost be convinced that these producers of the current cultural miasma "believed" their own ego-driven self-involvedness, themselves, enthralled by their own propaganda. It happens. TЯUMP is recalled. He believes, himself.

I remember, suddenly, that most brands of self-serving "faith," in the aggregate, are not testable and so must be completely valueless... except as a consoling opiate. I'm not making that up.  It's been noticed before: this tyranny of bland institutionalized psychopathy masquerading as religiosity or corpocracy. ...One can read that people hate atheism and love religious faith because the former is the unpleasant truth, and the latter is the pretty lie. Do we digress?

It has been argued by some of these corporate and religious (...just more corporation?) shills that their sociopathic points of view are at least as valid as that which has been otherwise, if more inclusively and democratically, proposed... that they have as much right to express their views and get published as anyone else... and they would be RIGHT! It is the right's own argument to themselves, exactly! Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had a point with regard to self-reliant persons making do for themselves... ...until the promised pecuniary "trickle down" became the urinary "trickled on," right? Remains, wealth, not held to account it is found, always only ever trickles up. That's an issue!

Then their singularly duplicitous "responsible messaging" insidiously suggests a CLOYING repetition treading dangerously close to an annoying opportunity to proselytize for the "one true faith" whatever that is... howsoever that "faith" is manifested... for a valueless point which cannot be conclusively made, anyway (faith is like that!). The result ...and that would be "good citizens" fully legitimized to make "my" (your) total "demise" its first order of business! Not much stretch there, we suspect! Smoke that

My argument to them; however, doesn't include their demise. Damned if it probably should, you know? Religion, as was just pointed out, has always been a lie in the fog.

...At the business end of such an evil cultural entity as religion? Battalions of ready psychopaths, okay with your degradation, and to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages... this writer doesn't just suspect the preceding. He knows!

Similar faux-petulant points are made in public forums, but as this may NOT be the kind of forum as some might personally have it ...this forum could reflect an attitude that freedom OF religion at least suggests a freedom FROM religion if desired, dogma... increasingly irrelevant but still proffered philosophy, or hypocrisy if one desired to more correctly identify same.  No... these continue to bang, against all sentient moderation, the same very tiresome and unjustified exclusionary drum!

In truth, these "campaigns" of corporate money and its sibling religion are going to get an unexpected traction for their sociopathy, only because the cruel acceleration of their aforementioned irrelevance makes them scheme and cheat for it all the moreforgetting that I think they are wrong and wrong-minded, actually injurious to rationality, and harmful to the cause of dispelling the aggregate ignorance presently, and so needlessly, endured... ...and traditionally endured. They would, of course, disagree. "Agreement"... akin to admitting error, is a slippery slope of disaster for them. It's why TЯUMP can't admit the smallest error, his "slippery slope" is steep, indeed.

Without doubt, and why I can't object to their abject dismissal here, their particular message CAN be heard in fulsome abundance elsewhere in the world, everywhere else, reader, in fact!

Indeed, their selfish efforts and self-interested initiatives saturate—this writer would say "subverts"—American culture at every media level and AM station, anyway! This is accomplished ...and isn't this ironic given that their "persecuted" faith is beamed from monied satellites to a plethora of well-watched cable and digital television channels! Mega-churches big as Walmarts, blight the heartland, AM and FM radio stations fester with the toxic faith at the bottom of the listening dial from coast to coast and border to border, and the faith is all but blatantly proselytized from two of the three arms of Federal Government... and all three arms in some states... Freedom from reptilian corpocracy and hateful religiosity seems begged of needs!

In light of the preceding, it doesn't seem REMOTELY necessary to hear that particular drum being excessively banged everywhere! Not by a long shot, and not on this writer's watch.  Not a psychopath and aspiring to "woke," I nurture a conscience.  Sincerely, stuff your religion. There can be no respect for the disrespecting.

Indeed, religious messaging IS, as disingenuous "messages" are, a divisive message with an anxious axe to grind—an axe that is already ground from too many satellites beaming down to too many televisions and radio stations, internet sites, books, newspapers, magazines, and pamphlet's... already... all of it validating fallaciousness, distorting the mainstream, employing propaganda, and otherwise raising the hair on the back of my old crepey neck! ...Not over here, ladies and Gentlebunkies!

I would suggest that these persons start their own little churches, and have—charming little places where they become irrelevant, still, but do so at a faster rate. ...A place to molder their 2%er tooth-gnash where the confusing and scary democratic majority won't bother them. 

Yeah... pretty unqualified support for the unsurpassed arrogance of a mere 200 years of—badly executed—Cartesian reductionism... suffocating atmosphere, poisoned land, and smothered oceans! This is found everywhere else, folks; it doesn't HAVE to be here.

Turn up Plato. Tell Aristotle to push a sock in it for a while. Brighter lights reveal greater darknesses! That's good news!

Simple respect is the larger reality, forgetting that I'm not shilling for the "crazies," so much. I suspect they've got things as screwed up as anybody, but they are sincere and only there where they are, in large part, anyway because proud science doesn't deliver on its arrogant presumption to explain the obvious paranormal, the paranormal more obvious to the rank and file, at any rate! Astoundingly, rather, it professes, proclaims, and pontificates to be its default arbiter (!!!), even as it won't investigate what it arbitrates! Why? Because they think they understand the "danger" in it or simply deny same for cash! These summarily addressed? They won't or can't... and don't at "Rubber's Road"! Pretty nastily, too. Klasskurtxians ARE, by definition.

Be that as it may. Better just give up, those who beg their own moderation, on trying to sell the same old discredited paradigms to members on a world stage, even one as tiny as this one. You are not here to teach, preach, or otherwise sermonize the "one true world" view; you are here to communicate, listen, learn, and, first, share what's sharable. We are ALL teachers here, just as we are all students. Know when to learn to learn when to teach!

Get used to it, abide by the inclusive rules of a just and sensible society of pragmatic sobriety, or recuse yourselves from our human social equation... to sell your soul to the corporate one. Or the religious one... where distinctions must be made... That's an alien view... a poet's view. 

See, socially, we serve ourselves and are our sole salvation and that's the way it's always been. God was just a marketing strategy. It wasn't God runnin' up the stairs of the burnin' twin towers. 

A corporation or a religion will only ever serve the corporation or religion to be the end of the general happiness... That's the intuition here... and that's the history. We can write new equations and algorithms, ones less reptilian and more mammalian. It's just choice as was pointed out earlier. 

Now, get off my lawn, reptiles. 

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